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BLM Switching Tactics to Mismanage Wild Horses

As reported by Reno’s News 4

photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

GARDNERVILLE, Nev. ( & KRNV) — The Bureau of Land Management is trying out a different approach to reduce the number of wild horses. The new pilot project is designed to lessen the number of wild horses roaming around the Fish Springs community in Gardnerville.

The BLM started the project on Thursday, treating wild horses with birth control.

“We are looking at giving it to them once a year, so we’ll start out by giving them the initial inoculation,” said Leon Thomas from the BLM. “Then we will give a booster after two weeks, and then we will try and repeat again next year.”

Thomas said there are about 40 horses in the Fish Springs area. Over the next few days, 24 female horses will be treated. “We felt that this was a decent alternative to actually having to gather the horses. We feel that we want to try some creative solutions to see if there are other effective methods to controlling the population.”

Because the Fish Springs area is an open range area, the BLM said the horses come down here every morning. That is one of the reasons why they wanted to do this project. “And we’re looking at taking this isolated population, using it as a test base, getting some lessons learned and taking those lessons and possibly using it in other areas.”

The horses will be monitored to determine whether the treatment has lowered the population growth rate. If successful, the program may be continued next year, and in other areas of the Pine Nut mountains.

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  1. BLM Approves Pilot Project to Treat Wild Horses with Fertility Control
    Release Date: 04/23/14
    Contacts: Lisa Ross , 775-885-6107 ,
    News Release No. 2014-29

    The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Carson City,
    Sierra Front Field Office
    has approved a pilot project to treat wild horses that reside near the Fish Springs community, approximately 10 miles south of the Pine Nut Herd Management Area, with fertility control porcine zona pellucide (PZP).

    “Last year BLM held three public workshops seeking alternative methods of controlling this wild horse population rather than removal,” said Leon Thomas, Sierra Front Field Manager. “This pilot project was developed with input from several local wild horse groups as the result of those meetings.”

    Over the next two weeks individuals from the Return to Freedom Wild Horse Preservation Campaign will be darting mares with PZP. A follow up shot will be needed in approximately 30 days. The mares will be monitored to determine whether this treatment has lowered the population growth rate. If successful, the program may be continued in 2015 and in other areas of the Pine Nut Mountains.

    For more information contact John Axtell, Wild Horse and Burro Specialist at 775-885-6000.


  2. BLM seeking comments on Proposed Fluid Mineral Leasing
    Release Date: 04/14/14
    Contacts: Lisa Ross , 775-885-6107 ,
    News Release No. CCDO 2014-028

    Carson City – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Carson City District, Stillwater and
    Sierra Front Field Offices
    have drafted the preliminary Environmental Assessment (EA) for the proposed Fluid Mineral Leasing within six areas of the Carson City District. The public is invited to comment on the plan through May 10, 2014.

    The BLM is proposing to lease some or all of the oil, gas and geothermal resources at sites located in six selected areas within Churchill, Lyon, Mineral, and Nye County, Nevada. There are 30 proposed parcels for leasing in the upcoming September 2014 Oil and Gas Lease Sale, which cover an area of approximately 56,269 acres. The pending lease applications encompass BLM managed lands that are open to fluid mineral leasing.

    Links to the EA and related documents are located on the BLM website at:

    Interested individuals may send written comments to BLM Carson City District Office, 5665 Morgan Mill Road, Carson City, NV 89701, Attn: Dave Schroeder, or submit comments through the EA webpage. Comments may also be sent via Fax to 775-885-6147.
    For further information please contact Dave Schroeder at 775-885-6119.


  3. Two big reasons this is a bad idea – first of all this is way too late in the year to start administering PZP effectively – they should have done it in January and February, so here they can say oh gee, It didn’t work, whereas if they had bothered to do any research they would have know that, then the second reason this is a bad idea is that the herd is already at a very low population size, with 40 horses, way below the number needed to sustain genetic viability.


    • They do know it is the wrong time. They do also know the herd is too low. When to use PZP and how large a herd constoituted genetic viability were both discussed at the BLM Advisory Board meeting. Our grazing chair (gnarly old coot taking orders by phone) said “I don’t want those babies born next year.”. Maybe his “recommendation” was heard, although it is said PZP does not cause abortions. Giving PZP to a too young filly can cause biological problems. These are not scientists -(including HSUS, who now want funding to PZP burros), these are bureacrats playoing the civil servioce game of creating a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist. So it never works.

      And it was recognzed that the horses will be very wary after the first offense by the PZPers and the chances of catching them again is remote. So if they plan on catching them as often as is said here, the roundups will get aggressive.


      • Dear Jan, Heres the thing The BLM could care less, aggressive is what they are always. they would like us to believe that they are toning down, the truth is they are incapable of it, they only know get rid of the Mustangs……………This is why we must Get rid of the BLM, incapability is their name …. we must find a way to disband the BLM they are nothing more then a LAND MANAGEMENT AGENCY, and they stink at that ALSO, our MUSTANGS belong on the Range , they belong to the Land, they are Natures most exquisite Balance…… Nature will not tolerate an imbalance in her quest for perfection, she after all has the best management policy…………… As for the HSUS just when you think that they are possibly a good thing, they rear up and do the unacceptable damage……..


      • Arlene, I had to write this, You can’t fix stupid but you can contracept it! With as queasy as Americans are about human or pet birth control it is shocking how unconcerned most are about it when it comes to so few wild horses, in herds already well below genetic viability as science has shown.


    • Wild Horse Preservation Campaign is doing the darting. 40 horses and they are going to render the herd unable to sustain itself over two years…a new approach at zeroing out a herd with the help of alleged advocates.


      • WHPC They appear to be LEGAL Advocates. I went to donate to their site and it literally contained a PAC notice, and extensive binding legal contract. I don’t want to be sued if my donation doesn’t go thru. I’ve never seen such a thing, they never responded to my questions, and my one time donation button didn’t work. How can they be responsible for darting wild horses? Are they going to sub-contract BLM? I can’t figure out who they are, I thought they were part of RT Fitch’s organization because you are always attached their stories.


      • IcySpots: You are correct, it is AWHPC. I understand it’s a service that non-profits and profits use for a fee. That agreement contract, and the word “fees” and “agree to terms” caused me fear, and does apply. I don’t need a binding legal contract to donate, and won’t. I usually just get a receipt. It’s all too much for a small $50 or $100 donation. It says, caution, we warned you.


  4. Forty horses is nothing compared to the millions of cattle on our public land. Let’s face it–they want all the wild horses gone so cattle can consume every last drop of water and every blade of grass. Since we are all the stakeholders of public land, I would much rather hear some ideas for reducing the number of cattle on public land to a sustainable level so that native wildlife is not slaughtered and driven to extinction for the benefit of the ranchers that own the cows. The wild horses aren’t causing the problem–the cattle are. The BLM and their rancher pals need to stop scapegoating wild horses and start dealing with the actual problem!


    • Arlene,
      Didn’t you get a chuckle out of the “conservatives” who called him a patriot earlier now backing up so fast you could see skid marks!!!! Frankly, his foot in mouth problem causes more people to be aware of just how much a patriot he isn’t!


  5. Hi everyone; I totally agree with what you all are saying but face it, if you really want to save the wild horses we need to quit bitching to each other on here and get out to the public so they are aware. Sitting on the computer is not saving the horses and actually do something about it. We did in Canada with the Alberta wildies and had volunteers around the clock camping out at the capture site for over a mth so we could keep the wildies away from the trap sites. They issued 200 permits and only 10 horses were actually captured. So it was a huge success ever though the campers on some nites froze there butts off at -50 below winter nights.


    • Robin, congratulations on your good work. I’m glad Canada (so far) doesn’t seem to have the Homeland Security folks ready to label any such interventions as “domestic terrorism” with the resulting consequences.


  6. Calling it another name doesn’t change the game. And shall we ask How many times are these horses going to be branded? And if they are going forward with this experiment, are their other population experiment labs with live wild horses shutting down?

    Just another way to dip into the taxpayer honey pot. Is this all feeling pretty normal now?

    It is an affront to the Wild Horse Act. This is not management.


  7. PZP yes its to late in the year most of those mares have already bred t the Stallion, so will the PZP cause them to lose that foal, or will there be some birth defects next year? And is PZP going to be like, what us women take for birth control, because I know a lot of women who are on the pill to long can’t have kids now, (because the pills messed them up) so is the PZP going to mess up our mares after a few years?
    Were they don’t produce at all.


  8. Until the taxpaying public is shown and INDEPENDENT and ACCURATE census, we DO NOT KNOW how many Wild Horses or Wild Burros remain on our public lands.
    We DO NOT KNOW how many viable Herds (if any) are left.

    From AMERICAN HERDS (excerpts)
    Wild Horse Wipe Out (Ongoing..)

    However, this isn’t the only option BLM has to screw us with as they have a myriad of weapons to throw at us.

    They may decide to use the “Nuisance Gather” or the “Emergency Gather” clause to take them out, just like they already did prior to releasing the news of the new RMPs Final Decision to the public. Click Here to read “Losing Ground” and how they have already used this before!

    Or they may decide to pull the same crap they pulled on the Nevada Wild Horse Range gather last summer by only giving a “verbal order” to remove them. Here, BLM gets to circumvent any legal challenge by failing to “sign” a decision and IBLA is bound by the fact that they can’t rule on a decision without a signature. Though BLMs lawyers (known as the Regional Solicitor), can submit volumes of evidence regarding the actions taken as a result of those “verbal orders”, it’s like those actions don’t exist because it was only done “verbally”. How convenient…..

    Also, something I learned from the appeal I filed about the Nevada Wild Horse Range AMLs is, apparently, there is a special division of IBLA that legal challenges to a land use plan must be filed in – and it’s NOT the place BLM tells you about in the “Public Notice of Right to Appeal” included in every decision they crank out.

    I consider this just a tad on the side of FRAUD but that may be just my opinion.

    But no worries, since the wild horses will most likely already be gone before anyone could submit legal documents to IBLA or a federal court anyway, it would be ruled as moot point. So better luck next time public!


  9. More excerpts from AMERICAN HERDS
    Wild Horse Wipe Out (Ongoing..)

    Notice how they say that “in depth monitoring” was performed? Well, if it was, they have NEVER released even a hairs breath of it to the public. Many of these exact same HMAs were issued “new” AMLs in 2003 and even back then, the “monitoring reports” BLM made reference too and supposedly included as an Appendix never managed to make it to THAT EA either. (Though I’m sure they have had sufficient time to manufacture them since such a stink has been previously and consistently made about the utter lack of data used and/or released to the public in all their prior proposals).

    Though BLM tried to zero the herds out back in 2003, they were caught by advocates who pointed out that BLM could only do this in a land use plan, (which is also highly questionable as legal experts I’ve consulted have stated that no such ruling exists allowing BLM the authority to override a Congressionally mandated land use designation requiring them to be preserved and protected where they were found in 1971).


  10. Before you get yourself sued, listen to the entire Bundy conversation

    Not just the hoaxed snippet the left wing put out in the news

    Or perhaps you missed that one, yes it was a hoax of editing snippets by NYT

    Mr. Bundy spoke the facts

    As per USA government stats

    Black women lead in abortion

    Black men lead in jailed

    Mr. Bundy spoke highly of the blacks and mexicans

    Correlation of where the Federal Government has put black people today on welfare and the days gone by of slavery

    And both have taken the black peoples freedom away

    And the BLM has been slaughtering cattle and are far from the ranchers friends

    The BLM has unjustifiable stolen 53 ranchers land and home illegally and through brute force

    You may want to consider joining forces with the ranchers against the BLM

    You will have a greater opportunity to succeed at your cause

    And please…before you condemn

    Get all the accurate facts and information

    Listening to propaganda and lies hasn’t up to this moment gotten America and it’s Citizens to a good place

    Thank You


  11. We need to be very careful to not mix apples and oranges or turtles and cows
    …or is it Horses and Cows?

    This is a shell game and the object is to confuse the issue and get everyone off track.
    Keep your eye on the ball and get to the REAL problem underneath.

    From PPJ Gazette
    Ninja Turtles Used To Evict Nevada Ranchers
    W. R. McAfee, Sr. All Rights Reserved.


    Woman Speaks Out on Ranching Empire
    FEBRUARY 26, 2013

    SNWA owns seven rustic ranches in Spring Valley

    By George Knapp and Matt Adams
    8 News NOW

    SPRING VALLEY, Nev. — The Southern Nevada Water Authority has spent huge sums of public money to gobble up a string of rural ranches because of the water underneath them. SNWA claims the ranches are operating in the black, but a whistleblower has come forward to tell a much different story.

    The I-Team has reported previously about how much was spent to acquire the ranches, and it’s quite a pile of money, but until now, no one on the inside was willing to talk about the operations of the ranches.

    Debra Rivero worked for the water district for many years and was a valued employee but when she started working as office assistant at the ranches, she realized she had entered a world unto itself, one that we co-owners never get to see.

    The SNWA owns seven rustic ranches in Spring Valley. The public may not know it, but they are in the ranching business because of a SNWA spending spree. The authority has spent nearly $80 million to buy a string of ranches, tens of thousands of acres, plus cows, sheep and farm equipment.

    As the I-Team first reported, SNWA paid many times the market value for the ranches. El Tejon ranch, valued at $1.1 million went for $32 million. The Harbecke ranch, now headquarters for SNWA’s empire, with a market value of a $250,000 fetched close to $5 million from the water agency.


    • Where the heck does a Water District (which I am assuming is not a private business but some form of a tax exempt nonprofit) get that sort of money and who are they accountable to? Casino operators? Is ranching part of their corporate charter if they aren’t private? Gotta wonder what’s in the drinking water in NV and Utah these days.


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