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Reminder: It’s illegal to approach, feed, touch wild horses in Corolla

SOURCE: by Todd Corillo

click on Image to View Video

click on Image to View Video

Corolla, N.C. (WTKR) – Despite all the outreach and education, it seems some people still aren’t getting the message not to do dangerous things around the wild horses in Corolla.

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund is warning visitors NOT to approach, touch or try to feed the wild horses on the beaches.

On Sunday, a visitor to the Outer Banks snapped photos of a family with children climbing sand dunes and getting dangerously close to the horses.

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund posted the pictures to their Facebook page on Wednesday.

In one photo, two children can be seen less than a foot away from a wild horse while trying to feed it. In another, a man can be seen taking photos of the kids interacting with the horses within a dangerous proximity.

“I think it’s because our horses don’t run when they see people, people assume that they are not wild and that’s a very dangerous misconception,” Corolla Wild Horse Fund Executive Director Karen McCalpin told NewsChannel 3′s Todd Corillo.

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