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Latest Horse Meat Salesman Busted in FL Slaughterhouse Raid Was Also Booked in 2010

Source: By Allie Conti as published at the Miami New Times

The Miami Beach-based Animal Recovery Mission spearheaded the undercover investigations

When Jesus Navarro was arrested for selling $1,350 horsemeat to undercover cops, it didn’t seem to make much of an impact. Other men might have taken pause after a 2010 police report described their work environment as full of “rotting food and putrid water” and co-workers as “three dead goats in various stages of decay.” Not Navarro.

Instead of going above-board, police say Navarro boldly moved to another illegal enterprise about five miles down the road. On Tuesday, he became is the latest of four men arrested in a slaughterhouse raid on VIP Animal Sales, located at the 25000 block of Southwest 177th Avenue in Homestead.

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Richard “Kudo” Couto of Animal Recovery Mission

The Miami Beach-based Animal Rescue Mission spearheaded the undercover investigations that also led to felony charges of animal cruelty against Andre P. Martinez, Juan Bazan and Daniel Lombana. About 75 animals, including horses, pigeons, chickens and rabbits, were recovered, according to police warrants.

Court records show that this isn’t Navarro’s first rumble with the meat police, though. Had he been convicted of selling the horsemeat back in 2010, he would would spent at least year in jail under the Ivonne Rodriguez Horse Protection Act, which passed just a few months before his arrest.

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But for reasons that aren’t clear in the files, the charges against Navarro, who is 51, were dropped back in 2010. Records point to conflicting reports in the affidavit and incident report, one of which states that Navarro pocketed the money for the horsemeat while the other pins it on co-defendent Orestes Gonzales. A charge of nuisance injurious to health and five counts of unlawful disposal of an animal carcass were also not pursued.

Parenza Farms, another illegal slaughterhouse located on Southwest 184th St., was raided within the same week as VIP Animal Sales.

Navarro now faces one felony count of animal cruelty.

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  1. That’s a big ugly ring, just like the one around the tub after a particularly bad day. I hope they clean it all up from the top dogs to the bottom of their barrel. A special thanks to Couto!!


  2. sadist MURDERS WITH A BLOODLUST !!!!!!!! And they are allowed to walk amongst us???????????????????? Real Scary1111


  3. This world has gone to hell in a basket! Until they start really punishing these people hard in the pocketbook & throwing them in jail & treat them the same way!


  4. I blame law enforcement, which includes local, county, state and Federal agencies most especially prosecutorial entities….THAT DON’T!

    Lazy tax payer supported toads in the roads…apologies to toads that don’t give a $h*t (except their “workload”, conviction rate and paycheck with benefits/pension package).


    • BTW…glad they (whoever that is…sounds like Cuto) caught them….NOW, throw them in jail and make them pay property AND psychological damages (mental anguish) for the animals they stole and butchered to the true owners.


  5. Florida has turned into a third world country…Just Disgusting!!!!.
    What a sh@t hole farm of people (sounds like some are foreign) who enjoy killing and brutalizing animals for a buck or two?
    They need to clean up Miami Dade it’s a train wreck and infestation of people that are not living the American way.


  6. One of the most disgusting things I have ever read. It makes me sick to my stomach that there are ‘people’ out there capable of this kind of thing. Mr. Couto is a hero.


  7. Corruption and greed. Anytime and anywhere, it’s always the same. No ethics, morals, principles, or justification. Just pure and simple corruption and greed.




    • Read the additl articles.. I am rather sick from it…
      One horse had been stabbed in the heart and all legs cut off but continued to live for
      30 minutes…..This hits hard, very sad to read………That poor horse!!!
      Mr. Couto Thank you for your amazing efforts and love to save them from this horrible barbaric behavior!!!!


  9. Bear in mind the ugly truth is this is how pro slaughter advocates and kill buyers actually ARE! This IS the Real face behind horse slaughter, the only difference being kill buyers dont steal all the horses they kill. When you see the PURE hatred these people have in their eyes towards the value of a horse, you can NEVER buy into the welfare garbage the r peddling. I know a kill buyer who took two horses the year they shut down, he pulled two animals in his barn, hung them by their heads, they had front feet off the ground and they were tied to off to a tractor the rope was over the rafters ans back down to the tractor, one twisted and broke its ne k, thank God theother he cut her throat, lit her afire, she was charred when found. They were found days after he moved out of the state, he was located, they demanded to know what happened, he said simply they needed to go. He was charged with animal cruelty, several other charges of abuse, neglect, and endangerment of a child, his 6 year old son witnessed it. He lost his child, his,property, someone bought the property and tore the old barn down, in doing so they found a deceased horse with its left front leg in a bear trap in a stall, buried under rotten straw and sawdust. We went to another place rented to a kill buyer that was seized 2001 the guy killed the horses that he couldnt load in the dirty ailseway of the barn and removed the meat, left the bodies. They found an overseas address he apparently shipped to. So blackmarket atrocities and horrible attitudes. I just got a torture device in my consignment section of our western shop and i pulled it for Absolutely No Sale, the client claimed no knowledge. It was a bridle, headstall browband and reins lined on the outside with pretty nailheads, the inside was all nails! Id seen trainers use these and i saw kill buyers/ traders use these. The nails are very sharp! So dont be surprised how many dangerous, horribly bad things go on, which is why we are fighting this war.


    • This is why we fight this war for our animals. One of the sites I visit regularly is Preciousjules Stop Animal Abuse. And I hate to say it but I am to the point where I can’t stand people anymore. I work with a rescue for cats and you really don’t know what a person is capable of just by looking at them-the most lovely face can hid the most horrible human being. I sometimes after a bad day at the rescue cannot even look people in the face anymore. And believe me I only do what I do for the animals.


  10. I wish I could win the lotto here in Ireland I’d support those organisations like Kudo Undercover 100%. Absolutely barbaric, I cant read some of the stuff posted its too bad to comprehend that some form of “human” could inflict such suffering. People talk about forgiveness, this cannot be forgiven and evil is just plain evil and the global issue of slaughter should be highlighted to unite us in our cause to stamp out this for all animals. I get so mad sometimes when I see people winning millions and just saying “what will we do with it” take a holiday and spend it on expensive gifts to themselves when the world needs people who have money to help a voice for change causes like these. God bless all those people that devote their time and effort to rescue and care for the animals in need of our help. May the force of good that some of us all around the world feel be with you always.


  11. The bad part is that Ireland also either sends horses to be slaughtered or they have slaughter plants in the country. It is as bad there as it is here in the US. It seems that nobody anywhere in the world can stop this. There just is not enough of the populations that is willing to stand up and demand that it be stopped. I don’t believe there is any difference between the governments of the EU countries and the US Senate that is as crooked as they come. As I have said many times before if it wasn’t for the US Senate members that are given bribes by lobbyists horse slaughter would have been long gone from the US.


  12. Remember when we were innocent and we didn’t have a care in the world? That’s what it should remain for the animals, we have progressed, we have advanced care, advanced, medicine, we have advanced training, we are learning at an all-time high in the United States we have more options and freedoms than EVER before. What is the problem? Why haven’t people advanced and gotten past all the archaic and medieval garbage. I have been all over the States in my life-time, I have seen all types of horses, farms, and situations, and yesterday, I was tested. I see people making decisions that are detrimental to the animals. You want to walk away because the people wont change. but I stayed longer and helped the animal, I argued with the owner til the animals was ok for one more day-my son watched with admiration as we caught and worked an overly abused your horse and I walked the owner through no chase, stand still, call til he comes forward, don’t offer rope, just pat, we repeated this a hundred times, the owner wanted to beat the horse with the rope of course, but my four year old son watched the whole process and said I need a rope, when the angry owner backed away, my son caught another abused young stallion, my son is four, he waited patiently, when I ran to stop him-he said mom-NO! I mean it, he repeated the process, then he waited til the horse was calm he put the rope under his neck, gently hooked it, he let the horse run off dragging it, I asked why he did that, he said the horse will come back so I can remove it, so he called and the training of call back worked, he returned my son pat his neck, said I wont hurt you, he led the willing horse in the paddock for the night. He loosened the rope and patted his neck. After the horse was loose I realized the other horse was already in his enclosed paddock, I asked the guy how? He looked shocked, my son said oh, I caught him too, while you two were talking, he stuck his hands in his blue jeans pockets, funny what you can do when you don’t hurt them, huh? How profound, literally out of the mouth of a babe! So we look at the whole picture, and we see this article above and we just wanna beat someone half to death and then you see the ones who “get it”. If a child who’s four, can get it? Why can’t the rest of the world, before he went to bed, he said simply mom, they gotta stop killing horses. And that was it, my tiny horse trainer was asleep.


    • The children will inherit the earth, hearing about your little whisperer brought me hope for their future, thank you!


  13. This is footage from ARM’s “Operation Sector-9” (VIP Animal Sales Corp.) in Miami, Florida. VIP was a legal animal sales company with extreme animal cruelty operations ongoing’s in the background. After creating trusted relations with the killers ARM investigator’s entered VIP’s underworld. ARM’s 8 month long operation ended on June 21 at 11am. ARM, Miami Dade State Attorney, Miami Dade Police Ag Unit, USDA and other’s stormed VIP. Arrest’s were made, business closed and animal’s recovered (over 75). Illegal Slaughter (with horse slaughter), Animal Fighting and Animal Sacrifice was their main business.


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