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Blood Lust and Premature Victory Dances

Our friend Shedrow has a few things to say about the handful of blood thirsty deviants who celebrate at every opportunity to wreck pain and suffering upon American horses…a worthy read!

Shedrow Confessions

I guess we shouldn’t really be all that surprised that with the news of inspections being granted to horse slaughter facilities, that the United Horseturds are busy stomping their hooves in what passes for a victory dance.  You don’t have to surf around online very far to encounter one of the usual suspects gloating and smacking their lips at the prospect of the carnage that may be about to rain down on our beloved equine friends.  The interesting thing is that it’s always the same bunch of asstards doing the crowing.  Far greater numbers are upset about this puzzling move by the USDA.  Extrapolate that out and you’ll get an idea on how the public in general feel about the prospect of domestic slaughter reopening for business.  Basic math has never been a strong suit of your average PSA though.   Let’s take a boo at the idiocy that has erupted…

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  1. I have every intention of calling for a boycott of every state who has license requests to murder horses. Please tell me what states are participating in this debacle. Thank you. You will be seeing my petition(s) online in the near future after you tell me the names and contact information of those n charge of that states horse slaughterhouse industry. I will also be including the Governors, and Mayors of the states/cities involved, although I realize that the mayor of the NM town is also co-owner of that slaughterhouse. I will not to give up, and I ask for a show of hands who agree with me and promise to sign my petitions to close them ALL down. Every horse slaughterhouse. Thank you.


    • Please pardon the above spelling and punctuation errors, my computer is really messed up and takes so long to post things, that parts get lost or turned around. Certainly don’t
      want that heartless, evil, horse breeder who refuses to take responsibility for her horse’ s HAPPINESS AND MENTAL STABILITY to call me on editorial mistakes. Anyway, just so long as she makes a (big) profit, she will continue to call horse slaughter the right thing to do for the Horse’s WELFARE. Somehow, it is (in her bottom feeding mind) better to torment, torture and slaughter her horses than it is to humanely euthanize them or make the effort to find them another home. WHY??? Cheaper!!! Easier!!! Bee-ach!


      • New Mexico, Iowa, and Missouri are the first 3 states with horse slaughterhouse applications to the USDA for initial inspections. On-going inspections will be needed for these hell holes to continue operating. As soon as the federal budget passes the USDA will be stripped of the funding for these inspections (approved by the appropriations committees that fund the USDA in both houses). Concentrate in the short term on seeing that the budget passes, then that the SAFE Act passes for a long term ban.


  2. What dont they understand about horse meat being toxic to humans, the USDA needs to stop this crazyness murdering our horses is not the answer.. they are all just money hungry people … wow lets all boycott the meat industry and see how they like it, you say why do that, ” because now we all dont know what we are eating …there trying to kill us as people… sad world we live in, and I dont know how they can sleep at night doing such a horrible thing , horses were not meant for food….


    • I think it’s a good idea to boycott the meat “industry.” You wouldn’t believe the crap they feed to pigs, chickens and cattle on the giant feedlots (in some cases it’s literally crap mixed with discarded, moldy candy and bakery refuse). The giant feedlots and slaughterhouses are an environmental disaster, and I would love to see them put out of business. No matter what animal is slaughtered (NOT harvested) it can be done much more humanely on a small scale.

      I don’t understand the need to slaughter American horses, they are slaughtered all over South America and Europe, and Canada. They really don’t need ours, and I really don’t need to lose sleep worrying about my 7 yr old gelding being stolen and put back on the slaughter pipeline that I rescued him and his mother from when he was a foal.


  3. Without USDA inspection money, not enough inspectors now for agricultural/produce and meat inspections. So where is money coming from for additional inspections for horse meat.? This is a legal snafu, because of court case re permits, gov issued but that does not mean the darn kill plant will ever, ever, process one single horse. The heathens might as well start collecting their children,dogs and cats and say, inmates??? to butcher to pay for their construction efforts. Disclaimer: I, of course, would never condone the butchering of children, dogs, cats, inmates. However, there are some horse killers out there…


  4. Keep cruising and commenting. We are awakening tons of people who have not yet spoken out! I am starting to get calls about what should we do? People who were prepared to see this happen are really changing their minds about the idea of it, last minute. We need to stay in there until the walls break. They just keep packing on the mortar and dropping loads of bricks, we can’t pick them up fast enough, so people start throwing those bricks, I will bring my backhoe, we need to dig through their propaganda and push for the salvation of all equine. This is ridiculous! Comment on every article to keep people working together for the direction of change.


  5. This entire horse slaughter dilemma is just out of hand. Just remember that these pro slaughter people will stop at nothing!!!!!!! They are so dishonest and will buy and sell, whoever. Keep on fighting for saving the horses from slaughter. Never stop. God Bless,,,,


  6. Even if the horses didn’t have drugs in them, I don’t understand the lust for killing these beautiful creatures. Canada is in the same predicament that the U.S is in. Only you have about three million more people to fight these horrific laws.


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