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UK Man Who Punched Police Horse Gets 12 Months Jail and Banned Six Years from Soccer Games

Source: By James Rush of the Daily Mail Online

“This story has been floating about the internet since sentencing last week and U.S. news agency’s have now, finally, picked it up.  We consider it to be a good read and would like to share one of the better articles with you, here, because:

  • It’s rare that any animal abuser is ever brought to justice
  • Horses very rarely, if ever, catch a break
  • Humans, as a rule, are about the stupidest of all creatures that roam this planet and this is further proof
  • Idiot men who cannot hold their booze should not be allowed to drink, vote or reproduce

Final score, HORSE 1 – IDIOT 0!!!

Keep the faith.” ~ R.T.


Thug punching horse

A football fan has been jailed for a year for punching a police horse in the face after a derby match.

Newcastle United fan Barry Rogerson, 45, has also been banned from football grounds for six years after he attacked the horse outside St James’ Park after the game between his team and Sunderland on April 14.

Rogerson, of Bedlington, Northumberland, pleaded guilty last month to a charge of violent disorder.

He was jailed for 12 months and handed a six year football banning order when he appeared for sentencing at Newcastle Crown Court today.

Sentencing Rogerson, His Honour Judge Paul Sloan QC said: ‘You attended the football match and by the time the match ended you were worse for wear from drinking while taking your medication.

‘You were clapping your hands at the police horse, remaining there despite repeated requests to move.

‘When the crowd surged forward on two separate occasions you were clapping your hands in pleasure or excitement at the events.

‘You started clapping into the horses face. The police horse then started moving towards you, you were told to move back by the officer.

‘You had plenty opportunity to move away but punched the horse in the head.

‘There was a risk of serious injury from what you did. That officer could have been thrown from the horse causing serious injury.

‘On this particular occasion you drank far more than you should have. You are in a stable relationship and have a young son aged 11. Your position is aggravated by your consumption of alcohol.’

Robert Adams, mitigating for Rogerson, told the court: ‘Mr Rogerson was a man of good character.

‘He is 45-years-of-age and he, perhaps more than any other, has had the humiliation of almost constant press coverage about his involvement.

‘He is extremely embarrassed and ashamed of what happened. It has been difficult for him but also for his family and friends.

‘He has a very good work record of 22 years, it is only illness that stops him from working. He has never bothered the police before in any way and he has never appeared in any court.

‘He lives on disability allowance and his wife is in employment.

‘He is therefore a man of difficulties. He is not somebody who has ever supported or encouraged this type of behaviour.

‘There is no question he had a particularly large amount to drink on this day.

‘He had gone to watch the match, he was with a group of friends. Most of them were completely unaware what took place until afterwards.

‘He was not involved in any trouble before the start of the match. He appears afterwards to have taken up a position at an early stage.

‘When there was a line of Newcastle supporters facing the police he was joining in with the jeering that was taking part at that stage. Sadly for him he maintained his position during the two sieges.

‘He did not punch any human, officer or Sunderland supporter in any way. No missiles or other weapon was thrown by the defendant.

‘He has no previous convictions of any sort. It is not the case that he was involved in other acts of violence around the city centre.

‘His wife has told him he is not going to another football match ever.’

He added: ‘Mr Rogerson has acted completely out of character while under the influence of drink.’

Rogerson was one of seven men being dealt with by Newcastle Crown Court today having pleaded guilty to violent disorder. All were jailed.

After the hearing Chief Superintendent Gary Calvert, Newcastle Area Commander, said: ‘The images of Rogerson’s behaviour were seen right across the country and further afield through the media and internet coverage of the disorder.

‘His behaviour is clearly unacceptable and he was widely condemned by law abiding and right thinking members of the public for his actions.

‘I’m keen to stress that this shouldn’t be the lasting impression people have of the city of Newcastle and its football supporters.

‘The derby is attended by more than 50,000 fans, including families and children, and on that day Rogerson was in the minority of people involved in disorder in Newcastle city centre after the match.

‘This is absolutely not reflective of the behaviour of true football supporters and those who live in, work in and visit Newcastle.

‘I welcome the sentences passed today to offenders for their part in the disorder. In particular, with the next derby just days away, I’m keen to stress that this demonstrates tough action will be taken against anyone involved in such behaviour.

‘As well as a potential prison sentence, banning orders mean they will be kept away from future football matches, making them a safer environment for the real supporters who want nothing more than to enjoy the game.

‘It must be noted there have been 90 people charged in connection with the disorder following the match and the majority of these are still progressing through the court system.’

The other defendants sentenced in court today after pleading guilty to violent disorder were: Alan Graham, 21, of Benwell – 18 months imprisonment; Michael Barker, 24, of Prudhoe – 18 months; Thomas Simpson, 22, of Prudhoe – 16 months; John Guthrie, 22, of New Hartley, Blyth – 16 months; Sam Miller, 19, of Harton, South Shields – 16 months plus two months for breaching a suspended prison sentence; and Robert Taylor, 18, of Elswick, Newcastle – 20 months in a young offender institution.

All those sentenced were given six-year football banning orders.

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  1. Clearly this individual needs to not drink as he seems to have turned into a different person under the influence.

    Seems it would be beneficial for this person to work out his sentence doing something useful for the equine police force – turning a negative into a positive, not only for this individual, but for the horses and for alcohol awareness.


  2. In the UK, the RSPCA are taking Animal Abusers to court on a regular basis. Bud, police horse, is now back on active duty bless him. If only the horse had been wearing armoury, ( I wish ). Then perhaps the thug, would have thought twice about punching the horse. Just imagine if Bud had reared up and thrown his rider, and then charged into the crowd. Imagine the carnage. Police horses and their Riders are highly trained, and Bud was impeccably brave and kept his head. I think it would have to take more than a punch, to take this courageous horse down. War Horse you bet.


  3. Braveheart’s spirit lives on and he will never be forgotten. Those involved will never be forgiven for this henious crime, against an offspring of Mother Nature. No living being deserves to die like he did. In Remembrance Braveheart, … remembrance.


    • There are no words for what that asshat did. Not then and not now. It was unforgivable. He planned it. He meant to hurt Braveheart. Too bad asshats like this can’t be charged with First Degree Stupidity and fired.


  4. Of he’s such a good man, maybe tree 12 month sentence will encourage him not to punch a member of the police force in the face again (the horse). Serves him right.


  5. Don’t know in England but in this country a police horse IS an officer. So punching the horse–he was striking a police officer.

    The guy was lucky the horse didn’t turn tail and kicked him into the following week.

    As a total aside–has anyone seen the Dodge commercial that berates the horse? The guy badmouthed the horse who just stood there quietly. My first reaction to seeing this was to think the guy was lucky the horse didn’t understand human cause I’m sure the horse wouldda kicked him too.


  6. I just noticed he was the oldest of them all. And he was given the lightest sentence. Maybe its because he had never been in trouble before. I sure hope he learns something from all of this.

    To all of them–don’t be REALLY stupid when you get out and violate your ban on football. You’re banned for a reason. Take this and learn from it.


  7. With another cosponsor for H.R.1094 that brings the number to 157. But it won’t do much good without the Senate.


  8. We are so over due with the BLM management. They must be punished for the deaths of so many horses like Braveheart and others. We must hold them accountable, yes. I am so sick of the abuse. Other countries are noticing abuse. America must not allow it either, Stupid man for punching a horse in the nose. Really stupid.


  9. Stupid man, stupid pays the price for abuse, done deal. BLM should also pay the price of senseless deaths of our wild horses. Enough said before I go on my verbal rampage.


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