Horse Slaughter Attorney Taunts President Obama

Sources: Multiple – this rendition from (less headlines) The Kansas City Star

Barrister for Failed Horse Slaughterhouse Issues Anti-Obama Rhetoric

Could become a friend of the horses?

Could become a friend of the horses?

SANTA FE, N.M. — Animal protection advocates applauded President Barack Obama on Tuesday for proposing to continue a federal funding ban that’s blocking the resumption of commercial horse slaughter in the U.S.

The president and Congress agreed earlier this year to withhold money through September for Agriculture Department inspections necessary for slaughterhouses to process horse meat for human consumption.

The president’s budget calls for the funding prohibition to remain in place through the end of the next budget year in September 2015.

“Wasting tax dollars on the cruelty of horse slaughter makes no sense, and we urge Congress to once again adopt this provision,” said Nancy Perry, a senior vice president of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The ban on inspection funding derailed a New Mexico company’s plan to slaughter horses to export the meat to overseas consumers.

Blair Dunn, a lawyer for Valley Meat in Roswell and Rains Natural Meats in Missouri, said the “president’s budget is not law and certainly not the end of the story.”

“Amid the other problems with the president’s budget and the midterm elections it is unwise to assume that this provision will remain in the budget in its final form,” Dunn said in a statement.

After Congress initially eliminated inspection funding, the last U.S. horse slaughterhouses closed in 2007. Plants in New Mexico, Missouri and Iowa unsuccessfully sought to resume horse slaughtering when federal money was restored in 2011.

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35 comments on “Horse Slaughter Attorney Taunts President Obama

    • I Think We Owe President Obama A Great Big Thanks. I Believe That Somebody Isn’t Giving Him All The Information That We Sent Him. Funny, It Took A Little While But Once His VP Got Hold Of It, Obama Was On Board. You Know Or Should Know About Security…..


    • Somebody Is Whispering Sweet Nothings In That Dummies Ear About Some Dirty Politics…Maybe Oklahoma? Or good Ole Conrad Burns? Or Even The Belgian? A Any Rate, We Better Watch Closely.


  1. Tears of a clown…..President Obama responded to my five year old sons simple request to stop horse slaughter yesterday in a very nice email from the White House. My sons original letter asking that horses no longer be killed was sent in Jan 2013. He sent another,mind you hr Asked me to write the President, so children are impacted by what little they know and understand, the Defunding for 2015, was welcome news. When I asked my sons opinion of the President he yelled hes A OK! When I asked his opinion of Dunne he pressed his lips together and made fart noises, so I insisted and his answer was a Bleep, we cant admit a kid learned that word….i have to watch my language in front of him more. But I second my sons opinion. ..phhhft! Bleep! To Dunne!


  2. That is some good news. Attorney Dunn won’t go away he is just making a living in hard times. It would be a miracle if the President went to the holding pens of the wild horses unannounced just to take a look at what is really happening to Americas’ Wild Horses. If President Obama would witness the helicopers roundups without anyone knowing that he was there. After that many of the BLM’s employees would be out of a job. If the BLM knew the President was around they would just put on a show for him.


    • What about getting Joe Biden to tour the LTH facilities? He was on board in the defunding (as reported here) and by some accounts is considering running for President on the next round. Could be a good time to get his boots on the ground.


    • I agree Patty and first place he should visit is Palomino Valley Center in Reno…UNANNOUNCED….having that Grivalja jerk and that actress jerk was just a publicity ploy….by the way nothing yet on the Shade STRUCTURES…the excuse it got “too late in the season”, “the weather” changed…they plan to resume in spring….lets hope this website and others get on the bandwagon NOW to get something done BEFORE the heat of the summer comes…


      • forgot to say also a POLITICAL ploy and the more you dig the manure the more you find out MOST of what is going on with our wild horses is just that…POLITICAL…and they will do and say anything to get your vote…and their manure is stinky


      • Really, thinking about what I just said…..ponder this….hes living pretty damn good for a man with No open slaughterplant, with no hopeof opening hes making a better living without the plant than with it.


    • Mexican drug cartels are a more likely source of funding for all the legal battles Dunn is attempting. After all, they have to have some place to dump all their used-up racing Quarter Horses.


      • Diana:

        Mexico doesn’t need US slaughter. It’s a free-for-all down there and they have plenty of slaughter available….including humans.


  3. “It is unwise to assume that this provision will remain in the budget in its final form,” Dunn said in a statement.”

    Well, yeah – we’ve been down that road and are fully aware pro-slaughter ghouls break covenant with the public by using every dirty backroom trick in the books. So don’t worry, Mr DUnn, and thanks for the warning.


  4. Do none of you realize that Obama opened the door to new horse slaughter houses. A politician as he always is, now he is all decked out because of the hate mail and horror stories which the man should have looked at in the beginning instead of wasting tax payers money to fight it back down after he opened the door to it to begin with. He is NOT A-OK he is a man who acts without thought causing more problems to spend more money on.


      • Nah. I heard a post almost identical last night on fb. It comes from the theory that we shut slaughter down in this country but apparently our wild horses are moving across the border (I believe the author was referring to Tom Davis/BLM selling the 1700 horses to slaughter). The article mentioned something about this activist (vs advocate)investigating something or other.


  5. Mr Dunn needs a lesson in Congressional procedure and basic civics.He apparently doesn’t understand Federal law, the budgeting process, USDA, etc. I hope he bleeds his clients dry. Mr Dunn IS NOT the mastermind after all.

    He is not the first dirt bag attorney and he won’t be the last.


    • Chris1055:

      Maybe, if the equines are lucky…he or his firm has a facebook page or twitter account. If so, all advocates begin the fun.


  6. So President Obama is very aware of US horses being sent out of the US for slaughter and so is the VP. Obama and his VP must have been discussing this because of the defunding being extended until 2015. I hope Obama will use that pen and phone of his to sign a executive order banning US horses being slaughtered outside and inside the US.


  7. Attorney Dunn has to keep hammering away at this because his lost income counts on it. He keeps tossing things out waiting and hoping for something to stick so he can make strides back into court to be heard again.

    One interesting thing to note–Jeri Clausing who use to quote Dunn ad nauseum has yet to be heard from since the Omnibus bill passed…


  8. I keep hearing from widely varied sources that the Mexican drug cartel is hugely, but silently, involved in this. The first time I heard an inkling was when a non-horse-community friend told me her sister had just been let go from her job in Atlanta, where she was working for someone whose brother owned several racing Quarter Horses in Oklahoma. Evidently she started putting pieces together and got suspicious, but she posed her questions to the wrong person. They fired her instantly, but she knew why.
    I’m almost afraid to ask Mr Google, but I’d sure like to know more.


  9. Lets not throw our hats in the air and holler “woopie” just yet! How long is the ban going to continue? Remember, this is what Obama wanted! “Horse slaughter will provide more jobs.” He’s just figuring out that Americans are NOT going to give up this battle. And he’s sick of getting black eyes! NOW IS WHEN WE SHOULD ALL BE SCREAMING. HIT WHILE THE IRON IS HOT AND THEY’RE RETHINKING THEIR STANCE.


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