Month: November 2013

The Horse Who Picked Up A Paintbrush

By Frank Deford as published at “a vet told them that Metro Meteor’s condition was terminal…” This is a Thanksgiving story about a horse. Actually, a horse artist. I don’t mean an artist who paints horses, like Degas or Remington, but a horse who paints — and […]

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Equine Whispers in the Night

“Feel Good Sunday” takes on a special flavor for me, today, because I am home with family and friends after yet another month of globetrotting half way across the world in an effort to provide for those who I leave behind when I travel. And as luck would have it I will be able to share Thanksgiving at our southeast Texas ranch with our equine family as well; for this I am doubly thankful as my spirit needs to be recharged in the manner that only close contact with our equine children can accomplish.

So in preparation to set my mind right and to seek out an appropriate story to share I spent some quality, private time in the barn with the boys, this morning, so that my head would be re-calibrated; and as I listened to the soft munching of hay and gentle nickers swirling around me it became clear that I should share a story I had written several years ago, of just such a moment, a point in time that is easy to re-create and to draw upon when living with horses. With that realization I will set my jet lagged mind free and share with you a story of a like experience pulled from the pages of our book, Straight from the Horses Heart, and go back out to enjoy the company of the characters of said book minus/plus one. Enjoy and keep the faith, may the Force of the Horse® be with you.” ~ R.T.

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Brave or Brutal? Arrogant or Ignorant? Princess Anne Calls for More Debate on Horse Slaughter’s Role in Welfare of All Horses

A few weeks ago, she was the darling of The Jurga Report. Readers and Facebook friends were touched by Great Britain’s Princess Anne’s recent decision to source her new riding horse from the collection of adoptables housed at a rehoming center run by World Horse Welfare.

She was the royal face for Doing What’s Right in the horse world. This week, many think she’s turned her back on welfare ethics with a call to debate the place of horse slaughter in the bigger picture of neglected and unwanted horses.

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