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Hearing Officer Recommends New Mexico Deny Horse Slaughter Plant’s Waste Water Discharge Permit

Update from Front Range Equine Rescue

Valley Meat: History of willful disregard for environmental laws and regulations!

Rick De Los Santos, owner of Valley Meat Co. in Roswell, stands in the slaughterhouse where he plans to butcher horses for the foreign meat market. (PAT VASQUEZ-CUNNINGHAM/JOURNAL)

Rick De Los Santos, owner of Valley Meat Co. in Roswell, stands in the slaughterhouse where he plans to butcher horses for the foreign meat market. (PAT VASQUEZ-CUNNINGHAM/JOURNAL)

As a result of Front Range Equine Rescue’s continuous efforts to stop horse slaughter, a neutral hearing officer just recommended that the Secretary of the New Mexico Environment Department deny Valley Meat’s application for a wastewater discharge permit. Based on evidence assembled and arguments made in Front Range’s post-hearing brief, the hearing officer found that Valley Meat displayed a history of “willful disregard” for New Mexico’s environmental laws.

We are pleased with this recommendation; however, it is not a final decision.

Click (HERE) to download Hearing Officer’s Report

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  1. Oops; be careful, Mr. Hearing Officer. Mr. De Los Santos might get his feelings hurt and have his lawyer sue you for alienation of affection…


    • Awwww. Hilarious! Hey – we’re all gonna get sued ’cause we say such mean things about poor Mr. De Los Santos. And I say: BRING IT!


      • Both of you are quite right. It sure seems that Attorney Dunn is suing everyone for everything. I hope it means he’s getting frantic for money and that he’s finally seeing the writing on the wall. Now to stay clear of both these gents…


  2. Yet in Tn Trail South Meats is set to open. The HSUS has done nothing to expose the owner and his horse business. Please someone explain why?


    Posted: March 14, 2013

    Four New Slaughterhouses Set to Open
    LARKSPUR, COLORADO – Front Range Equine Rescue (FRER) has received copies of four previously undiscovered applications for new horse slaughter plants – in Tennessee, Missouri, Oklahoma and Iowa – bringing the number of pending applications to six.

    FRER is dedicated to stopping the reinstitution of horse slaughter, and eighty percent of the American public agrees that horse slaughter should be banned. According to FRER’s President Hilary Wood, “FRER will carry out its public campaigns and legal work for as long as it takes to eliminate the possibility of horse slaughter in America. We will investigate each and every new facility, and will come to the aid of horse-loving citizens in towns like
    Gallatin, Missouri (Rains Natural Meats),
    Woodbury, Tennessee (Trail South Meat Processing),
    Oklahoma (Oklahoma Meat Co.), and
    Sigourney, Iowa (Responsible Transportation), where these misguided attempts to kill American horses have been made.”

    Media Contacts:
    Hilary Wood/FRER, 719-481-1490


    • Louie, great to post but you about gave me heart failure until I noticed this was from last March. MO is supposedly out as of this week, not sure what’s up in TN or the other states. Have anything more current?


  4. I read through the paperwork too and nobody with good sense would give a permit to this nut case De Los Santos. This guy spent 10 years breaking state laws and ignoring the states complaints. I never seen so many complaints against one business. If he was actually given a permit he might follow the law for awhile but when he found out that horses have twice the blood that cows have he would go right back to breaking the law again. I believe after reviewing all of the complaints this state environmental office can see for themselves this guy has no intention of following the law he never has before so why should he now.


  5. After the initial Blood runs cold and chills up my spine, and the rush of adrenalin, and the nausea,and a loss of thought process other then Horror, darn I always get caught right in front of that disgusting Photo, At least it was attached to some potentially awesome news ~~!!!!


    • Michelle, from the EWA article posted elsewhere on this site comes this info:

      Missouri, one of the four states where horse slaughter plants were planned, is no longer on the list. On January 4,2014, the Rains Natural Meats company quietly filed a motion to dismiss their appeal with the Missouri Environmental Department, which had issued the company a discharge permit that excluded equines. This leaves only Valley Meats in New Mexico still fighting to open a plant.


  6. Once again Dunne is at it with a change in the details of what they are doing. I have read 16 news articles all of which actually Quote Dunne regarding this issue, not to mention more than 30 articles on the Suit against the AG….Dunne says they will use Canada horses shipped back to the New Mexico plant that are “drug-free” and now the latest article bidding for public sympathies they are buying from auctions and from local sellers. So which is it? That allow should rule it out completely. The comes the article in which I read the TOP Veterinarian for Canada was quoted word for word, “The sellers bring us the horses verifying they have been given NO drugs in the past 180 days, it’s kind of Like on the honour system, you know????” Really, this is Very seriously over the top. We will rely on the honour system, you know. Tell the AG he needs to play the video of the killer buyers stating they forge the documents that’s on YOU TUBE for the court. And take the reports regarding the negligence of drugs not being tested or tested correctly in Canada. This is the MOST ridiculous industry I have EVER seen. They literally make it up as they go each day! The fact is that there is NO guarantee that these animals would be safe to consume and I am still concerned they are covering up more information from the public involving the food fraud internationally. You and I both know there is more to that event than being outed. The AG needs to stop this! Every documented paper quote by Dunne is in print and the story changes so fast from day to day-its like a whirlwind of confusion. First its all political and then in the next article we have ta-da they will appeal to the politicians. What is it that makes them the only ones who have the Right in this? I am watching it fall apart article by article yet I hold my breathe. The Dubious is still out there.


    • I think AG King is all over this. At least he sure acts like he is. And I’m not sure how VM thinks they can transport horses back into this country. That seems very far fetched.


  7. I just say don’t eat meat at all as you do not no the history or is the meat you eating part horse, cow, goat…ect..maybe even dog or cat…makes you sick for sure the thought. Glad I do not eat meat. Lets make it really the Year of The Horse..they so deserve it.


  8. This is the link to BLM long-term holding facilities in all of the states. There are several in Oklahoma and one (that we know of) in Mississippi (which is right next door to Tennessee).


    Click to access Facility%20Reports%2010-10%20-%201-13.pdf

    *These facilities keep track of the number of animals not the number of contracts.
    Some facilities are two contracts; others are two facilities on one contract


    • So there have been 49,000 horses for about 2 years. Strange that the numbers don’t fluctuate – I mean, we KNOW there are horses going out of these facilities for one purpose or another over the years. Regardless of what the BLM says, there cant be 20,000 left free. Sad that so many of them probably have been there their whole lives. And scary that there are many over 10!


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