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BLM to test 3 shade options for wild horses at Palomino Valley facility

Joan Guilfoyle, what about Ridgecrest, the Indian Lakes Road facility and all of the other BLM holding facilities?  –  Debbie Coffey

SOURCE:  Reno Gazette Journal

Written by Mark Robison


One of three shade structures that will be evaluated at BLM’s Palomino Valley facility during the trial period

From press release:

Reno, Nev. – The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Palomino Valley National Wild Horse and Burro Center (PVC) will begin testing three different shade options for the wild horses and burros over the next two months.

Joan Guilfoyle, Division Chief of the BLM’s National WH&B Program, appreciates the recommendations and assistance provided by the public and various partners. She said, “We appreciate the public’s patience while we review various shade structures. The trial period will allow us the opportunity to determine what works, while meeting the safety and welfare needs of the animals.”

Implementation of the three options will begin as soon as the materials arrive at PVC.  Eric Reid, Acting PVC Facility Manager, is coordinating with the National Mustang Association, of Utah, The Humane Society of the United States (The HSUS), and the Northern Nevada Correctional Center to obtain the materials. “One of PVC’s top goals is to construct the three shade options as soon as possible. The trials will also provide the BLM with valuable shade research data on wild horses.”

As new information is available on the progress of the shade structures, BLM will continue to post updates to   If you have additional questions, please contact the BLM at 866-468-7826 or

The Palomino Valley Center is located 15780 Pyramid Hwy. (State Rte. 445) Reno, NV 89510.  From Interstate 80, take Exit 18 (Pyramid Way/State Road 445).  PVC is north about 20 miles to Ironwood Road.  Turn east (right) on Ironwood Road to reach the facility.  PVC is the largest BLM preparation and adoption facility in the country with a capacity of 1,850 animals.  It serves as the primary preparation center for wild horses and burros gathered from the public lands in Nevada and nearby states.  Visitors wishing to adopt are encouraged to call PVC prior to arrival at (775) 475-2222.  Public hours for visiting are held Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. and on the first Saturday of each month from 8 a.m.-noon.

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  1. great news…thanks to John Potter at KTVN for airing the interview he had with me…and all the people who were at the BLM workshop in person and the webinar….this is neat


  2. Why the ‘ell do they have to do a study on what kind of shelter to provide? This is not rocket science! Just build one or more three sided shelter structures (as is required for WH&B adopters) in each corral large enough to accommodate the number of wh&b that are the maximum allowed for that particular size corral. … and add all the other facilities like Litchfield and Broken Arrow too where animals are not allowed to move freely to find shelter. Simple – do it – get it done and be done with it. Those captive wild animals should never have been taken there to start with and they need to go HOME.


    • My thoughts exactly! I’m happy to hear their looking to do something, but a “study”? What’s there to study? Making a simple project into a complicated one, don’t you think? You’re absolutely right, those captive wild animials should NEVER have been there to start with. What a horrible nightmare for these beautiful and innocent animals…my heart aches for them.


      • A study????? I agree, why a study???If a person is hot & wants to get some relief they head for a shady area. Tree’s umbrella’s covered patios. What’s so hard about that????More excuses on the part of the BLM to not care for these horses. They have had months to get this done…almost the middle of July & they are now ready to do a “Study”. I don’t trust them….horses are dying ….too little too late. Yes, get them built & give these poor horses a place to get out of the heat, but better yet, release them back to their native homes!!! No word on more water for them??? Maybe a study on whether they need water, & what kind???Only the BLM could be this stupid.


    • Was there ever any distinctions made between shelter and shade? Shelter is both and will give protection from wind and snow and dust. Also, horses become termites if wood is around to chew on.
      Good luck. May they choose the most all around efficient Shelter.


  3. The BLM has been working with and rounding up horses for how long??????? And they still claim to know nothing about the needs of horses~~~people if they are that stupid as far as the horse is concerned- then they need to be out of the horse and burro business. Get on board and sign the petition-it may be a small step-but it is a step in the right direction for now.

    Click to access rspca%20shade%20and%20shelter.pdf

    read this on horses and shade.


  4. Well, i am glad they finally decided that maybe they need some shade from the blistering sun, but my heart still goes out to these poor horses! It must be horrible for them with no grazing! Being that they are a grazing animal! Now all they have is hot soil and rocks! If they have to keep them penned up, why cant they at least find a place to keep them with some greenery around them? Why the desert? And wouldnt it make more sense to relocate these horses to a state where they dont have to compete with the cows? Why couldnt each state that has state forests take a small herd and manage it properly? Like, Upstate NY is loaded with state forests and meadow lands that would be perfect for supporting a small herd of wild horses. The mountainous terrain in the less populated areas like the Adirondack park, would be a lot like the land they were used to living on! It would cost a lot less to manage and care for smaller herds and would bring much money in tourism to the other states! For those states that took in a herd of wild horses, the government could offer them tax breaks. There are solutions out there if they just want to bother to sit down and discuss them and get slaughter out of their heads for once!


  5. Don’t you people think it’s funny that after all this time (the whole summer), try finally have a workshop and they finally decide to do something? I still think that their plan was to dump the horses in the desert to kill them off without being caught at the borders sending them of to slaughter. What do the kill buyers do with reject horses from slaughter? They dump them in the desert to die… Once again, they got caught with their pants down and are forced to put something up…a study my arse… Another way to pacify people. Another pacifier to shut the American public up..stop them from crying. I say just turn the horses loose on their own home ranges and leave them alone.


    • My sentiments exactly, Terri. By the time the shelters are studied and evaluated and tested and constructed, it’ll be the dead of winter. Are they counting on sheltering the horses stuck at PVC prison from snowstorms?


  6. Its a start..I feel there shouldnt be any rondups there is plenty of land out there, when we go off roading there is open range and guees who is on it…the cattle…they have a buffet out there and they know where to go for water and shade…but the horses at PVC got rounded that they are in the care (if you want to call it that) of the BLM…they need shade and those horses belong to every citizen in the United States…I can tell you I will be keeping a close eye on what kind of shade they provide…and I will send pictures to RT….anything is better than nothing…my opninon let them all go…I asked at the workshop if this facility was built in 1976 why was no greenery and natural plants and grass and trees be planted on the property…doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that one out…I will keep you all posted on this…going there on Friday….thank you all for your comments…


  7. Isn’t it nice how nnnnnice BLM is? Oh it is so wonderful isn’t it? And so endearing that they’ve taken their budget and exanded it to include various vendors to be involved in this “study.” So wonderful, isn’t it? I just think it is wonderful.

    Now – what else is on the check checkk list? Oh yes, more water troughs, feed on mats, scraping pens regularly and refooting with gravel and sand, hoof care, wind breaks, planting of adjacent pastures with grassland seed for rotation of pens, replacement of “wranglers” with horsemen and women, bottom rails – the listy list just goes on and on for adequate and acceptable care.

    So we don’t need to celebrate this pathetic excuse for accommodation when we asked for a complete overhaul. This is a pathetic bureaucratic appeasement. Feel goody good?

    The horses need homes.


    • Or they need to be released. They are in short term here and they can be released. Policy is against that. The law may not be after they have been removed but what BLM is doing is not covered well by any laws or even amendments.

      Shelter is also shade, shade is not always shelter.


  8. Well, this is a great, make us wait job….AGAIN! Who has to make a decision on what kind of shade to use, put up something to give these animals relief for Pete’s Sake!!!!! It will be winter shortly and they will use that excuse to hesitate putting anything up! I am for putting those folks in those pens and let them eat off the ground and drink hot water and stand in the heat and see how they feel after a day or two.


  9. The more I think about it why don’t they use the money they are spending on consultation on putting up shade, or better yet….LET THEM GO FREE!


  10. The trial period must not delay in pursuing real relief with innovative and modern standards that can be done, wild horse or domesticated. Any new introduction to wild horses to be adopted increased their domestication and adoption chances. While providing comfort the welfare of all animals must be strictly enforced. Federal Guidelines and policy handbook on holding must be considered. Moving forth with a shade trial is a start and I hope BLM is open minded to allow animals to adjust without determining any problems to prematurely. I also hope that animals will get some winter draft / snow protection which is doable and necessary. I appreciate innovation of any sorts, and hope the standards will continuously improves at all holding facilities and transparency is improving with the public. The trimming operations at PVC also need better quality control which ensure animals’ health and better chances at adoption. To create higher standards will enhance not only the well being of animals, but make PVC or other holding a less haunting and depressing place to visit BLM must consider more sensible on the range management to prevent more animals to holding – and in doing so also boost a new approach to adopt mustangs to good homes by develop a better marketing approach in this regard as discussed at the BLM Advisory Board meeting. Social media networking is a great tool to do this. The allover program can move forth if BLM takes steps as this one and changes course to find real solutions and this one is a start.


  11. ya know i have to say this, I am ever so happy but shouldnt they have had all tests in place much sooner???????/ isnt this something that should have been pursued much sooner, get them damn shelters up yesterday !!!!!!!!! For Petes sake , the Mustangs are cooking out there , quit talking about it and DO IT


  12. Oh terrific. What about SHELTER from the elements of fall and winter which is coming on soon! August is pretty much OVER and these horses have gone through hell far too long without SHADE from the sun and NOW they want to put up these things. Is there not a brain cell one among these idiots at the BLM! Winter is coming….HELLOOOO!


  13. Earlier today Geri posted a good article about shelter structures for horses on this site and I sent it along with a polite note to Debbie Collins in the Washington office who originally posted the announcement about the shade trails. Here is her response:

    “We have announced our decision and we have received positive comments for the decision. Until the trial is over and we all have FACTS to review regarding the impacts on the wild horses and burros, I think we should table this discussion for now. I’m not going to argue our points, we have stated them already. Thank you and have a nice evening.”

    Debbie Collins
    BLM National Wild Horse & Burro Program
    Marketing and National Information Center

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  14. i almost laughed out loud when I read this. Gee, another government study. How much is that costing the taxpayers? i agree with grandmagregg –it wouldn’t take more than a week to build enough 3 sided shelters for all the horses. Plus it’s not just about cover from the elements. It’s about “shelter”…which means shelter from the wind, rain & harsh elements. Maybe they need another study to determine which way the prevailing wind blows! Geez!


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