Equine Rescue

Good News: MO Firefighters Rescue Horses From Ice

“Nothing better on ‘Feel Good Sunday’ than to see and hear about humans helping horses and that is just what this story is all about.  Last Thursday a Missouri fire department put themselves in harm’s way to save two horses who had fallen into a private lake.  Be sure to visit the links beneath the slideshow an enjoy.  Keep the faith.” ~ R.T.

Click (HERE) to read the complete story in the Warren County Record

Click (HERE) to visit the Warrenton Fire Dept Facebook Page

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  1. What a great job those guys did!!. I think that it was pretty cool that the specialized suits they used is called “Mustang” gear. The only way they could safely perform this rescue. Hats off to all our first responders!!!


  2. Love this…..Such Brave Firefighters and Brave Horses too!!
    One of my cousins is a Captain at Mississauga Fire Dept. here in Ontario, Canada
    Terrible ice storm this weekend, many with no hydro & downed trees everywhere.


  3. God bless you for doing this to help these animals get out of the ice old water, we love you and this Christmas is special for all of us because of you 2 . Happy New Year.


  4. Brave and loving men. That was a very dangerous rescue. Those horses amaze me. In spite of their very dangerous situation they were pretty calm. That white horse would not have made it much longer, I fear.


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