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Charges of Obstructing a Grand Jury and the Alleged Dealing of Horse Slaughter Have Roots in Murfreesboro and Lebanon


“If convicted, Ayache faces up to 20 years in prison on each obstruction charge…”

Three Angel's Farm June Horse Slaughter Truck Wreck

Three Angel’s Farm June 2012 Horse Slaughter Truck Wreck

One Murfreesboro woman and a man from Lebanon will soon face charges in federal court after being indicted in recent days.

65-year old Dorian Ayache from Lebanon and 53-year old Theresa Vincent from Murfreesboro, were indicted by a federal grand jury on charges related to the violation of U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.  The indictment charges Ayache with nine counts of violating DOT regulations, one count of conspiring to defraud the United States, and two counts of obstructing a grand jury investigation.  Vincent was charged with conspiring to defraud the United States and with one count of perjury.

According to the indictment, Ayache was the owner and operator of Three Angels Farms, an interstate commercial motor carrier based in Lebanon and Vincent was the owner and alleged operator of Terri’s Farm, an interstate commercial motor carrier based in Murfreesboro.

In June 2012 DOT deemed that the operations of Three Angels Farms posed an imminent hazard to public safety and issued an order requiring Ayache to cease commercial motor vehicle operations.  DOT’s Order was based on Ayache’s unacceptable safety practices, including his failure to adequately maintain his commercial motor vehicles and his failure to ensure that drivers were qualified, and cited 2012 accidents on I-40 and I-24 in Tennessee that resulted in fatal injuries to horses being transported. It has been alleged that Three Angels Farms is a company that is in the business of selling horses for slaughter.

The original indictment alleges that, in violation of this order, Ayache continued his commercial motor carrier operations under the name and authority of Terri’s Farm, as well as under other names.  DOT later categorized Terri’s Farm as a mere continuation of Three Angels Farm.

The indictment also alleges that Ayache concealed and attempted to destroy emails with the intent to impair their availability for use in the grand jury investigation and that Vincent made false statements under oath to a grand jury regarding her communications with Dorian Ayache during the investigation.

If Conviction Occurs in The Above Case:

If convicted, Ayache faces up to 20 years in prison on each obstruction charge, up to 5 years in prison on the conspiracy charge, and up to 1 year in prison for each charge of violating DOT regulations.  Vincent faces up to 5 years in prison on both the conspiracy count and the perjury charges, if convicted.

The case was investigated by the United States Department of Transportation, Office of Inspector General.  The United States is represented by Assistant U.S. Attorney William F. Abely.

An indictment is merely an accusation and is not evidence of guilt.  All defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law.

Additional Information is Available in Online Blogs:

WGNS Found that a woman by the name of Mary Nash has researched the companies in question. In her pursuit to learn more about the businesses, she posted numerous documents online dealing with actions that may have played a role in the arrests that recently took place in both Lebanon and Murfreesboro.

The information posted by Mary Nash can be found on her website entitled “KaufmanZoning.Net.”

The link to her information is below:

Original Source:

The US Department of Justice released information on the above case:

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  1. Still think the rush to kill wild horses has something to do with Fracking and the leases available on BLM and public land. they are paying off the cattlemen for dead cows, but you know horse advocates could never be bought off if a whole watched herd drank poisoned water and fell over dead…


  2. Three Angels Farms? What a name for slaughter dealers and an example of their use of deception. How many people who don’t know any better wouldn’t think twice about selling their horse to “Three Angels Farms”? A more appropriate name would be Three Demons Farms.


  3. So sorry to hear several horses where killed in this tragic wreck…. The Wild Horses of America may soon be Extinct, Our government has decided to sell as many Wild Mustangs and Burros as they can …Did you know the government has over 50,000 Horses …50.000…Rounded up by running them to exhaustion and putting the horses into crowded corrals?? The Public IS NOT ALLOWED to visit these pens EVEN THOUGH OUR Taxes are paying the costs!! This eradication of Our Mustangs must stop! Soon our grandchildren may never see a true Wild West Horse except as a memory in a storybook…People seem to flock to the western parks and ranges during summer. Now while few visitors
    are around is Perfect for a Roundup, Our American Public Ranges are being leased to “Fracking” who need gallons of the horses precious water to extract the gas from the ground. One by One…and then there were none…


  4. I hope they make an example of Ayache and Vincent. And then continue on to look at the other horse slaughter haulers out there. Time for DOT to do their job. If not for the horses than for the sake of every person who travels the roads with them.


  5. The ridiculousness lays with the common person. If WE keep quacking, and don’t GO OUT THERE to protect the horses, our quacking will be for naught. Write your Congressional representative a HAND-WRITTEN LETTER…then, another and another and another. Send them requesting THEIR signature, so you know they received your plea. The populace must congregate in fracking areas, to STOP IT. Anybody know anyone with deep pockets, who would support our efforts?


  6. Let’s just find him a nice cell somewhere that he can call his own. It’ll be his new home. He won’t have to worry about cable tv, 3 meals a day or any bills. All his medical will be covered.

    As disgusting as it sounds that we should foot his bill better that then the hell he forces horses through.


  7. I have a question. I keep seeing folks asking others to write our legislators. That’s well and fine. But my Congressman and both my Senators have already signed.

    Is there something more I need to be doing?


    • Mine too, but you can go after Senate and House Committee heads and the leadership of the House and Senate to bring the bills to the floor for votes.

      When they say, “You are not one of my constituents”, tell them you are an American citizen that votes AND they are on committee and/or in leadership positions that affect ALL Americans and this Nation. If what their activity in Congress didn’t affect all Americans, they would be in their respective state houses; and they are not. Besides….many act on behalf of special interests (corporations, lobbyists) that are well outside the framework of their state’s business.


    • And Margaret, you can always ask your rep/Senators to push Boehner/Pelosi/Cantor and Reid/McConnell to brings the bills to the floor; votes or no votes.

      They need to pressure their leadership. They can ALWAYS do that.


  8. @Margaret You can keep educating yourself on what is happening and tell everyone who will listen what is going on. We need more people to care about the horses and put pressure on their lawmakers to put and end to the roundups and the slaughter. We need every voice we can get!


  9. As someone whose property runs parallel to where 3 angels farm truck broke down I am about a comment they may offend many horse lovers. I spoke with both vets this incident. Both continue to support horse slaughter. In fact one said.there is no humane way to slaughter horses yet he claims this is the only way to deal.with unwanted horses
    I have the greatest respect for vets but justvca


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