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Deadline extended to Feb. 10th: Tell BLM to STOP Dangerous and Cruel Experiments on Our Wild Horses



Wild mare nursing her newborn foal

by Carol Walker, Director of Field Documentation, Wild Horse Freedom Federation

The BLM has announced its plan to work with Oregon State University in experimenting upon 225 wild mares at the Hines, Oregon BLM Short Term Holding Facility starting in February 2016. The information about this was NOT posted on the Burns, Oregon website and was very hard to find, buried in a new BLM website. It is a very long document:

Please do read it if you have time and a strong stomach.

I will summarize what I think are the important points to hit on if you going to comment on the plan.  The BLM will not listen to any of us, and would clearly prefer not to have any public comments or knowledge about the plan, but it IS important to make our voices heard and to get the word out that the BLM’s cruel, inhumane torture of and experimentation on our wild horses is absolutely not acceptable. It in no way conforms to the minimally intrusive management on the range that the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971 was passed to ensure.

Comments are due Wednesday, February 10, and there is an online comment form that they want you to use to make your comments. It says that the form resets after 60 minutes, so it might be a good idea to type them out first, copy them, and then paste them in. But you can just type them into the form. Here is the comment form:

There are three methods of sterilizing wild mares that the BLM would like to test out. They are ovariectomy via colpotomy, tubal ligation and hyteroscopically-guided laser ablation. The last two procedures the BLM describes as “minimally invasive” but they have never been done on wild mares before. The ovariectomy via colpotomy is not commonly done with domestic mares, but when it is, it is done in a sterile environment and the mares are not pregnant. They are also not wild.  There is nothing sterile about a holding facility, and these are wild mares that are going to be absolutely terrified by being confined in this chute and having an incision made in their vaginas so the veterinarian’s arm can reach in and rip out their ovaries. The possibility of the mares panicking despite the sedation is high, and they could break their necks in the chute. They can also die from sedation, or their hearts can stop from sheer terror. The possibility of infection and death resulting from complications is also a risk. And then this is the worst part. Since their ultimate plan is to surgically sterilize mares in the field like at White Mountain in Wyoming, and likely many mares in the wild will be pregnant, they want to experiment on mares who are pregnant to see what will happen – will they abort the foal? Will there be other complications? This is very likely in the early pregnancy group, and also likely in the middle phase. They will divide the mares into groups: 0-4 months pregnant, 4-8 months pregnant, over 8 months pregnant, and not pregnant, or “open.” Although they have plenty of wild mares to experiment upon at the holding facility in Hines, as the mares have been there for some time they do not have pregnant mares in all the phases available – so they will have a helicopter roundup or two to get more experimental subjects. They will use at least one and possibly all three methods of sterilization in the study.

I question the morals and ethics of the veterinarians at Oregon State University who will be performing these procedures on pregnant wild mares. I would never want them to provide care to my horses.

Medical Malpractice Related to Unnecessary Surgery By Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle, P.C. 

“Unnecessary surgery is a type of medical malpractice. A form of medical malpractice that has become an alarming and growing problem in the U.S. is unnecessary surgery. This type of malpractice can lead to life-threatening complications and completely alter an individual’s life. When a surgeon performs an unnecessary surgery, it is an act of medical negligence. Doctors should take every precaution before deciding to prescribe any type of invasive surgery to a patient. When there is a failure to do this and it results in unnecessary surgery, they may be held legally liable.  Unnecessary surgery can lead to serious or even life-threatening complications. Some of the risks include hemorrhaging, damage to organs, infection, amputation and anesthesia errors. Putting animals through unnecessary surgery where they face complications that could significantly alter their life is a form of medical negligence. Injuries from this kind of negligence could result in filing a medical malpractice claim.”

Our wild horses do not themselves have a voice. We have to speak for them. This is the first of many studies on sterilization of wild horses that the BLM plans to perform over the next few years, attempting to solve their “wild horse problem.” I contend that there is no wild horse problem, but a “BLM problem.” Wild horse herds that have less than the number of horses in them to remain genetically viable (less than at least 150 adults) should not have any form of birth control used on them. For larger herds whose numbers have to be kept at a certain level, there are proven, humane, minimally invasive and reversible forms of birth control that have been being used for over 30 years. Native PZP and PZP-22 are being used successfully on several herds right now. Why aren’t these methods being used with more herds and why is the BLM bent on permanently sterilizing our wild horses? Because it wears off after 1-2 years and you have to keep darting the mares – the wild horse and burro specialists and Field Office staff members would actually have to get out there in the field and observe, document and keep track of the horses. And yes this IS possible, and yes many people would volunteer to help if our horses were being managed in a humane, sustainable manner on the range.

But it is easier to sterilize our wild horses – this is the endgame for the BLM. We must fight to stop this. We must fight to save our wild horses. Every voice counts.

Please comment. Use your own words. Tell the BLM what you think of their plan – and tell them to stop experimenting on our wild horses, and to stop sterilizing them. Treat them like living, feeling creatures who deserve our care and respect, and deserve to live their lives wild and free in their homes, on our public lands, with their families.

Go here to comment:

Public comments will be accepted on the EA through February 3, 2016. Comments can be emailed, mailed or faxed to the BLM Burns Office at the addresses below. Entire comments – including personal identifying information – may be published as part of the EA and Decision Record process. Mail or deliver to:

Mare Sterilization Research Project Lead

(541) 573-4411 BLM Burns District Office
28910 Highway 20 West
Hines, Oregon 97738
Fax: (541) 573-4411 — Attention: Mare Sterilization Research Project Lead

Lisa Grant
BLM Burns District Office

Mike Tupper

Dean Bolstad

and here to read the document:
Get your comments in by the end of the day on Wednesday, February 3.
And thank you from the bottom of my heart.
1/20/16 Radio Show on Wild Horse and Burro Radio about this plan – the whole show is archived so you can listen in here:

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  1. What is MONSANTO doing on this board and what interest do they have in our Wild Horses & Burros?

    Click to access NAS%20Review%20of%20Proposals.pdf

    Review of Proposals to the Bureau of Land Management on Wild Horse and Burro Sterilization or Contraception
    A Letter Report



    NORMAN R. SCOTT (Chair), Cornell University, Ithaca, New York (Emeritus)
    PEGGY F. BARLETT, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia
    HAROLD L. BERGMAN, University of Wyoming, Laramie
    SUSAN CAPALBO, Oregon State University, Corvallis
    GAIL CZARNECKI-MAULDEN, Nestle Purina PetCare, St. Louis, Missouri
    RICHARD A. DIXON, University of North Texas, Denton
    GEBISA EJETA, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
    ROBERT B. GOLDBERG, University of California, Los Angeles
    FRED GOULD, North Carolina State University, Raleigh
    GARY F. HARTNELL, Monsanto Company, St. Louis, Missouri
    GENE HUGOSON, University of Minnesota, St. Paul
    MOLLY M. JAHN, University of Wisconsin, Madison
    ROBBIN S. JOHNSON, Cargill Foundation, Wayzata, Minnesota
    JAMES W. JONES, University of Florida, Gainesville
    A.G. KAWAMURA, Solutions from the Land, Washington, DC
    STEPHEN S. KELLEY, North Carolina State University, Raleigh
    JULIA L. KORNEGAY, North Carolina State University, Raleigh
    PHILIP E. NELSON, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana (Emeritus)
    CHARLES W. RICE, Kansas State University, Manhattan
    JIM E. RIVIERE, Kansas State University, Manhattan
    ROGER A. SEDJO, Resources for the Future, Washington, DC
    KATHLEEN SEGERSON, University of Connecticut, Storrs
    MERCEDES VAZQUEZ-AÑON, Novus International, Inc., St. Charles, Missouriqu

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      March Against Monsanto has set out to educate the world about the crimes Monsanto has committed against humanity. Monsanto and 6 other chemical companies have gotten away with murder for the last 50 plus years.

      Agent Orange, the chemical weapon herbicide used most predominantly during the Vietnam War to clear the vast jungles of Southeast Asia, was thought of as the advantage that the United States held over the “enemy.” Agent orange was a 50/50 mixture of 2,4, D & Dioxin tainted 2,4.5,T. The herbicide was manufactured by 7 companies.

      Monsanto was so greedy to take the market share of the D.O.D.’s money, that Monsanto’s Agent Orange was at 1,000 times greater the potency than any of the other 6 companies. Due to trying to rush the manufacturing process, dioxin became an industrial byproduct in Agent Orange.

      Dioxin is second only to radioactive waste in its ability to destroy.
      Many people are familiar with the devastation left in Vietnam from Agent Orange, from the scorched earth to the horrifying pictures of children with unspeakable birth defects. What most people are not familiar with are the millions of United States Veterans that were exposed to Agent Orange who ultimately returned home from the war with a death sentence.

      For the last 50 years, Monsanto has gotten away with this crime. If there is no unity between organizations fighting for Agent Orange justice and those fighting for the labeling & banning of GMO’s, how many more years do you think it will take before you see a change? The answer, can simply be only one…. TOO MANY.


      • Agent Orange, Monsanto, Dow Chemical and Other Ugly Legacies of the Vietnam War

        Operation Ranch Hand consisted of spraying a variety of highly toxic polychlorinated herbicide solutions that contained a variety of chemicals that are known to be (in addition to killing plant life) human and animal mitochondrial toxins, immunotoxins, hormone disrupters, genotoxins, mutagens, teratogens, diabetogens and carcinogens that were manufactured by such amoral multinational corporate chemical giants like
        DuPONT and
        DIAMOND SHAMROCK (now VALERO ENERGY). All were eager war profiteers whose CEOs and share-holders somehow have always benefited financially from America’s wars.
        Agent Orange was a 50/50 mixture of two herbicides: 2,4-D (2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid) and 2,4,5-T (2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid).

        Other herbicide agents were mixtures of other equally toxic polychlorinated compounds, but every barrel was contaminated by substantial amounts of dioxin, one of the most toxic industry-made chemicals known to man.

        The toxicity of the herbicidal chemicals known as “dioxins” or “dioxin-like compounds” is due to the chlorine atoms and the benzene molecules (or phenyl groups) in the compound to which they are attached. Dioxins have very long half-lives and are thus very poisonous to the liver’s detoxifying enzymes that humans and animals rely on to degrade synthetic chemicals that get into the blood stream. The fatty tissues of exposed Vietnam vets, even decades after exposure, continue to have measureable levels of dioxins


    • And NOT only Monsanto…

      – ROBBIN S. JOHNSON, Cargill Foundation, Wayzata, Minnesota >>> An agrubusiness, pro-slaughter think tank of those that liked so much to contribute to Goodlatte and Stenholm.

      – A.G. KAWAMURA, Solutions from the Land, Washington, DC >>>> “Solutions”… yeahhh…

      «A dialogue led by agriculture, forestry and “conservation”, blah, blah, blah»

      Another pro-slaughter, welfare rancher lobby front organization.

      – GAIL CZARNECKI-MAULDEN, Nestle Purina PetCare, St. Louis, Missouri

      What does a pet food company have to do with wild horses??? Are they planning to turn them into pet food, as Beltex-Multmeat is claiming with the meat they illegally import from Mexico?

      – ROGER A. SEDJO, Resources for the Future, Washington, DC

      « RFF’s mission is to improve environmental and natural resource policymaking worldwide through objective social science research of the highest caliber»

      Another industry boiler-room whose primary mission, as per the only content in their site, is attacking EPA’s Clean Power Plan.

      So there you go… a bunch of cattlement lobbyists, miners and meat corporations lobbying FOR the extinction of wild horses. It cannot get any better than that.


      • Thanks for the great info, Daniel. Nestle also has a water company, and makes money off of the water.


      Dr. Bruce Nock

      Let me explain. In 2010, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), raised the possibility of gelding males (removing their testes) and spaying females (removing their ovaries) before returning them to the range.1 Now, they have once again proposed spaying females as a method to control wild horse populations. Technically speaking, horses have estrus cycles, not menstrual cycles.2 Nevertheless, spaying removes the primary source of estrogens and progestins from the body, just like menopause, and there is no reason to believe the consequences are less severe for mares than they are for woman.
      In fact, for woman the surgical removal of the ovaries results in more severe symptoms of menopause, because in natural menopause the ovaries continue to produce low levels of female hormones. It is hard to imagine that removal of these hormones from the body by spaying won’t compromise a mare’s ability to survive and thrive in the wild.
      You see, the ovarian hormones are powerful steroid hormones. They have
      widespread effects on physiology and behavior. Estrogen, for example, is essential for healthy bone. When estrogen production declines due to menopause, whether naturally occurring or surgically induced, or after exposure to radiation or chemotherapeutic drugs, bones become brittle and break easily. Spaying mares is likely to have similar effects on bones density and strength. I wonder, does the BLM really think returning mares to the open range in a condition associated with the increased risk of breaking bones is a good idea? Have they given it any thought at all? The image of a horse suffering with a broken leg on the open range due to compromised bone density isn’t a pretty one.

      Click to access Menopause%20%26%20Wild%20Horses.pdf


        Dr. Bruce Nock

        Ovarian hormones also influence many neural circuits throughout the brain by
        binding to transcription factors which regulate the activity of certain genes.3 In addition to the hypothalamus and other brain areas related to reproduction, they affect the activity of serotonin pathways, catecholamine neurons, and the basal forebrain cholinergic system. They influence the functioning of the hippocampus, a brain region involved in spatial and declarative memory. Ovarian steroids also have measurable effects on affective state, e.g., mood/emotion, and cognition … the mental processes involved in learning, memory, problem solving and decision making. They affect cardiovascular health and immune function. And, anyone who has watched mares in “heat” might guess, ovarian hormones have potent effects on social relations too … an effect incompatible with the BLM’s goal of creating a “thriving natural ecological balance” for the wild horses.

        But, taking out the ovaries doesn’t just remove ovarian hormones from the body.
        There’s more to it … a lot more. It affects other endocrine systems as well. Even forty
        years ago endocrinologists appreciated the subtle intricacies of endocrine system
        function and the complexities of hormone interactions. My endocrinology professor in
        graduate school, Dr. Alan Leshner PhD, drove home time and again the point that “No hormone works independently of other hormones.” Take away one hormone and it affects the levels of other hormones too. Remove ovarian hormones and pituitary hormone releasing and inhibiting hormone activity changes, gonadotropic hormone levels go up, adrenocorticotrophic hormone levels go up, cortisol levels go up, thyroid hormone levels go down, and so on and so on. It’s a fact. Moreover, the assessment of the long-term consequences of such hormonal imbalances requires in-depth, long-term comprehensive field studies by professional scientists … individuals trained and experienced in the art and science of science.
        Veterinarians don’t currently know the consequences.
        BLM personnel don’t currently know the consequences.
        The National Science Foundation doesn’t currently know the consequences.
        But, it is reasonable to suggest based on what we do already know that spaying is likely to have serious consequences for a mare’s ability to survive and thrive on the open range.


        Dr. Bruce Nock

        So, the idea of spaying mares as a method of population control doesn’t sit well
        with me when I think beyond how it impacts reproduction. I’m also skeptical about
        whether it can be done safely in the field. Taking out the ovaries which reside in the
        abdominal cavity is a much more serious procedure than removing the testes of a male.

        When we ovariectomize rats for research, we do it in a state-of-the-art animal facility.
        We’re required, by federal law, to use sterile procedures and defined recovery and
        followup protocols. I’m wondering, can and will the BLM, a federal agency, adhere to
        the practices the federal government requires us to follow for rats when removing the
        ovaries of horses in the field? I seriously doubt it is possible.

        Even if such precautions are effectively implemented, I doubt the wisdom of
        returning spayed horses to the open range when bone health, mental and emotional
        processes and social behaviors have been compromised. The endocrine system is one of the major signaling systems of the body and ovarian hormones are major

        They are powerful agents which function to coordinate behavior and physiology.
        Inducing what could be described as physiological chaos by removing ovarian
        hormones and disrupting the normal functioning of neural and other endocrine systems to boot is very likely, in my opinion, to compromise a mares ability to thrive as a fully integrated herd member.


      • They gave no thought at all to it… The horse slaughter fanboys at the wild horse advisory board came up with this sh*t four years ago, and now they are pushing it. They just couldn’t care less… for them the only good wild horse is a dead one.


      • I really think the BLM wants to weaken the mares ability to live in the wild. They dont care. If the mare breaks bones due to lack of Estrogem this will be an excuse to euthanize her. These spayings being done aren’t even in a sterile environment so the chances of infection or hemmorraging afterward is great. I really think the board members of the BLM sit around and think of ways to wipe out the entire herds. If not by these brutal roundups, these experiments that weaken their body structures as you mentioned making it difficult for them to fair well in the wild.
        The mental anguish of being locked up in an unsheltered holding pen for 3 years mourning for their herd mates takes a toll on their health. They need excercise, shelter, lots of water.
        The BLM sometimes will allow for comments by the public. Then they go ahead with their bogus programs anyway. I think they want us to think they are listening to us.. addressing our concerns while they don’t have any intentions on changing their agenda.
        Do you think these ovaries and tissues are being used for embryonic research?
        Cloning perhaps?
        No matter what the BLM is conducting unhealthy,unjustified ,inhumane experiments on these poor Mares. Aborting fetuses of many.mares. horrid.
        Aren’t their Attorneys we can contact that can help us file a lawsuit against the BLM.? In he meantime a temporary hold on the spayings .
        Somehow we HAVE to find a way to stop this abusive treatment of these wild horses . The BLM isn’t going to stop unless we can expose them for who they realky are tryimg to impress, what they are doing,, who is benefitting from all this and why are they continuing with it.

        Thanks for your informative post.


      • Don’t doubt for a second they want to weaken the mares to make them unable to survive. They want them stop reproducing. They want the herds to become smaller and smaller until they cease to exist. They want to go away and, if they can make money out of them in the process so much the better. That’s their definition of “freedom”. Freedom to pad their pockets at every opportunity and everybody else’s expense. As fo the Wild Horse Advisory Board, it is a welfare rancher and horse meat industry boiler room, so it shouldn’t surprise anybody that they take these decisions: For them the only good horse is one hanging in a meat hook. For them wild horses are garbage that needs to “processed” in order to generate revenue for them.

        A comparison that anybody -even those that now nothing about wild horses- will understand is the following:

        Imagine the government creates a “tolerance, social integration and anti-discrimination board”. Fine… Then it staffs it with skin-heads, KKK dudes and nazi party members. Well, for wild horses that’s basically what the whb advisory board amounts to.

        Regarding the question of cloning, it is highly unlikely they will keep the ovaries or the eggs since they don’t have any commercial motivation to do so. They will just dispose them off in a garbage can like if they were chicken or fish tripe. Remember, for them wild horses are simply garbage waiting to be collected and conveniently slaughtered.


      • M6 sediments exactly Daniel. I’ve often thought the American horse advisory group is run by whole foods co. And meat companies.
        Wondered why Whole Foods co. Was seeking comments about the Beattys Butte herd of Oregon that were rounded up.
        The way our BLM IS managing our wild horses echoes Naziosm and how Hitler treated the Jews.
        Put them in prison camps, experiment on them while giving them enough food and water to just survive. Wouldn’t doubt they’d perform a two headed horse transplant to see how long they’d live that way.

        Something very stage is happening here with all the wild herds being inialated or stuck in hilding pens the way they are. The word “management” means “”to kill”
        In BLM terms. One can only imagine the black hearted ,black Eyed beings working under the pretense of the title of BLM.

        The American Wild horse has always been Representive of our freedom in America.
        As we watch them in the wild and witness their beauty and liveliness they remind us how freedom feels . And it feels great.
        Now their freedom is taken away…is our freedom being taken away too? Do we no.longer have a voice that can speak for them? With all the money, organizations fighting for them, petitions,calls demos,why are we being ignored? Are we supposed to shut our mouths, pay taxes and bite a bullet as we hopelessly watch all the wild horses zeroed out? While these Buracreacies pad their wallets ,laughing all the way to the bank we are supposed to just watch?

        I know you’ve all heard this before but one of my favorite sayings that always rings in my head is by the wise Chief Seattle. “Where would man be without the beast? Without the beast man would soon die of a great lonlines of spirit. For whatever happens to the beast …soon happens to man.
        All things are comnected.”


      • Well, you can say for sure this is certainly their first shot at their “final solution” for wild horses… Perhaps in a few years they will realize it is too slow and move to mass shootings or mustanging licenses… only for selected killer buyers, while they wave some sort of silly agreement in the air.


      • Just like the FD of Idaho is doing now with the aerial gunning of the Wolves in the Lolo region of Northern Idaho. Those wolves are on Federal Land in their own territory yet the FD of Idaho governed by that horrible Butch Otter, wants to track them with their radio collars and kill em all. Plus they have the odacidy to ask for 400,000 more of our tax dollars to finish what’s left of them off.
        Idaho is ignoring Center For Biodiversities petition to stop it. What good are laws if Idaho doesn’t abide by them?
        What good are introducing new wolves back if the FD is only going to track them down with their radio collars and aerial gun them?
        Reason ive I always hated those collars.

        I read somewhere
        They wanted to put radio collars on wild horses too. Not only to track them but knowing the BLM their hoping they’ll choke on them.
        Definitely need wildlife Management reform ASAP…like yesterday


  2. Earlier today I wrote and submitted my comments by email then I read this post. When I went to use the form I was 400+ word over 10,000 the limit. So I began whittling it down and when I went to submit it again about ten minutes later the whole thing was erased. They are f__ing with us.

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      • I commented last night – it was very difficult to get through – I actually thought there was something going on with my keyboard!! I think it finally went – but I was able to say so little other than the fact I disagree etc. Frustrating. However, I got an email from a horse advocate in Canada who comments now & then here – she gave me a website: FINALLY veterinarians who speak out against horse slaughter. I sent them Carol’s email, and I also commented on the Oregon State University site! One of these veterinarians appeared before Congress in 2008 – against horse slaughter – maybe some of you already knew this. His letter contained the names of over 200 veterinarians that agreed! This website is definitely worth looking at – if for no other reason, than to KNOW that there are vets out there who do not believe in horse slaughter! I sent them Carol’s article and I also sent an email to Oregon State University – my little old fingers were just flying! Now if it would spark some controversy outside of us – who already know what crap this is.


      • I found that I couldnt email the vets for equine welfare – but the website is available for anyone to go to.


      • Totally agree… their stupid comment form does not allow to past comments from Word or notepad… how do they can expect from the public to submit a large, relevant comment in that regard? Everything they do is devised to discourage people from participating in the decision-making process… maybe we should start particpating by holding demonstrations at holding pens and denouncing all the cr*p that is behind those involved in BLM’s wild horse and burro program.


    • Figures Monsanto has their greedy dirty hands in everything. Manipulating plants so they can’t reproduce and now our wildlife.
      Treating our wild horses the same as they do our crops. So they can’t reproduce.
      Horses are not GMOs!

      As far as PZP…really don’t want given to horses. Reading that HSUS has been using this on wildlife for the past 30 years and seemed to be safe…so they say.

      Really I don’t believe there is an overpopulation of horses at all. The numbers are always manipulated and they are on such an immense area of public land they need be left alone.
      Steralization and experimental spaying is a definite NO.!!!
      The hormone injection would be the safest way to go if there HAS to be a compromise.. At leasr they wouldn’t be rounded up, slaughtered .would save their lives its not permanent.. .Also meat would be no good for consumption..

      Since the Obama Adm. The past 7 years our wildlife has been attacked like never before.
      Allowing the selling and leasing large tracts of our public lands and even sacred lands to foreign mining , lumbering and oil cos has escalated this war on our wildlife aND lands.
      Ex: allowing Russia to mine for uranium. Allowing foreign countries to buy and lease our National Forests . Ex: northeastern Az National Forest is being taken over by a foreign co. Who call themselves Earthworks.
      You won’t hear much from them but they are busy at work farming what’s left of our forests out for profit in other countries.
      Their motto is ..” There os an overpopulation of trees in these forests” Canada is drilling in our Yellowstone Natk. Park and caused a huge oil spill disaster in the river.
      Such BS!
      . Ate we not a sovereign nation anymore? Have we been sold out?
      Obama did stop the XL pipelline…I’ll give him that . But wondering if there was a trade off as Canada did with China allowing China to do whatever they want for X amt of years.

      Obama appointed Secretary of Interior Jewell from the UK who was paid 1.5 million to take the position here of SOI.
      Jewell has done nothing to save the wildlife.
      She is in charge of thousands of acres of public land in our western and southwest states and with the stroke of a pen could do something but remains misfaeonce in her position…a “ghost”. . If you look at her Bio she is very much pro oil and mining and has an extendive background in that.
      Jewells sage grouse initiative program allows land to be cleared of all wildlife to protect theze birds at our wildlives expense
      Her Sage Grouse Iniative program allows more land for welfare ranchers and money in their pockets as they get benefits from this program.
      I don’t know about you.. and I like birds but horses take precedence over birds . Never heard of these birds until the BLM has taken such a big interest in them. But what about our wildhorses and wolves are being slaughtered .??
      Most of the environmental and wildlife protection agencies will agree that Obama hasn’t helped in these areas. The fact that much of our wildlife have been taken off the ESL and still are speaks volumes for this administrationa priorities.
      The trouble is ..too many people are busy bring dumbed down by watching their reality shows and ganes , while others have their faces planted in their phones.
      Glad to see some Orgs are now banning together to form a more powerful coalition to fight and help save our wild horses. They need all the help they can get.


  3. This contact info was listed in the EA I received in the mail:

    Public comments will be accepted on the EA through February 3, 2016. Comments can be emailed, mailed or faxed to the BLM Burns Office at the addresses below. Entire comments – including personal identifying information – may be published as part of the EA and Decision Record process.

    Mail or deliver to:

    Mare Sterilization Research Project Lead
    (541) 573-4411 BLM Burns District Office
    28910 Highway 20 West
    Hines, Oregon 97738
    Fax: (541) 573-4411 — Attention: Mare Sterilization Research Project Lead

    Lisa Grant
    BLM Burns District Office

    Mike Tupper

    Dean Bolstad

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    • The AWHPC suggests using PZP as an alternative. PZP is pesticide (poison) and wild horses are not overpopulated in the US. We need to get PZP banned.


      • Ideally it would be best to leave them Alone!!!
        With all the predators, bad weather injuries the herds are naturally culled.
        But unfortunately they probably won’t leave them alone unless some sort of birth control is used. PZP dont like eother but is the lesser of the alternative evils. Hopefully if they use the PZP they don’t do them all but just a few. Rotten BLM.. they think they know more than mother nature. .and they always screw things up. Write your state HSUS rep, Congressman.,Senators. Anyone you can think of that might help.


  4. What possible justification can be made to do these “experimens” as well as one in Wyoming? They are surely mostly duplicative, and certain to cause more complications and fatalities, and of course, aborted foals. If the goal is to learn which of these macabre techniques might kill the least, surely one experimental project is more than enough. Imagine the uproar if such proposals were being made to “study” Elk or deer populations. How much intentional death is ENOUGH?


  5. How does a BLM wild horse holding facility have connections to a horse cloning company
    Debbie Coffey

    The Indian Lakes Road/Broken Arrow BLM holding facility where the BLM is holding our wild horses in Nevada has a sign hanging at the entrance:

    Troy Adams Broken Arrow USA. 

    The link to the website for Broken Arrow USA is no longer active. The Broken Arrow Ranch of Lincoln, CA was featured on animal cloning company Bovance’s website .

    The sale of Broken Arrow Ranch’s cattle clone was listed at the Denim and Diamonds Sale and the last address in the middle column is: Broken Arrow Angus Ranch, Troy Adams, 345 Karchner Rd,, Lincoln, CA. 95648, phone (916) 645-1924 Pharmaceutical company Geron ( (TX. ViaGen and Trans Ova Genetics (of Sioux Center, Iowa) own Bovance, the animal cloning company (which featured Broken Arrow). 

    Most, if not all, of Geron’s board of directors each sit on the boards of several other pharmaceutical companies. ViaGen is very actively cloning horses:


  6. WHAT interest does NOVUS INTERNATIONAL have in our Wild Horses & Burros and WHY are they sitting on that board?

    Novus International Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology (PDF Download Available). Available from: [accessed Feb 1, 2016].
    Novus International Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology

    ABSTRACT Pseudo-affinity chromatography using Concanavaline-A-Sepharose, the immobilized form of the well known plant lectin, was used to isolate the glycoprotein fraction of BUFFALO PITUITARY EXTRACT.
    The lectin bound proteins were eluted and stored lyophilized. This isolate was analyzed by ELISA and by hormone specific bioassays in RATS to obtain potency estimates of FOLLICLE STIMULATING HORMONE (FSH)
    Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) content. Hopefully this isolate will be useful in inducing super ovulation in animals including buffaloes.


  7. WHY are corporations such as MONSANTO and NOVUS allowed to be included in BLMS’S decision to EXPERIMENT on FEDERALLY PROTECTED WILD HORSES?

    Definition of MALFEASANCE
    law : illegal or dishonest activity especially by a public official or a corporation

    Examples of MALFEASANCE
    The investigation has uncovered evidence of corporate malfeasance.
    a campaign to impeach the governor for malfeasance in office>


    • The BLM hasn’t replied to my letters. Heard the same from many others. Has anyone heard back from the BLM?
      Congressman have heard from a couple times. Yes write Congressman.
      Also Rep Vern Buchanan of Florida. Might need to snail mail or tweet

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  8. ALL of these captured Wild Horses & Burros were removed from their Legal Herd Management Areas in direction VIOLATION of the LAW

    GAO Report 1990
    Read page 56 Line 8..”with respect to BLM’s view that it’s not legally possible…..

    Click to access 149472.pdf

    8. We do not agree with BLM’s position that our statement reveals a misunderstanding about how BLM develops its appropriate management levels, We understand that wild horse levels are prepared as part of the land use planning process mandated by FLFNA. However, we do not believe that a level can be justified as representing a sound management decision merely because it is recorded in a land use plan. If a level is developed without regard to land conditions or wild horse range impact, its inclusion in the land use plan does not make it more useful or appropriate. In this connection, BLM provides no evidence to refute our finding (along with the finding of Interior’s Board of Land Appeals) that wild horse levels are being established arbitrarily without a sound factual basis.

    IBLA 89-285, 89-286 Decided October 16, 1990
    Appeals from decisions of the State Director, Nevada, Bureau of Land Management, approving final plans for removal of excess wild horses in the Carson City, Battle Mountain, and Winnemucca Districts, Nevada, Bureau of Land Management. NV 03337 and NV N6-89-1.

    Affirmed in part, and reversed in part.
    1. Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act
    The Board will set aside a BLM decision to remove wild horses from a
    herd management area where removal is not properly predicated on an
    appropriate determination that removal is necessary to restore the range
    to a thriving natural ecological balance and prevent a deterioration of the
    range, in accordance with sec. 3(b) of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses
    and Burros Act, as amended, 16 U.S.C. § 1333(b) (1982).


    • Louie, I keep wondering if the BLM or USFS even have defined a “thriving natural ecological balance” since this would only seem to exist without introduction of any non-native livestock populations. In other words, what is the baseline against which their decisions are being measured? We know very well almost all wildlife populations are manipulated in varying degrees, for varying human purposes, so it might help in all these conflicts to define and agree on what exactly that holy grail of “thriving natural ecological balance” even looks like in a modern world. I would be there are as many definitions as there are people to describe one.


      • IcySpots, that’s a good question and probably one that we should all be requesting a clear definition.
        AMERICAN HERDS has a good article that was written in 2008
        This is just the first part of that article:

        The Thriving Ecological Balance

        When I first began learning about wild horses and burros, it started with being told that the Las Vegas area didn’t have enough water to support them – that’s why they had to go – for their own protection and the protection of the range. But when I looked a little deeper, I found out that wasn’t exactly true.

        Turned out there were a lot more water sources around than BLM was counting and much of what they were telling the public was convoluted at best.

        Finding out the truth began with asking a question about hundreds of thousands of acres that disappeared from the Herd Areas and it took a couple of months before BLM finally coughed up the answers.

        Turned out, this acreage went to U.S. Forest Service in a land transfer two decades ago. Following the trail back, it also turned out the U.S. Forest Service just happened to get the majority of the springs in that land transfer leaving BLM – and the wild horses and burros – with very little left under BLM control. (1)

        Then U.S. Forest Service made a few changes. The first was to completely exclude wild horses and burros from the top 100,000 acres in the area where the majority of these springs occurred and no wild horse and burro use became the new “policy”.

        Then, for the areas wild horses and burros were still allowed, U.S. Forest Service gave them a water allocation, 7% to be exact, while the transplanted elk population was issued 15%. Sure, BLM is still the “lead agency” in management when it comes to removals but USFS sets the majority of the land use policies and resource allocations – then BLM just mostly handles the removals from there. (2)

        I began noticing an emphasis on the “thriving ecological balance” wild horses and burros were removed to protect was heavily weighted towards the “native” wildlife, often the central focus in decision after decision where wild horses and burros kept getting removed or disappearing altogether.

        So began the journey of looking around at just what exactly comprised this “thriving ecological balance” they kept getting squeezed out from and that led to checking out State Fish & Game big game statistics on the other “major resources users” within the areas.

        That led to the realization that hunting was big business and successful “educational programs” conducted by the stewards of hunting, often the scientists that produced the studies that justified their conclusions – Horses and burros bad/native wildlife good – somehow managed to turn wild into feral in the minds of an increasingly environmentally conscious public as they exploited people’s concern about wildlife habitat loss due to man kinds resource exploitation to favor these big game species instead.


      • THe USDA and BLM need to be investigated and revamped with new staff that are stewards for the land and wildlife.iinstead of stewards for hunters, lumber cos, oil. The true Native Americans were good stewards of their lands . However some of the newer generation are being taught differently

        The USDA, BLM are working hand in hand to change the demographics of our wild horses, burros and wildlife. And your right.. what or who determines what a ” thriving population of wildlife” is? The numbers are always being manipulated so where is the valaditity? WHO does the counting ?

        In the case of the SRWH im Az. they try to change the definition of the wild horses to” Stray Livestock”. To better justify their destroying them. Livestock is a Domestic animal raised in an Agricultural setting to produce commodities such as food, labor, fiber. Hardly a wild horse.

        The wild burros of Mojave county are in jeopardy because of 5 county Supervisors who are pro hunting and are pushing for their temoval. Also they think if the Lobos of the SW are to be reintroduced they need vaccinations, radio tracking collars and steralization . Sound familiar? Under those terms I’m against their reintroduction. Would be more derby hunting like Idaho. So’s not about the wildlife over populating it’s the people and hunter over population . What more can we do about this?


  9. Please please please do not try to “sterilize” the mares.!!!! It can cause urinary problems and why spend the money


    • Spaying the mares not only has unknown consequences to the mare but the herd as well. It’s just another way to get rid of the horses. After the damage from this surgery..they aren’t faring well. . The’yll destroy them. Just heard RTF is suing the BLM.
      They are going to need all the help they can get. can connect via Facebook Twitter. There is a Josh at the WWS main office in Idaho can contact about this. . Also there is Greta at western watersheds. Org. 520 623 1878.
      Writing to the BLM is like writing McCaine to stop the mining in sacred Oak flats.
      This has to be stopped…NOW

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  10. That’s a great idea. Demonstrations at the holdingb pen sites. Rallies, Be great to have reporters and press there.
    How can we press for perhaps a class action lawsuit against the BLM for all their violations and abusive treatment of our wild horses? At least put a hold on these horrid experimental spayings while a lawsuit is in progress and under investigation.
    What they are doing is dead wrong and really is unjustified except for the fact they want to zero out the wild horse population to suit self serving lobbyists . Theyre not “managing ” the wild horse and burro population they are making them suffer in holding pens and killing them slowly. They need excercise, shelter.Plus they’re Using them for experimentall purposes. How does this all affect them pschologically beiing shippped from pillar to post , seperated ftom their families and pent up in these pens for 3 years? It’s been proven they have feelings and emotional ties to their families and friends and mourn for them.
    . Plus let’s get real… How can all these thousands of horses in holding pens be adopted out?

    In Florence Az they have some wild horses in pens for the prisoners to ride. Every Friday they also have an auction to sell them. There are no stipulations on who’s buying them.
    They are gorgeous horses and while a few go to good homes..others arent so lucky. Also they only have to be adopted a year then can be whoever.
    Plus..who’s monitoring them to make sure they aren’t sold to kill buyers?. We have seen horror stories where the buyer kills the purchased horse on site.
    There was an attorney listed at the RTF site.
    Also WWS has attorney reps for different states. Matter of fact there is one in Tuscon for WWS I will be contacting to see what more can be done. Hoping others will do the same.
    The good thing about sites like this is that we are people of “like”,minds.

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    • I don’t know if we can file a class action suit due to problems with the standing principle, but we for sure can sue BLM on an individual basis. Anyways, regardless of the standing part, the important thing is to create a PR nightmare of this. They’ve munching this plan for quite long and only when they felt theycould get away with it without any significant reaction from the public opinion they went forward.

      This is a very dangerous precedent… if they get their way I have to wonder what will come next… helicopter shooting contests like in Australia or in Alaska with the wolves?


      • Reason this proposal to Spay these poor horses in this Frankensteinish way needs to be reigned in and for good.
        Need to write a massive letter writing campaign to investigate snd get rid of the BLM. Join with other forces to sue the BLM. Write to the HSUS director of Oregon. This is cruel and inhumane treatment on our wild horses supposed to be protected
        The BLM is another one of those bloated Buracreacies that need to GO.
        It kills me that our tax dollars are being used to do these Terrible things even though thousands of us are opposed to them.
        These “programs ” the BLM is doing is just another way to justify their jobs and that they are doing something important.
        .Even with the huge budget the BLM has to manage the herds they are supposed to be protecting they are running out of money?
        And their Solution is to steralize and slaughter them?
        If they are running out of money then why initiate a very expensive and dangerous program on these horses?
        The BLM needs to be rounded up. They are the REAL problem !


    • Vickie, I’ve mentioned this elsewhere but it’s worth repeating. What do they plan to do with the removed ovaries, and will they be harvesting eggs and fetuses to use for cloning and other experiments? Don’t these eggs, ovaries and tissues also belong to U.S. citizens?Hard to think about, but by this plan there will be some substantial amount of, well, removed parts. Burns OR isn’t terribly far from the ovary harvesting business in Lethbridge, AB.


      • Icy, that sure sounds like a very strong possibility. Using the mares ovaries for cloning experiments. And the tissues of the foals and fetuses as well. Frankensteinish!! Was wondering what would become of all their tissue.
        And why if the BLM is so broke or running out of money are they planning on going forth with this very expensive snd potentially dangerous program? Has to be money involved here. Another reason this needs to be put on temporary hold until investigated. Something very strange here.


    • This has to be stopped…NOW.
      The dangerous experimental spaying has unknown consequences to the mare both physically and psychologucally. Not to mention how it will affect the herds.

      This is just another way to get rid of the horses. Once they’re not faring well they’ll dispose of them.

      Try contacting headquarters in idaho . A Josh is a good one to speak too. Also can reach on twitter/facebook.

      Greta of western watersheds org 520 623 1878

      Also RTF is suing the BLM. They are going to need all the help they can get. Need every Organization o join in to support them.

      Writimg the BLM cant hurt if they keep the letters on record. Somehow I feel writing the BLM is like writing Sen Mccaine to stop the mining in Sacred Oak Flats.


      • Front Range Equine is also suing the BLM. THey’ll need our help and support.

        Try reaching Erik, Attorney @western also Greta of western 520 623 1878. . Ask for Erick Attorney . Try contacting Josh of Idaho headquarters for WWS
        Call and write theze places
        Not wasting time writing more letters to the BLM bogus site they have.. as time is running out for these horses.


  11. Why leave them alone.set them free. What gives you the right to do this. It is all about greed .money is all they care about.they will destroy what ever is in there way for greed.I hope some day they have to pay for what they have a very big way.set the free. Stop killing them.


  12. I listened last night to the democratic contender’s debate (first listen for me in any of the political theatre going on), and was surprised to hear Bernie Sanders say he counts Raul Grijalva among his supporters. Grijalva is a champion of wild horses, so thought I would pass that information along here.

    We can all be asking those running for President (and Congress) to state their position on the survival of wild horses in America.

    I would gladly send Bernie $27 (his average donor contribution) if he takes a position in support of wild horses, so I think I will write his campaign about it. If I learn anything I’ll post it here, and ask anyone else to do the same. RT, maybe we need a thread to post candidate positions so we can all find them easily (if they exist)?


    • Now that would be an awesome idea… We could extend that as well to all other candidates, together with an indication that we will not support anybody that does not officially declare he/she is oppossed to the eradication / sterilization of wild horses and that will outlaw horse slaughter.


  13. It might be a good idea for ALL of our WH&B people to contact Bernie and also be certain that he realizes that Public Lands are very much at the core of a lot of issues.
    He undoubtedly already understands that, but voters HAVE to let candidates know what they want.


  14. Found this while looking for a way to ask Mr. Sanders about his position on wild horses:

    “Bernie co-sponsored the Safeguard American Food Exports Act, which would prohibit the slaughter of horses for meat…He also cosponsored the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act, which would impose harsh penalties on those who use a method of encouraging horses to lift their legs higher by causing pain in their feet…Bernie voted in favor of prohibiting any funding intended for the destruction of wild animals for the purpose of protecting livestock unless humans or animal species are under threat. He voted against the weakening of the Endangered Species Act of 1973 and voted in favor of two amendments to strengthen it. In 2008, Bernie signed onto this letter to the U.S. Department of the Interior, opposing efforts to weaken the protection of endangered species.”


  15. Sanders has been always a cosponsor of previous versions of the SAFE Act (AHSPA) and also supported the USDA horse slaughter plant defunding language since it was originally introduced in 2005.

    However, it would be really nice if he could issue a statement indicating that he will stop the eradication of wild horses and end horse slaughter should he becomes president.


    • Daniel, I looked on his website and there was no place to send questions or comments, only links to positions and donation avenues. Got any ideas how to reach him asking for just the sort of statement you describe? Even better to find some place with info for all the candidates to ask the same questions, or get such a question into one of the future debates.


      • On the other hand if our economy is taxed to death with more entitlements and Government. Bailouts our economy will come crashing down, the first to sufferr will be our public lands and wildlife that are at the bottom of the totem pole. Who to vote for? What a dilema.


      • Replying Vicki I think we can learn a lot from the experiences with a diverse array of policies regarding taxation in Europe. That being said, being European, I have to say taxing isn’t actually all that bad for the overwhelming majority of the population, provided the government is decent and trustable, and does have some really valuable advantages, like universal healtcare and higher education, which lies at the core of a modern and advanced society.

        In this regard, I think Americans really have to ask themselves who is really benefiting from the current taxation setup. Chances are you will find current taxation policies favor those who are pushing for the extinction of wild horses or want to keep the slaughter pipeline open, either by directly subsidizing their grazing or indirectly by artificially keeping thier beef and agribusiness products prices high. Bear in mind as well that the corporate bailout was actually signed into law by an conservative, anti-tax administration, in order to protect the financial structures that underpin it, which seems to be the only thing that matters… protecting the perquisites and sinecures of the ruling elites.

        Maybe, if grazing rights on public lands were charged at real market value, or impossed a realistic tariff for use of precious resources that belong to 400 million people, or limited only as a last-resource measure on an income-basis for those who are barely scraping by, many of the well-to-do welfare ranchers and corporations that want wild horses destroyed will quit and seek other venues to become rich. The same can be said of the slaughter pipeline… a tariff on health certificates issuance, individual authentication of documents and several other measures would help putting many KBs out of business.


      • As for the question on how to contact all candidates, I don’t think there is a hub or something where we can reach them. However we can set up a campaign / petition in and let their staff do the rest… if they care.


      • Vicki, while I am only just starting to pay some attention to the presidential campaign, in the Clinton/Sanders debate, Sanders mentioned many times his plans would not cost more, but rather pointedly described how the taxpayers bailed out the one per centers, and now he was asking for the one per centers to now bail out the middle class. He insists all his proposals are paid for without new taxes, but we’ve all heard this before (remember “no new taxes” from the elder Bush when running?).

        To address your question more directly, I would ask if we aren’t already experiencing an economy still weak, with the spread in income disparity well documented such that it is eerily similar to the circumstances which sparked the French Revolution. Our public lands and wildlife are already at the bottom of the totem pole, especially wild horses, so it’s hard to imagine how they could be less so. Once the wild horses are all gone the BLM budgets will surely not decrease, either. If that were true then every horse sold or shipped to slaughter should result in a subtraction from their budget demands each year. Never happens, though how many tens of thousands have disappeared, and we well know how short staffed the agency is. Fuel prices are incredibly low as well, but do we see a drop in budget demands under our current administration? Nope. Guess we have to pay for all the “scientists” conducting “research.”


      • No… we shouldn’t have to pay for these insane experiments on.our wild horses. They are our horses too. Reason we should have a voice in all this and using it. Does anyone know if there is a temporary hold on the Hines holding pen herd experimental spaying project? Is something being done about helping them? Got 8 months to decide who to vote for , afree its imporant ..but a few days to help theses horses.

        The way these horses are being treated resembles how the Jewz were treated in Awchwitch .Germany . All in prison camps, no shelter,crowded cruel experiments, slaughterings. Have to at least try.


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