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BLM Reneges on Wild Horse Roundup Promise

Source: Washington Times Letter to Editor

BLM Antelope attack in 2011 ~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

BLM Antelope attack in 2011 ~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Thank you for your recent article stating that the wild-horse roundup in northern Nevada had been canceled (“Wild horse roundup in Nevada is canceled amid outrage, fears over ‘stealth’ slaughter,” Web, Aug. 8). Tragically, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management went back on its word and rounded up hundreds of wild horses Aug. 9, 10 and 11, in its usual terrifying-to-the-horses way — by helicopter.

The hundreds of horses rounded up are now in open corrals on the McDermid Indian Reservation, without shade or water. This betrayal by the Bureau of Land Management must be investigated. The agency continues to round up the most beautiful wild horses in North America to sell them to slaughter, thereby driving to extinction a priceless genetic line of our American heritage.


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  1. How can they get away with this? Didnt they swear under oath in court that the roundup was cancelled? Isnt this perjury?


  2. Can anyone explain to me Why Americans are footing the bill for this Corrupt Agency?????? When if fact 80% of Americans are totally against the Removal of our Mustangs from the Land that we and Congress allotted to them unanimously ???? I and 80% of Americas people want to stop any payments of our tax money going to the BLM !!!!! Also want the BLM dissolved from any further damage being done to Americas Treasured Icons !!!!!!! They have ignored our Pleas for years !!!!!!! The BLM has only made it worse for our Icons , they our a LAND MANAGEMENT AGENCY not a Mustang Preservation Agency n!!!!! Either they straighten up or get the heck away from Our Mustangs…………………..


  3. I thought the roundup was postponed–not cancelled. Just the same the BLM had no right to do this. Laura Bell has found hundreds of what appear to be some of these horses already at Fallon , NV where they can be sold for slaughter.


  4. How does the BLM get away with it? Corrupt US government offices from town halls all the way to White House. Personal power over the common man. Inflated egos with evil, hidden agendas. Why are our precious wildlife & natural resources being stolen & destroyed? Uncontrolled greed for revenue rich avenues from energy, mining, water rights,industrialized grazing rights, big game hunting, land grabbing by wealthy before foreign interests have leins on it all for the US debt. Last but not least reason why – mustang meat sells at the price of gold overseas. The meat is not tainted like domestic equines from the over breeding horse mill industrys.


  5. THE BLM is Happy to send these horses to slaughter despite a court order preventing the sale of these horses that are a mix of tribal and BLM horses. BLM horses are not to be sold at auction by law. An appeal to the tribes in this area must be made to give them the support they need to manage their wild herds. We must work even harder to get a BAN on the Export of Horses for the purpose of slaughter. Then these auctions would not be full of out-of-state, out-of-country KILL BUYERS and then there would be no point to the BLM’s rushing to kill these horses via slaughter auction. MONEY, GREED, and RAMPANT CORRUPTION of the BLM and Tribal connections are the basis for these murderous roundups and subsequent slaughter sales… We have rescue groups in the area standing by to save as many as they can but that auction often runs them through in large groups giving kill buyers the advantage. What the hell is wrong with our government and the tribal government to condone this???? Why should we, the public, have to fund and support the rescues and lifetime care for horses that should remain wild? Horse rescues are all ready over burdened with domestic horse cast offs due to the economic down turn, over breeders, horse users and abusers (rodeo’s, racing, tripping, equine athletes in many disciplines). Horse Warriors will be called to action to continue to fight to change the laws that are supposed to protect wild horses.


  6. Now the BLM and USFS are pushing the herds onto Tribal lands where the Federal Govt has no control over them. The tribes can do with them what they want. They now can make deals with the tribes and not worry about anything coming back on them. They can sell them to slaughter if they want with no recourse from the public that don’t want any of this to be happening. Ask the Navajo Nation. They are starting this.


    • Actually, Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs can do alot when they want to. BIA, like BLM are subdirectories of DOI….USFs sub to USDA. I guarantee you DOI personnel are there covertly manipulating and instructing their puppets.

      DOI through BIA is allowing this….more than most people know.

      For example, what Federal funds are being used for this roundup, auction, etc on rez land? Just another deceptive tactic by USDA, DOI to remove the equines.

      It is that simple.


  7. Deviousness and corruption should be the name of this agency. I don’t know why the Native tribes would have anything to do with us after all they’ve been through.


  8. Yesterday I mentioned we needed to look in different directions-I happened to find this-now this is just a HUNCH
    read about the secretary of the interior signing water rights agreements with Indian tribes-maybe this is why tribes are rounding up wild horses – in payment for that water.
    after all 150 years ago they sold out hostile trbe members who did not want to go to reservations-150 years later maybe they are selling out the ancesters of their war ponies, medicine ponies, and buffalo ponies too. MONEY AND GREED


  9. I saw this comment on the actual article in the Washington Times, might be useful..

    Leave a message with the Hearings and Appeals Board of the Department of the Interior. Ask them to investigate the lack of ethics, the possibility of private agreements, corruption and breaking the public trust. This is the link:


  10. Who has seen them on the reservation? Suzanne Roy’s press release said the USFS had taken days to drive our wild horses through the Toiyabe National Forest to the Reservation lands. We have close to 200 horses awaiting the auction in Fallon now. What is being done? Is someone raising money to save these mustangs? Is there really great doubt these are ours? I seem to remember how Jill Starr and MAdeleine and many advocates came together 2 years ago to buy Paiute ponies, the majority of which were not BLM mustangs but stunted and inbred reservation horses, just to save them from slaughter. Will we not do the same for these BLM/USFS disowned wild horses who have been denied protection from BLM just as the Pilot Mountain mustangs had been? Once again we need to have DNA tests compared with past roundups from this group of HMAs.

    The other horses making up this 700 are from the close cluster of HMAs that include Rock Creek, SE, Little Humboldt, cental South and the Snowstorm Mountains, SW, which are all at the base of Little Owyhee to the West and Owyhee to the East and these two larger HMAs then run almost to the Oregon border, side by side but cattle allotments and fences are all over the northern sections and there are no wild horses there. The majority of these horses have not been driven over 100 miles to Fort McDermitt. They are being held by BLM somewhere within the cluster of HMAs and this is why this entire area was to be blocked off from public access. I bet they used the same ranch to hold some of them on as they did in 2010.

    The lower HMAs are almost all industrialized and are all strongly affected by the pollution, dust and noise. These horse ranges are no longer fit to have horses. Why are we not dealing with the corporations here for restitution and help relocating the wild horses rather than this fraud development from BLM and the USFS to steal and sell, our mustangs at auction and directly to kill buyers?

    Why are there no arrests? This was the most blatant illegal scheme BLM has committed in recent years.


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