Wild Horses Expected to Explode from near 20,000 to 69,000 in only One Year

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ president/co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

The Magic of Federally Perpetrated Propaganda and Blatant Lies

BLM mouthpiece predicts that sex crazed wild horses to triple in number within 12 months

BLM mouthpiece predicts that sex crazed wild horses to triple in number within 12 months

There was a time, not long ago, when the Department of Interior’s (DoI) Bureau of Land Management (BLM) would slip in a few false numbers and bad mathematical equations when publicly discussing the last remaining wild horses and burros on western public lands.  But now the federal propaganda machine has turned up the volume and enlisted the help of their bed-fellows, cattlemen, to such an extent that anyone with an education beyond that of the third grade can tell that they are out and out lying.

For the last several years the enemies of America’s national icons have loosely stated that there are between 30,000 to 40,000 wild equines roaming upon their rightful land on 10 western states.  (These numbers have never been verified but all leading indicators point to more like 20,000ish are still free.)  And the number held unnaturally imprisoned has always hovered around 50,000 give or take a couple of thou.  All of this bad math has remained constant while the renegade agency has consistently ripped an average of 12,000 wild ones a year from their federally protected homes.  “Duhhhhh, do the math, boys!”

AND if left on their own the wild ones will double in herd size every four years; WHAT?

You do know that they are stoking the fires behind the scenes to actually kill our wild horses, on sight, and sell the prisoners of their concentration camps to slaughter, don’t you?  That is why they have hand picked an advisory board that is made up of 50%+ openly pro-slaughter mouth pieces with the bulk of the remaining members being pro-cattle and hunting special interest representatives.

We, Wild Horse Freedom Federation, exposed in a FOIAed internal BLM document that high ranking BLM officials have and currently are discussing killing wild horses on the range; well now they have their special interest buddies doing the same in public media.

One Thomas Mitchell wrote an editorial in the Ely Daily news that the wild, or in his uneducated opinion (feral), horse population is going to explode, overnight, to 69,000 (where the heck did that number come from) and that killing them is a viable option.  In what galaxy does that make sense?

He referenced our exposed document, without naming us of course, and included that the AP had said paperwork, yes…from us, but then rambles on about the deadly sage grouse and all of the damage herds of crazed wild equines will wreck upon his much coveted and loved Nevada.  Give me a break.

The only common ground that we share with this BLM puppet is that contraception can be a viable option of on range management IF and only IF it is done correctly and used only where needed…on viable herds, not the decimated majority of herds that the BLM has run into ruin by attacking them with helicopters at about every opportunity or when the mood so moves them.

Let’s get this right, folks; you know that the BLM is lying when their lips are moving.  Not only do they fudge the numbers but also it has been verified by the National Academy of Sciences that was hired BY the BLM to look at their broken Wild Horse and Burro program.  Did they, the BLM, pay heed to what the NAS said in their report and get their act together, hell no.  They just plod on under the direction of their semi-covert buddies and plot to wipe our wild equines off from the face of the planet.

Public beware; there is a Wild Horse and Burro apocalypse coming and it is closer than you may imagine.  The BLM has been creating a false emergency of loading up all of their short and long term holding facilities so that they can look to their big brother government and shrug their shoulders and say, “Day gots ta go!”, and the killing shall begin.

We need to ensure that our natural, four legged resource is protected for years to come and to do that we must expose the BLM for being the corrupt and mismanaged that the agency really is.

The evidence is there, in black and white, all we need to do is spread the news and shine the light…it really is just that easy.

The BLM cannot be left to their own corrupt devices and be allowed to manage our wild equines into extinction.  That cannot happen, it must not happen and we, meaning you and me (us), are the only hope that the horses have for salvation.

Let us not let them down!!!

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28 comments on “Wild Horses Expected to Explode from near 20,000 to 69,000 in only One Year

  1. Let’s see, triple the size of the herd in one year, that would be each member having three foals, in a year, including stallions, right? Who is going to tell that to the stallions?

    Or maybe, each mare having 3 foals in a year, which means triplets or a foal every 4 months? Who is going to tell that to the mares?


  2. According to Alan Day who wrote “The Horse Lover, A Cowboys Quest to Save the Wild Mustangs” the management of the wild horses must be taken from the BLM. Any ideas on how to do that, and under who or what jurisdiction would WH&B be better served ?


  3. 69,000???
    Reporting the truth is an important goal for professional journalists whose reputation depends on it. With that being said, I guess this article by Thomas Mitchell says a lot about his reputation as a “professonal journalist”. Ugh!


  4. It’s hard to imagine how the BLM can “predict” a population when they don’t even have accurate baseline population counts, nor do they publish any standard population data trends herd by herd–as professional wildlife managers must for other species.
    Using the known models of other ungulate wildlife management would go a long way to daylighting whether or if there is a population problem at all, as it is the public is left in the dark, the officials make their decisions out of the public eye, and in the end we all lose.
    Comparing horse and burro populations to other species might be a way to get this situation more traction with the public. Dueling numbers gets most of us dizzy, but I find this comparison useful.
    Just ONE state, Colorado, has approx. 300,000 elk. By most accounts there are approx. 30,000 wild horses and burros left in the wild, OVER TEN STATES.
    TEN TIMES as many elk in one state as all the wild horses left in the wild puts the “problem” into sharp perspective for me. It may be that allowing a hunting season on wild horses would bring them fairer management than the demonizing that is killing them off now. I personally would find this objectionable for many reasons, but it is one avenue which would ensure their survival long-term. The “management” we have now seems to be ensuring the opposite result.



    • Good points Icy! They have been pulling numbers that fit their agenda of destruction out of their cowboy hats (wearing one of those seems to be about the only prerequisite for being qualified as a BLM equine specialist) for years and claiming them to be accurate. They refuse to allow access for independent, thorough scientific studies of populations and range conditions because they know full well their lies and corruption would be exposed. Your comparison of elk populations in just one state to the entire estimated wild horse numbers in ten states is striking and should be enlightening for people who don’t know. While I too would strenuously object to any kind of “hunting season” the reasoning behind your point is well taken. Too many wild ones are already being found shot by stupid fools, apparently just for the thrill of killing something big, and the perpetrators are seldom tracked down.


  5. Apparently the BLM and cohorts believe the intelligence quotient of the American public is plunging down to near zero right along with that of their own management. Such a prognostication of increase is preposterous on the face of it and utterly ridiculous when one stops to analyze the breeding and birth ratio necessary to accomplish it. Perhaps if they really are “rats with hooves” as some high ranking BLM fool described them several years ago they might be able to increase their population so incredibly, but they are not. The BLM plus some other federal and state agencies have been blatantly lying to the public for decades about their so-called equine management programs that in reality have practically (and inhumanely) decimated viable breeding populations in every area where the wild horses used to roam with relative freedom as congress decreed by law they should be allowed to back in 1971. The Dept of Interior, Agriculture, then subsequently the BLM, were charged under that law with the protection and preservation of OUR wild horses and burros. Not only have they failed miserably, they have done so purposely and with malice aforethought in order to further the interests of the likes of Ken Salazar and cronies who coveted those range lands for their own use. It isn’t only some ranchers, there are huge mining interests that also want the land and corrupt bureaucrats are very susceptible to the influence of big money. The horses have been defenseless, unknowing victims of the greed and ignorance of men and women who couldn’t care less what the law says if it hinders what they want to do. The American people of spoken loud and clear many times over the years in favor of protecting and preserving these icons of freedom only to be almost completely ignored by the fat cat bureaucrats pursuing their own nefarious agendas with apparent impunity. There are many pro-horse organizations listed down the right side of this site and surely most of their members are passionate about what is being done to our wild equine herds but successfully fighting entrenched, corrupt, out-of-control bureaucracies is akin to repeatedly slamming one’s head into a brick wall. Phone calls, letters, emails, faxes, and attendees at public meetings run by them, etc., are ignored and denigrated as unimportant. No one in congress or this administration with the clout to make changes seems willing to take up the banner, not with so many other distractions going on. So what will it take to finally force them to stop ignoring us and do the right thing for the wild herds before it is entirely too late if it isn’t already? There is no easy, one size fits all answer but we can never stop trying.


  6. A bit off topic, but it shows the difference in geography and the difference in thinking.


    Connecticut Governor Files Legislation to Counter Impact of “Horses Are Vicious” Court Decision
    February 14, 2014

    Connecticut Governor Daniel P. Malloy announced on Tuesday that he has introduced legislation designed to protect horse owners and the state’s associated agriculture industry by clarifying into law that domesticated horses are not wild animals and as such as are not “inherently dangerous.”

    The proposal, currently being considered by the General Assembly’s Environment Committee, stems from a 2012 Appellate Court decision, which found as a practical matter that all horses are wild. That ruling, currently being appealed to the state

    Supreme Court, could negatively impact thousands of horse owners and associated farmers in Connecticut.

    Significantly higher insurance premiums or even the possibility of becoming uninsurable are possible consequences of the court decision.


  7. OK..I went to college and studied agriculture for two-half years….never had training in horse nutrition for slaughter and certainly NEVER was taught the reproductive rates BLM submits to Congress as truth, even in domestic situations that DOI/USDA and even states are allowed to present to Congress as substantiation for funding.

    It’s a FACT…equines, wildlife equines much more, DO NOT REPRODUCE AT THESE NUMBERS. Now I understand why BLM peddles this B$HIT…but why do legislators eat this B$HIT???????

    It defies animal husbandry ACCEPTED standards!

    Why do the courts allow the B$ with census B$???? Why do agricultural academicians allow this B$??????

    They must be Creationists. Every day is a miracle on the western plains.


  8. with all that I have just read and from what I know to be true about horses, is there no law suit that we can bring as a class action suit against the BLM. They have blatantly lied and broken the laws already in place. I don’t care about their interpretation of said laws. I respect the replies written and cannot even begin to add anything to the conversation. But is there nothing that we can do other than watch and wait for the end of our wild horses and burros? What can we do. They don’t play by the rules. Why should we have to be nice and play by their rules? We’ve been too nice,too civilized for too long…..


    • Teri, I have asked this as well. Since ostensibly these horses belong to the American public, and those who manage them are not elected by us but appointed, and are in fact mismanaging them in deadly fashion, and their policies and practices have been disproved by the very independent science report they themselves initiated, it seems there should be a legal avenue for the public to throw the rascals out before its too late. At a minimum getting fair representation within the BLM would be a good start as long as it wasn’t just a token voice.

      Any lawyers out there know if there is any way for the public to declare a declaration of independence from the BLM/USFS?


  9. This is off the subject matter too but I was sent this information from canadianhorse
    This comes from a Swiss animal advocacy organization in a English version. This is what they are showing in Europe. Pointing out the number of US horses going to slaughter in Canada/Mexico and the other South American countries, also pointing out the drugs given to horses here and in the other countries. I am sending the URL to the two Senators and the Rep from my district in Washington state. If the importation of Canadian horse meat via the US could be slowed down in the EU countries that eat it it may push these crooked politicians in the Senate to pass the SAFE ACT. Its worth a try. This video is different from the others I saw last year from the EU countries.


  10. The person who had not respect for our laws is President Clinton. He knew FWS,TNC, and the IUCN had seen to it that the 1992 UN CBD had an alien species provision to prevent, control, or eradicate alien species where found in states where they did not originate. When the CBD was notmratified in the Senate, the IUCN and President Clinton got the Horse’s listed as an alien, invasive animal plant pest species. In the 397 page report by them OTA F-565, the authors fail to provide any source for their contention that the horse is not native to the U.S. The snake oil salesman who came up with this never had a single source—reliable & valid or totally fake. He simply didn’t bother to document his claims of non-native origins of the horse. Vice President Gore provided him with a job the same year that the CBD was enmeshed within the 1997 Updatemof the IPPC. Wonder if Mr. Biden will address this during the Equine Summit. The horse is native, but the science is junk. . . And all the international meetings, plane rids, and hoops jumped through to make nothing look like something do not change the native status of the horse.

    Sage Grouse hens will fly off and mate with another bird that is not a Sage Grouse resulting in less fertile offspring thatndo not share the same traits as the SagenGrous.


    • HH, You have posted this damning information many times, without naming this single person who was able to write what is now our national science policy regarding invasive species. If you know who this person is will you name him or her please so we can investigate? If this is true this person should be held accountable but nothing is possible without identification. Do you have any sources?


  11. This isn’t the same report referenced by HoofHugs, but it does illustrate the same flawed science that seems to have invaded academia.

    Wildlife as Weeds
    Jeff Lovich
    U.S. Geological Survey
    Department of Biology, University of California, Riverside, CA 92521-0427
    Perhaps no better example can be found than the feral horses and burros of the western United States.
    These equids have thrived under federal protection provided by the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 and upwards of 40,000 horses roam almost 43 million acres of public and private land in the
    California Exotic Pest Plant Council 1996 Symposium Proceedings
    Page 5
    western United States. The average annual growth rate of horse populations ranges from 5-25% (Pogacnik
    1995). With increasing herd sizes comes increasing concern of their impact on and land habitats (Loope et al.
    1988), also utilized by native ungulates including


  12. I read this earlier elsewhere. I’ll have comments after I re-read this and read everyone else’s comments.


    I just got an email from fb on this.


  13. Someone drank from the BLM kool aid again. It wasn’t me! And for a change it wasn’t even SS or her sidekick DD.

    20,000 horses will do what within a year? You better tell the horses that Mother Nature is throwing them the biggest curve ball. Even the studs and babies are gonna get in on this. No way. No how. Not even close. I don’t care even if there really are 40,000 horses on the range as BLM says there are. You just wouldn’t see that kind of reproduction rate.


  14. They can Add, just look at the Farm Bill. It all adds up to.Alot of money going directly, and via BLM indirectly to them. They just like make believe numbers for mustangs to.scare them thar city folks. You know….educated people they keep putting down for not Fleecing America….They dont reduce their numbers for deaths to make it seem like they live forever. New Yorkers have asked me do they think were stupid, we know how animals reproduce and to manage them, we dont sit on our A$$! And think oh, beef comes from rainbows, and horses came from unicorns. They also said that the duds are cool, but if theyd take those big hats off they might have less weight in their brain. So city folks arent fooled either way about it.


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