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UK Horsemeat Scandal: Two Arrested Over Fraud

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“Regardless of Location, Horse Slaughter is a Magnet for Criminal Activity”

Two men have been arrested on suspicion of fraud as part of an investigation by British police into the horsemeat scandal, it was revealed yesterday.

City of London Police said that since launching an inquiry in May it has held two men on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud and interviewed a further two men under caution.

The force said it has only released details now due to “operational reasons” and would not say when the men were arrested or reveal their nationalities.

Detective Chief Superintendent Oliver Shaw said: “This is an extremely complex investigation covering a number of jurisdictions and a variety of businesses.

“We are working closely with police forces, other law enforcement agencies and regulators to determine whether horsemeat being used in a range of meat products was deliberate and coordinated criminal activity.”

City of London Police was asked to work with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) as part of its inquiry into the scandal.

It reviewed evidence from law enforcement agencies in Europe and the UK, as well as from the FSA.

The force launched an investigation in May and said it made the arrests “during the initial stages” of the inquiry. Officers have also carried out searches at businesses and homes in the UK.

Last month MPs condemned the slow pace of the national investigation into the scandal, with no prosecutions six months after the problem was first identified.

The Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee said authorities in both the UK and Ireland – where horse DNA was first discovered in processed beef products – had yet to acknowledge the scale of the illegal activity involved.

It said: “The evidence we received from retailers and food processors in the UK and Ireland suggests a complex, highly organised network of companies trading in and mislabelling frozen and processed meat or meat products in a way that fails to meet  specifications and that is fraudulent and illegal.

“We are concerned at the failure of authorities in both the UK and Ireland to acknowledge the extent of this and to bring prosecutions.

“We are dismayed at the slow pace of investigations and would like assurance that prosecutions will be mounted where there is evidence of fraud or other illegal activity.”

The FSA has already agreed to an independent review of its response to the scandal.

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  1. Sound like they are dragging their feet so that the story will die down and the dumb public will forget. You know that we’re a bunch of short term attention spanned idiots who get all up in arms and then forget (they don’t know us very well, do they?) So they get Couple scapegoats and charge them and all is forgotten. And so the story goes…


  2. So, they’re “dismayed at the slow pace of investigations”……………Well, that’s a direct result of the reach of corruption that the horse slaughter industry possesses! We already know how involved the money-trail is concerning horse slaughter and the predatory and evil nature that drives it. It’s up to the people of ethics and morals to keep the pressure on these investigators and to remember to clean house wherever and whenever necessary to move towards the higher standards that are needed to start cleaning up this mess!


  3. Terri and Susan sum up the reality of the situation very well.

    I’d go one step further; government agencies are complicit in the torture of equines and contamination of consumers.

    FSA AND USDA need a complete overhaul and removal of the “tankage” called the very high ups within those systems that are not appointed.


  4. Well i think the MPS were actually given some flak to over the being upset, the pro slaughter base overseas is trying to downplay this and they wanted the MPs to back off. Such a complicated horror show over there for the unsuspectinv persons.


  5. And here in the US, Special interest groups are trying to legalize slaughtering horses for human consumption. Please boycott ALL American Meat, Fast Foods and meat packaged goods.


  6. What is there to say regarding commercial equine slaughter other than DISGUSTING?! Is there a coordinated conspiracy? The entire equine ‘industry’ is about $$$ and warped ego gratification. *DUH* Anyone involved in the senseless murder of our beloved equines has earned eternal disgust and scorn…

    ~”Man is just another animal. Sometimes better, more often worse, than those that walk on all-fours” – Anton Szandor LaVey~


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