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Stolen Horse Found Thanks to Facebook

Source: by of Fox 8 – Cleveland

“People networked him all around…”

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HAMBDEN TOWNSHIP, Ohio– A Geauga County woman turned to Facebook hoping friends could help find her beloved horse and found the social networking site led her right to the missing companion.

Jen Stevenson is so happy Peanut, one of her favorite horses, is back. The brown and white paint horse had been missing for two months after someone stole him from his barn in Hamden Township. “I owned his father and when his father died I bought him because he looks like his dad. So, he has a lot of sentimental value,” Stevenson said.

Frantic to find Peanut and fearing the worse, Stevenson turned to Facebook to try to get everyone she knows to look for him. “People networked him all around. I had people looking for him at different sale barns. I even notified meat buyer. He took pictures; he was looking for him. Everybody was looking for him. He didn’t turn up anywhere.”

Stevenson said she searched Facebook herself and found the barn Peanut was in. “If you’re going to do something you shouldn’t do, you should keep your profile private,” she said.

With the help of Geauga County Sheriff’s deputies, Peanut was rescued from that barn.  “I had a strong feeling that he was local and it was somebody who knew me, knew him and had been in my barn. And I was right,” Stevenson added.

There was no mistaking that Peanut is her horse because of his distinct markings. But, the person who took Peanut tried to change his appearance by branding initials on his neck. The initials are a “D” and a backwards “R”.

Stevenson said that offended her. “That’s probably just as bad as him getting stolen. The thought that I have to look at her initials on my horse; that doesn’t make me very happy,” she said…(CONTINUED)

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  1. This is a great ending for a tragic event. I worry though the number of horses in the corral pictured…was that taken at the offenders place? If so are they investigating the ownership of those other horses?
    This horse looks so much like my Takoda. Together we are embarking on a mission of raising the awareness of the general public that there are rescues available that need funding and that our animal cruelty laws are entirely to lax.
    With Congress’ failure thus far to pass the S.A.F.E. Act this kind of thievery will increase…not that this case involves the horse being sold to slaughter but that option still being on the table the temptation to earn a few hundred dollars from a kill buyer is entirely to real in this economy.


  2. Glad to hear Peanut was found.
    Facebook is a great social media connection..
    Sounds like Ohio needs to update large animal rights.
    These people need to be jailed and to brand a horse they stole? UNBELIEVABLE!!


  3. A very happy ending to the story – great!
    I hope her local law-enforcement officials will get hundreds of phone calls and emails requesting they prosecute the horse thief to the fullest extent of the law.


  4. What do they do to horse nipper’s to day ? I like you would of been so up set if some one took my horse and I think I would of gotten in to trouble over it . Stealing some things, but a living breathing animal, and out of the barn????? n So Happy for you and the animal.


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