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Wild Horses and Burros are Just Meat to the Bureau of Land Management

OpEd by Alana Marie Burke as published in the Liberty Voice

“all of the horses were sold off to the slaughterhouse bidder in just a few hours”

photo by Carol Walker ~ Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation

photo by Carol Walker ~ Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Apparently, the definition of “wild” is to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) as the definition of “is” was to former president Bill Clinton. When Clinton was asked about whether he had engaged in sexual activity with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, he stated, “There is no improper relationship.” Later when caught in his web of lies, Clinton verbally scrambled claiming, “It depends on what your definition of “is” is.” The BLM just recently rounded up and sent to slaughter a herd of wild horses that they claim are not wild because they were “descended from strays” and thus are not officially “wild.” As it turned out, Clinton did have a sexual relationship with Lewinsky and in the BLM’s case, the definition of “not wild” is sketchy at best resulting in the horses being slaughtered for meat.

The BLM rounded up a herd of 41 horses in Wyoming that had been running free for several decades and the horses were sold to the highest bidder, a Canadian slaughterhouse called Bouvry Exports for less than $2,000. The BLM claims that the horses were not in fact “wild” and thus not deserving of the protection of the Wild-Free Roaming Horses and Burro Act – especially because this herd of horses did not have a permit to graze on federal land. Their lack of a permit to graze was no doubt unknown by the wild horses who were simply grazing on the fodder of the landscape they had freely roamed for years. The agency claims the horses were not wild but were instead “abandoned” because they were descendants of “stray rodeo horses” from the 1970s owned by a deceased contractor of rodeo livestock.

Apparently having descended from “handled” horses, the herd in Wyoming that had been running free and procreating for decades was not quite wild enough and were just meat to the Bureau of Land Management. It would have been interesting to see an agent from the BLM try to saddle each rodeo descendent up for a little giddy-up just to see how domesticated these horses were before selling them to slaughter. That would have been a rodeo worth seeing. In this case, the definition of wild was conveniently in the eye of the beholder – that of a government agency ridding itself of pestilence not in the actual nature of the animals they rounded up…(CONTINUED)

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  1. If this doesnt break your heart and make your soul weep nothing will !!!!! How much longer does this happen to our magnificent horses????? Can you imagine how they feel?????? they also feel you know !!!!!!! There is an answer to how to stop this ATROCITY !!!!!!! I cannot speak for the rest of us, but I have had it with the BLM , it is long past due for Justice , we must find it !!!!!!! The BLM thinks they are God , and they will tell you point blank that they are ????????? There is a whole World of not in that Statement !!!!!!!


  2. These people are simply incapable of doing right – just ‘redefine’ words such as wild and spin their activities to make it look good to the uninformed. “Mitigation” is the new vague buzzword they’re trying to pass off – the Interior’s new vaguen and unspecific mitigation plan primarily aimed at making it easier for energy producers first and trying to rebuild the economy’s engine, removing ‘invasive species’, and tribal concerns listed last.


  3. Interesting to say the least, this means BLM is telling us that ALL other horses in HMAs are, for real, wild. Perhaps native? I mean, if this one group were scuttled off to slaughter because they descended from “rodeo stock” and BLM still dutifully manages all the rest “protecting” them from slaughter. And based on this one example, so plainly stated by BLM – we can take it that ALL the horses in holding and still on the ranges officiallY protected are indeed NATIVE WILD. Wow. See, oh yea of faint heart – TRUTH will out.

    What about unbrnded and unclaimed is there to misunderstand? I pray for the protection and reassurance to the good soul who broke the conspiracy open that God smiled when that person listened to her heart and stood up for those horses.

    We all know now.


    • I don’t know if it was a man or woman who made the call. I was thinking of the little filly whose brother (with the blaze) is seen so shockingly coming into the trap. The modern mustangers are busy doing business.


  4. I just left a comment on both of the stories . you know i don’t know why the cattle folks are still against the advocates . that story yesterday is so sad , good people trying to take care of their horses are still so snowed and we have so many more people to reach and get the plight of the horses out there . and to think the b.l. m. is still just killing away , how do we stop them ? are we to take up guns? how many patriots are going to stand with us? are we going to let horses out ? how robust can we get that we are not criminals ? and most of all what more can we do? just asking need hope!!!!


  5. Some of you may already have seen or posted this, but here’s the latest BLM abuse video making the rounds. Ugh.


  6. we need to stop a bill being introduced to congress to quill free speech the bill is brought in by heekim jefferies bill no. h.r. 3878 making it a crime to speak freely no good people . can you image — how are we to save the horses if we can’t speak freely just found it look at the d.c. clothesline now we can’t let this happen . straight republican votes


  7. Those Horses could still be alive, but time is running out

    Posted on April 20, 2014 at 7:20 PM
    By Reno Gazette Journal

    Concerning the Bighorn Basin horses bound for slaughter in Canada, there seems to be a misconception that the 37 horses purchased by Bovary Exports have already been slaughtered.
    NOT SO,


    The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign has hired an environmental attorney to assess the situation to see if any laws were violated by the agencies involved and to negotiate with the killer buyer about potential release to horse rescues.

    Technically, the BLM had the legal right to seek removal of these horses as non-permitted, unbranded strays. That said, the Cody BLM and the Wyoming Livestock Board knew full well (or should have) that horse rescue groups have been ready, willing, and able to take horses in this situation. Advertising in two small local Bighorn County newspapers that these horses would be gathered and could be claimed by their owners is certainly inadequate public notice.

    I find it hard to fathom that the Wyoming Livestock Board’s brand inspector did not realize that horses offered for sale at the Worland Livestock Auction would be picked up by predatory killer buyers.

    The BLM should be removed from the national Wild Horse and Burro Program — period. Traditional horse haters should not be in charge of wild horses. We need another plan and a new agency, but only Congress can make that change.
    -Patricia M. Fazio, statewide coordinator Wyoming Wild Horse Coalition
    Cody, Wyo.


  8. Is everybody registered to vote? the only solution i see is do something very drastic as they are doing to our horses & burros of America!!! This is our country & our land if we don’t like the way it is being managed we have to hit the white house hard!!! I mean I am not afraid of much!!! I am wondering wear to those two chicks are with all that money ? All i need is a sponser!!! hey i got nothing to lose!!!


  9. Im going into Virginia City I hear there is a woman owner of “Silver Queen Saloon” startin up a Wild Horse rescue Im gonna see if she needs a partner at this point i will … say…. partner in crime.. i have balls!!!! & money this sux!!!! I refuse to stand for cryin so many tears everyday!!! God this Government sux out loud!!!!!!!




  11. just meat. Who knows how many year & thousands of our wild horses have been poached, rounded up with our taxpayer money, split-off from BLM loads by corrupt contract employees and sent to slaughter. This corruption is why the BLM won’t microchip & brand every animal. This slaughter-pipeline is why the BLM hides from observation. This corruption is why the BLM doesn’t count foals ever.
    We should demand the BLM microchip and photograph every animal they round-up. They can slap the horses with baggie whips, the BLM contractor can shock them with cattle prods, they can cram wild horses into transport trailers.but they can’t ID every single horse with a 5 cent microchip?!!!!?? Heck even the mexico border requires a microchip for every slaughter horse crossing.!


    • Laura, is that true about microchips being required at the Mexican border crossings? This is the first I’ve heard of it if true. I have seen video on BLM branded horses unloaded in a Mexican slaughter plant’s corrals though.

      Have you any links or sources for your microchip info?


  12. A very large stink needs to be raised. Something perhaps at one of the holding pens where many mustangs are just held indefinetly. Many people need to organize and commit to protesting, with the media notified and promise to show up. Hundreds would be good, and refusing to move, chaining ourselves to the gates or fences. Writing, blogging, and contacting govt. reps. gets nothing done in this case.


  13. So who oversees the BLM? Ms. Sally has been silent and cherry picks research findings of the Academy of Natl Science Report to fit agenda. The House Committee on Natl Resources doesn’t seem to take into account the wild animals – mainly equines – living on public lands and forests. My senator told me to complain to the BLM about equine abuse. This is a merry-go-round without any result.


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