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Socks the Horse Patiently Waited Out Colorado Flood

Source: reported by Raquel Villanueva of 9News.com

An image from this past week has generated some of the biggest concern from 9NEWS viewers

Click on Image to View Video

Click on Image to View Video

KUSA, CO – There is some good news out of all the tragedy and destruction from the flooding . An image from this past week has generated some of the biggest concern from 9NEWS viewers. The image was of a horse, standing chest deep in the rush of flood waters on a small farm in Weld County. It appeared as though it was tethered to a fence and unable to escape.

The horse, named Socks, is safe and uninjured.

9NEWS drove to Weld County, around many road blocks and road repairs and still-flooded streets, and found the property manager. He contacted the horse’s owner and the caretaker.

Socks is a 14-year-old male horse. He is described as gentle and calm and content in his new home, a corral and barn a few miles from the flooded farm.

The owner, caretaker, and the farm manager say they did their best on Friday to move Socks and the other horses and livestock out of the flood, but could not maneuver safely through the rushing waters. They walked the horses to dry land on Saturday.

They all insist that a closer look at the video shows that they never tied Socks to the fence. They moved all the livestock to the highest ground on the property, and Socks found his own way to that spot, and true to his personality, patiently remained there until humans were able to get him out of there the next day.

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  1. OMG!!! RT Thank you for updating on this horse….”Socks”.. I saw him on the news here in Colorado last Friday.

    I contacted Monika Courtney about this horse in the flooded waters for any contacts to help on his location.
    He did appear to be tied as we all thought. We both tried to find a number to the 7 news team to find out where he was located, but no luck. We left a message with one of the investigators for 7 news since
    they aired this with no other information.

    This prompted many of calls from people here in Colorado who like myself wanted this horse out of there and any others.
    I made other calls to people like Floss Blackburn who has a rescue
    in Northern Colorado.
    I contact Colorado Rescue Network being told they weren’t letting
    anyone in these waters and people were the priority that day by the
    Weld County Sheriff department.

    I saw many other horses and cattle in in flood ravaged waters,
    that aired on the news wondering how long before anyone
    could rescue them? It was a terrible to see this!

    There are other recent stories of people rescuing more horses,
    livestock, chickens, cats, dogs all in the same rescue, his name is
    James Hove registered through fleet of angels here in
    Colorado. He is a true HERO!

    We have people on horse back ponying up another horse bringing
    supplies to those in immediate need.

    Many Hero’s need to be recognized for their efforts to save
    these animals.

    I’ve lived here my whole life and have never seen anything like this flood.


  2. Thank You Robyn for your Update , I am so happy Socks is safe now and doing fine, and the other horses from that Farm are all safe also !!!!!!


    • Sad to hear the owner of Socks is getting hate mail.
      Well it was 7 news that aired this initially stating that the horse was tied.
      This started the outrage of a horse being tied in flood waters. I don’t agree, horses can find their way to safety. But in this case Socks realized he couldn’t
      go anywhere the waters were too deep and swift.


      • Dear Robyn, he is very smart !!! News people should make sure of what they are reporting !!!!! Those poor Owners have so ,much to worry about they didnt need untruths reported !!!!!


  3. So glad this is a happy story had seen the picture yesterday on FB and thought it was just another sad news from the floods. Then to learn now that Socks was actually trying to respond to a filly well that makes sense. What a fabulous boy! So glad all is well. ❤


    • To make matters worse through social media I learned Weld County Sheriff’s department had told owners to tie their horses??? Uh.. I would never tie
      my horses in swift flood waters…

      I heard not all cows were rescued according to James
      Hove. He couldn’t get to them.

      He is maxed out and said more property was needed for the others.
      I have my property on the list but is taking longer for updates on fleet of
      angels network.

      I called my contacts here in Elbert County, and Elizabeth Stampede rodeo find more property for the left over animals. We have the fairgrounds out here
      so there is no reason not to have enough places for them to go.

      Fleet of angels on FB has many people willing to help take them in.


  4. I’m relieved to hear the details about Socks, but had read on Facebook that he was safe last Sat. I find it pathetic, yet typical, that we humans are so quick to jump to the wrong conclusion and persecute folks before knowing the facts surrounding the situation. I really wish we would jump that quickly to their defense.
    On another note, that 9NEWS reporter deserves credit and accolades for putting forth the effort to get to the root of the story.


  5. I didn’t think he was tied when I saw this image but thought he was smart to be behind something that might be slowing the currant there and possible block debris from hitting him.


  6. Socks looks like he knew what he was doing. The fence corner was safe place for him to stand protected from trash and logs in the fast flowing water. I could tell he wasn’t tied, he just wanted a safe place. Good job, Socks. Derned smart indeed.


  7. I saw this poor horse, over and over, for several days on the flood news. I hope his hooves and lower legs get looked at carefully. And I thought he was tied. No offense. This is a not the live feed I saw.


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