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BLM Whines in Response to Documented Abuse and Neglect in Mismanaging US Wild Horses and Burros

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ president/co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

If there is a way and means to be unprofessional; the BLM will be spot on
BLM's broken down WAAAmbulance

BLM’s broken down, cattle driven WAAAmbulance

The 14-member panel assembled by the National Science Academy’s National Research Council, at the request of the Bureau of Land Management, (BLM) costing over 2 million dollars and almost three years in production calls the BLM out onto the carpet for officially mismanaging the few remaining wild horses and burros left on public land and what does the BLM do?  They call out their “WAAAmbulance”!

BLM’s chief WAAAmbulance driver Tom “crybaby” Gory:

WAA…It appears that our critics want to use the report as a propaganda tool to stop gathers,”

Kindly sprinkle in  in a few sniffles of no accountability  and tears of no repentance but the drivel continues. (what the hell is a gather anyway, a brutal roundup is a roundup let’s not try to polish a turd)

WAA…Do the American people and does Congress support changing the law so that BLM would carry out a laissez-faire management policy that would subject horses and burros to mass starvation or dehydration by letting Mother Nature work her will?

Exactly you twit, mother nature had been doing a fine job until you  servants to the  Gods of Collusion began making equine sacrifices in an effort to stuff your pockets with blood money supplied by special interests.  Just look at the appointed make-up of the BLM Advisory board, nothing but slaughter, hunting and cattle interests – DOINK!

It gets even uglier and more stupid as Gorey attempts to dig himself and his renegade agency out of the hole they have dug for themselves. 

Remember, we pay these people’s salary, they work for us, they are public servants yet they disregard and abuse the very trust that puts the food into their fat and overfed mouths every single day.

There is no doubt about it, even though the BLM attempted to skew the final results they have been called out by the very group that they hired to justify the continued destruction of America’s living legacy to our country’s foundation; the wild horses and burros of the United States of America.

The BLM’s misinterpretation and violation of federal law has struck a nerve so deep and profound that their dirty underwear is being aired not only across the nation but around the world.

Quit flipping us off, Gorey, we have your number. 

We know not only WHO you are and the agency you represent but we also know WHAT you are and that is not a pretty picture to be viewed for public consumption.

It’s all about the horses; don’t you EVER forget it!


Wild horse, burro roundups are costly, ineffective, study says
The National Academy of Sciences report also said the Bureau of Land Management has flawed estimates for the number of horses and burros on federal land and that the herd is likely growing by 15 to 20 percent a year. The report recommended
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If the BLM can’t round up wild horses for whatever reasons they will not have jobs . Bottom line it is about the money and not the welfare of the Wild Horses and

BLM taking comments about helicopter roundups
Seattle Post Intelligencer
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BLM wild horse program slammed in National Academy of Sciences report
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Report says BLM mishandling western horse, burro population
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Report takes BLM to task on wild horse roundups, management
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“The report delivers a strong case for an immediate halt to the roundup and removal of wild horse from the range, an increase in wild horse and population levels and implementation of in-the-wild management using available fertility control options
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And the hits just keep on rolling…..

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  1. Nice that this is finally getting the airing it needs. Hopefully more in depth articles will follow. There are so many issues that should have been covered but haven’t been, but at least this is a good start.


  2. Gee R.T. I’m not used to you beating around the bush…I wish you’d tell us how you really feel! 😉

    I think everyone in our government has to read “Spinning for Dummies” before they can take office. Unfortunately some say and do such stupid things there is no amount of ‘spin’ that will get their bacon out of the fire. Todd Akin and Christine O’Donnell for example.

    Now Tom Gorey adds the BLM to the list of those who are in so deep they will never get out. Maybe it’s because technically they wasted $2 million dollars for a study to prove what we, the public, have been telling them for years.

    How can they pretend to be the Great and Powerful Oz when they’ve had 41 years to learn how to do their job and they have failed miserably?

    I’m emailing Secretary Jewell that she needs to clean house and like the IRS begin to fire people who have not just abused their power but have in fact abused, and or killed, animals.

    We need to see heads rolling down the aisles of the DOI. I hope everyone will join with me in a call for justice for our wild horses and burros. Someone needs to be hanged for stealing our horses!


  3. NOW if this is NOT STOPPED finally after paying millions for this report, we all had better watch out for OUR OWN futures in this country….. Sally Jewel had better turn this whole bowl of sh-t around, we all of course have known all of this report and you all who have tried to tell them, but no one listened?? I can’t imagine BLM continuing their destructive behavior certainly not now, RIGHT??

    Time will tell won’t it?? But why would they even continue with the removal of the Wyo. horses??

    How disgraceful and would you not think IMBRASSING for BLM to actually be called out by the very group of people THEY hired………

    Or are they all so ABOVE IT ALL????????


    • I truly believe that they believe they are indeed ABOVE IT ALL. No report, from any agency, is going to stop the slimy, evil, silver-tongued monster from cow-towing to their stinking rich cattle buddies. They will undoubtedly convince Ms Jewell that the report was somehow skewed as a personal attack, or that the report is missing some vital data, or whatever. Doesn’t she come from a cattle family? Betcha my bottom dollar she gives them the go-ahead and things continue quid pro quo. But I’ll be praying hard that she is actually sensible, logical, and reasonable, and decides the report is factual, and tells the BLM to return the land to the horses, return the cattle to their own private property, release the captive horses to their rightful ranges, and to start protecting them the way they’re supposed to. I hope everyone prays with me, because we’re going to need a lot of prayers.


  4. After everything that the BLM has done to severely mismanage, mistreat, and murder our wild horses, this is how they respond. How pathetic is that. Well, no amount of scrubbing with harsh cleansers is going to wash the egg from their faces. It’s time to buck up Sec. Jewell and do your job. You need to re-structure and re-staff the BLM and hire ‘wild horse experts’ that can use their expertise and experience to turn this horrible debacle around. No more round-ups, no more wasting of our tax dollars, no more advocating for ranchers and energy taking over land-rights reserved for our wild horses, and no more destroying the environment, period. Enough said. Now quit whining and get to work!


  5. If we are NOT polishing turds… then lets really call it for what it is.. Lets stop STAMPEDING our horses. Lets stop KILLING and ABUSING them. Lets STOP lying to the public, and the REAL owners of these herds, and lands. The American people have spoken.


  6. tell it like it is!!!! Great work collecting alll those cound bytes from all those media outlets and publishing them in one place for us to ‘enjoy’ !!! Thanks for being their voice!!!


  7. R.T. –

    Your usual exceptional work again today, on behalf of our horses. I couldn’t keep up with all the news without you and other hard working individuals on the front lines of defending the wild & captive mustangs, burros and our domestic companion horses. So many people doing what they can to rescue and preserve our national iconic treasures. Through a clue in Ginger’s recent email article, I finally learned where my mustang Ooh Nah was gathered. Wyoming! Now I have 2 Wyoming jewels in my pasture.

    Lisa. Wisconsin


  8. Well said – I’m wondering (hoping!) that with a new Secretary of the Interior things will improve. I know the mistreatment of horses has been entrenched in politics for years, but I think a lot of things, like that kill buyer from CO, might have something to do with the previous Secretary?


  9. http://www.eenews.net/stories/1059971096
    Veteran BLM official blasts agency for valuing drilling over conservation
    Emily Yehle, E&E reporter

    The Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management has lost sight of its mission in the political rush to use public lands for energy development, according to an experienced agency official.
    Stan Olmstead retired last month after 20 years at BLM, most recently as a natural resource specialist and environmental scientist in the Vernal Field Office in eastern Utah. In his last few minutes on the clock, he decided to send a three-page memo to his colleagues outlining what he saw as the agency’s focus on economics at the expense of natural resources.
    He described an office that promotes energy development and measures natural resources “by dollar value,” leading to the neglect of sensitive species and the land’s health. As examples, he pointed to the loss of the mountain plover in Utah and the delay in reclaiming unused oil and gas wells.

    “Without serious fulfillment of the mission we continue to harm public land as it has been harmed so frequently in our historic past,” Olmstead wrote. “Be honest about what is happening. It is easier to break something than to fix it, so let us stop breaking the land.”
    Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility released Olmstead’s memo today, calling for a “visionary new leader” at BLM who will steer the agency away from what it sees as a focus on oil drilling. Bob Abbey retired in May as BLM director; since then, Deputy Director Mike Pool has served as acting director.

    A BLM spokesman did not immediately return a request for comment.
    Abbey had left BLM in 2005, citing the agency’s singular focus on oil and gas drilling. He came back in 2009 as director and engineered a sweeping overhaul of oil and gas leasing on federal lands, promoting an expansion of renewable energy and a renewed focus on conservation.

    But Olmstead depicts an agency that is still grappling with balancing its mission to protect public lands while reaching administrative goals to expand energy production. In an interview today, he pointed to a recent New York Times article that describes the close relationship between drillers and BLM officials in Utah.

    Olmstead said his memo was “one last attempt to try to draw attention to the other values we have.” His pleas — and those of other natural resource employees — while within the agency were mostly ignored, he said; protection of the health and diversity of public lands was simply not a priority.

    “I think my main motive is to communicate,” he said, adding that he has a meeting later this month with BLM Utah Director Juan Palma. “I have been somewhat quiet during my employment, and now that I’m in retirement I plan to speak out.”


    • Told you all this really isn’t about cattle and sheep bumping wild equines, although that is bad.

      THIS ABOUT ENERGY, EXTRACTION AND WATER!!!!!! Pure and simple.

      Not sure? Ask Tim DeChristopher. He is, however more focused on the permit lease auction system. That system is directly related to our wild equines.


      • You were right, Denise. I’ve always appreciated that you’ve followed the DeChristopher case so closely.


    • To Stan “Angel” Olmstead: You speak out all you want. Good for you! Maybe some BLM friends of yours who haven’t yet retired will screw up their moral courage and join you.


  10. YEAH!….”Love this”…………would love to see the BLM squeal like the Monkey’s they are!!!!… More voices, more pressure to stop the “Round Ups” and “Free our Wild Mustangs”……..


  11. Hmmm, Craig Downer is NOT happy about the NAS report. Evidently their solution is drug-based? R.T., any details here?


    • I don’t think ANY wild equine advocates are thrilled about the NAS report; many are pleased that in many ways, even the science community couldn’t be bought off or bullied into any position that BLM is doing the right thing when it comes to our wild equines and public lands.

      That is progress, even though it is not a “burnin’ down the house” report.

      Although, in Washington terms…it is significant and better than that GAO poop on horse slaughter; even then, the GAO poop was not a rubber stamp approving HCHS.


      • I don’t know. Personally I’m pretty pleased that advocates have been vindicated so to speak. There is much that needs to be done but if everyone will (including me)commit to a fresh new start maybe we can this turned around.

        First thing up get rid Tom Gorey. All his propaganda speech does is inhibit change. It’s time for change. You either get on board or leave your employment. No more whining, no more b*tching. None of this but this isn’t the way we use to do it.

        I sincerely had my doubts about this report. EVERYONE was HANDPICKED by BLM. I felt for sure that nothing we said would change anyone’s mind. NAS pretty well backed up advocates and for that I’m happy.


    • It’s contraception based. Better than helicopter roundups, warehousing, kill buyers and slaughterhouses, by a long way. He’s just sputtering because the report they requested shines a spotlight on their bad management. It ought to be very entertaining to see them worm their way out of it.


  12. A proper wildlife moratorium is done over 5 to 10 years and it includes independent study and the development of management based upon the studies results. This has never been done. Nor was the 1971 Act properly set up so this might have been done. BLM is not a wildlife manager. And wild horses and burros need their own science to be managed properly for their safe preservation.

    Now is the time for a Moratorium. Not more BLM BS. We need independent study and for the science to be the basis for management into the future. Turning the Wild Horse and Burro Program Around is not all it needs. The program needs to be rebuilt and BLM kept out.


  13. When National Fish and Wildlife wanted to drop the Gray Wolf Recovery Program this week, Jewell said they could not. This is good for the wolves. I do not know if she will be as appeasing with the wild horses and burros and even if she is please remember that the wild horses and burros need LAW that is enforced and which will protect them and their lands from even BLM. BLM is NOT above the law altho they have behaved this way and said it. Jewell will not always be in office. We need lasting protections and a guarantee that what has happened will not ever happen again.


  14. Shared on my page. I love the BLM trying to polish a turd comment. I reused it as the BLM trying to polish a big BM.


  15. Huh? We’re spewing propaganda? Tell me what part of the NAS study shows were spewing propaganda. You HANDPICKED every single one of those scientists. You stacked the deck further by telling NAS they couldn’t examine grazing rights by cattle. Yet the very people whom YOU hired told you the same thing we have. YOUR JUNK SCIENCE IS NOT HELPING.

    1. The systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause.
    2. Material disseminated by the advocates or opponents of a doctrine or cause

    I for one don’t see any material being disseminated by advocates. I got a link to the STUDY which I’ve begun to read. THE VERY STUDY YOU PAID FOR. Not someone else’s take on the study.

    Let’s see recently BLM has been saying the horses reproduce upwards of 23%. Is this to cover your poor math skills? You say the horses reproduce at 20% and can double in four years time. So is the bump in math to cover your glaring multiplication blunder? Thank God NAS saw right through and specifically made mention of a 15-20% reproduction rate. That isn’t propaganda. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen the 23% growth rate. And the NAS figure is right there IN THE REPORT FOR EVERYONE TO READ.

    The modeling program WinEquus was also called out. Admittedly I don’t understand all of what this program does but reading between the line it seems like it projects herd growth. The problem is the dataset. I believe that to be parameters. The program uses a default set dataset. Not a HMA by HMA dataset. So no matter what the user inputs–the results reflect the default parameters.

    Can you believe that a PROFESSIONAL organization mandated to protect lives relies on a computer program that uses default parameters? No wonder HMA’s are in such trouble! No wonder HMA’s keep being zeroed out.

    I don’t believe this is a propaganda tool to say BLM you need to count EACH AND EVERY HORSE, BURRO, DONKEY AND MULE out there. BY HAND. Not some computer modeling program. You need to show us the who, what, when, where, and how of how you came to those numbers. Even NAS made mention that transparency is an issue.

    Last year I was the only member of the public to go to the public hearing in Utah. The guys there told me that BLM runs video from the moment the helicopter picks the horses up to when they enter capture pens. They INSISTED that the horses walk and trot for the most part. That what we see if an avocate’s POV–to instill that propaganda tool. My comment then and still is

    SHOW US THE VIDEO! All of it. I know it’s suppose to be boring because all we see are for the most part are walking and trotting horses. There isn’t any “real” excitement.

    PROVE IT! Release the video show we can know.

    I was also told your helicopter’s are equipped with GPS.


    I challenged the guys to let me go out in the field with them. They could drive and we’d be a ways off, out of the way. So I could see what they were talking about. I was told Dean Bolstad had to approve this. Why would it have to go so far up the chain of command if what you are doing is so fair and equitable? Seems like the local office boss could approve that if he so chose.

    I am against willy nilly PZP treatments. The just because it doesn’t have male parts it has to be darted. Even NAS made comment about your lousy record keeping. Am I surprised? No. Because two of Cloud’s mares never gave birth even years after fertility treatment. They were zapped in back to back years. So those mare’s pay the price of your mistake.

    Instead of blowing advocates off as you have been why don’t you step up to the plate? Commit to change. You know the one Obama talked about his first election. Change we can believe in.

    Here’s what I propose if PZP is indeed the way others way over me decide to go. Round up the horses. Mares have the initials of the HMA, the year of birth branded on the butt. Starting with 1. Then when you do future roundups you will know by the brand who should and shouldn’t be darted. It could also be done in the field provided the folks use some common sense. No more removals. Not til EVERYONE knows EXACTLY how many animals are out there.



    • One of the interesting comments in the report is that the land is below carrying capacity. This is in part due to the horses being labeled as a non-native, invasive species.

      Remember that the NAS stated in 1982 that the Equus population model was flawed. But what did the BLM use for the next 30 years? The Equus population model. When they were told to cite an authority, they used two wildlife scientists. These people probably do not even know how many days the average horse gestation period lasts.

      In other words, rather than admit that the Equus model was not accurate, the BLM went shopping for scientists who would substantiate their claims.

      The BLM doesn’t realize that almost everyone in the country is better educated in principles of land management care of riparian areas than they are. They must think that the only place sheep and cattle can be observed lying down next to a watering hole is in the West—honestly—we need to toss the BLM into the hat for the least competent and most corrupt organizations. It is reassuring to have the NAS committee confirm what many advocates have said for years.

      Sally Jewel will do whatever the President tells her she needs to do. Don’t think he cares a twit about scientific integrity. After all, he didn’t fire Salazar when Salazar rearranged the findings of a group of scientists peer reviewing the government’s report calling for a moratorium. This would not be tolerated in a junior high school student. If he had meant what he told Mary Kendall in March 2009, Ken Salazar would have been told by September 2010.


  16. Actually a pretty major correction.

    Instead of rounding up how about portable bait trapping corrals. Sure it would take longer but you not only ensure the proper horses are treated, you also get accurate counts. That’s something that I’m sure lots of folks would wnt to help with. Knowing we could out on the range–everyone working productively with no threat of harassment from anyone.


  17. Why are some in favor of fertility control when there are no excess wild horses. 70% of the herds are not genetically viable and sustainable as it is and birth control will only cause more to be.. This is only more ” managing for extinction”.


  18. Good question, Barbara. The study points out that the BLM does not have a good way to determine what the carrying capacity is on the land. It appears that the BLM has gradually reduced the numbers of horses in herds to non-viable numbers through serial round-ups.

    When the anthropogenic global warming crisis was being sold to the country, the UN wanted all the countries in the world to sign an internationally binding treaty, the 1992 UN Convention of Biological Diversity. Horses were classified as non-native, invasive, exotic, alien, feral, pests that trample plans and ditsturb the dirt.

    The idea of treating wild horses with PZP appears as a control agent in 1993. The Assateague Island ponies have been restricted to 150 horses using PZP since 1996. The problem is if the number gets too low to maintain healthy variation, you are looking at 10 to 20 years until genetic collapse.


  19. I guess I’m putting the cart before the horse so to speak. Just thinking out loud. I agree BEFORE any more roundups or PZP an unbiased on the ground count has to take place. Video tape if you must.

    There are some HMA’s that actually sit in two states. The one I’m thinking of is in southwestern Utah, has a fence–and a way through it for the horses. But it most definitely crosses into NV. Other HMA’s lie so close together it’s a wonder they haven’t been combined.

    I know BLM said something about working towards that. Only if no land is taken from the horses and burros.

    I’m flabbergasted to find 30 YEARS BLM was told the WinEquus program was flawed there still using it! There’s lives at stake out there! BLM you don’t realize the amount of damage you’ve done because your using flawed science that you were informed about 30 YEARS ago!


  20. It is possible that Obama tolerated Salazar because he needed to win Colorado in both elections. Obama did appoint Jewell although we still do not know what that means. But I remind myself that Obama had a lot on his plate with two wars, a depression and healthcare to name a few. Perhaps we are getting a reprieve. Yes, I know, hope springs eternal.


  21. make them microchip every animal. If the dept of wildlife can radio collar turkeys the blm can microchip every horse. For gods sake the kill sellers have to microchip every slaughter horse at the mexico border.

    the readers are cheap and some models are pass close readers, it would be much easier to catch the damn pochers and id the wild horses ending up as tripping fodder at the usa roman circus rodeos and in the kill pens across america.


  22. and the 24/7 cameras on their holding areas, long and short term. Plus at all gathers.

    The camera links located on the main website so the public can observe at any time.

    If all cities/zoos/parks across america can run public webcams so can the BLM.


  23. I like the idea of 24/7 cameras – maybe, just maybe, then we could actually KNOW what they are doing to the horses. Can you see the BLM agreeing to that?


  24. HEADS UP EVERYONE – Monday June 10 at NOON PACIFIC DAYLIGHT TIME check out opb.org/thinkoutloud. This is a radio show part of Oregon Public Broadcasting. You can READ the wild horse discussion topic right now by going to the website opb.org/thinkoutloud. Already the website’s comments section is reflecting “horse eater” comments (“let’s eat ’em”). The BLM in Oregon is a disgrace and their agenda terrifyingly scary and is in fact seen by many as opening the door to again sending the wild horses directly to slaughter because their “contraceptive” plan is poorly conceived (sorry about the pun) and undoubtedly will be even more poorly executed. I see the fine hand of Dave Duquette behind the scenes here….you all probably know that Oregon is one of the states where pro-slaughter is trying very hard to gain a foothold with the horse-eater lobby aiming for the old Hermiston slaughter plant to re-open.

    I suggest people flood the phone lines on Monday’s show and start filling the comments sections on the website, because the mods of the “Think out loud” format are MOST definitely NOT people who care about horses – that could be seen quite well in former Think Out Loud airings with similar topics where those who care about all horses were pretty ruthlessly shut out.


    • DBD was soundly defeated in his hometown when he suggested opening up a horse slaughtering plant. Between DB and those horse tripping fools it’s a wonder all the horses haven’t headed for the hills.


  25. Absolutely Loved this RT !!!! And this last remark last the awesome ending !!!! It’s all about the horses; don’t you EVER forget it!


  26. ALERT….Comments due today:

    Urgent! Wyoming roundups cause environmental damage

    Your comments are urgently needed to help Wyoming’s wild horses today!
    You do not need to live in the U.S.A. to comment as we know Wyoming tourism draws people to the state from around the world to see native wild horses.

    The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the roundup and removal of wild horses from the “Checkerboard” region HMAs–Adobe Town and Salt Wells Creek (ATSW) in the Red Desert of Wyoming. The EA reads:
    “All wild horses on private lands and on the checkerboard lands within the ATSW Complex would be removed in accordance with the 2013 Consent Decree.”

    Since wild horses move freely from public land to private land in the “Checkerboard” region, will they chase the native wild horses with helicopters on to private land to remove as many as possible from the entire public-private land region? They have chased them on to public land in the past to trap them.

    Does this roundup have a back-room connection to BP America’s Continental Divide – Creston (CD-C) natural gas project that will frack 8,950 new gas wells? The massive CD-C project already has 4,400 existing oil and gas wells.

    Watch GASLAND Part II on HBO July 8th to see the answer to that question.

    Comments are due to BLM Wyoming by 4:30 p.m. Central Time, June 10, 2013.

    We encourage you to select Alternative C, No Action Alternative, No removal
    Email your comments to Jay D’Ewart, Wild Horse and Burro Specialist, using this email address: AdobeTown_SaltWells_HMA_WY@blm.gov with “ATSW Public Comment” in the subject line.


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