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Multi-Millionaire Cowpoke Ladd Drummond & Pioneer Woman put on explosive fireworks show for wild horses AGAIN!

by Debbie Coffey, V.P. and Director of Wild Horse Affairs, Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Once again, multi-millionaire cowpoke Ladd Drummond and wife, Ree (the multi-millionaire “Pioneer Woman”), “treated” the wild horses under his care in Long Term Holding on their pastures (and likely a couple of other nearby Long Term Holding pastures) to another loud fireworks show for the 4th of July.


(Ladd Drummond photo: 

On July 4th, 2014, Ree Drummond wrote on her Pioneer Woman website:

“Well, fireworks had to be obtained.  I’ll just leave it at that until my Fireworks 2014 post on Monday.  Warning: You might need sunglasses in order to read it!  My husband and his brother have still not learned the fine art of subtlety when it comes to purchasing legalized explosives.

And actually, you might need a welding mask in order to read it.  The photos will burn holes in your retinas!”

Then, on 7/7/14, Ree posted videos of the fireworks HERE.  (Be sure to watch these so you can imagine how much the wild horses liked them.  Also, notice the last photo, which shows the many empty fireworks boxes being thrown into the back of a truck.  We’re not talking about a few sparklers here.)

Under one video, Ree wrote “And here’s where all eight kids wound up trembling on my lap.  And a couple of parents, too.”

(I’m surprised 2,931 wild horses didn’t end up on her lap!)

We wrote about the Drummonds and fireworks in 2011 (READ HERE).

In 2012 I sent an e-mail to BLM’s Joan Guilfoyle, Dean Bolstad and Mike Pool informing them:

“Once again, Ladd Drummond, who has a wild horse long term holding contract in Oklahoma, put on a really big 4th of July fireworks show (see link below) on his property. These weren’t just a few sparklers, but what seemed to be hundreds of 500 gram fireworks (there are quite a few photos of the many boxes, including a box of 9 “One Bad Mothers”).

His LTH pasture and another wild horse long term pasture are only a few miles apart.  How do you think the wild horses fared during the big fireworks show, with the loud noise and the fireworks bursting in the air? (The fireworks could probably be seen for miles, since Oklahoma is relatively flat.)  

Do you consider a fireworks show to be in violation of the BLM contract with this long term facility?  If not, why not?  We look forward to your response.”

There was never any response from Guilfoyle, Bolstad or Pool.

But, there WAS another article on the fireworks in 2013 (READ HERE).

This is another example showing that the BLM doesn’t seem to care about the welfare of the wild horse & burros.  But we do.  And, with your help, we’ll continue to fight for the rights of the wild horses & burros to live on their federally protected Herd Management Areas with their family bands.

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  1. Ignorant! Simply ignorant. Like rodeos the animals suffer for human ‘entertainment’. How simple a person must be to overlook (ignore) the repercussions of such pernicious behaviour…


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  2. Ignorance; stupidity!!!!!! He should not be allowed to have these poor horses on his property!! Too bad, that the fireworks didn’t blow up in his face. The BLM is one of the self-serving, corrupt agencies in the US.!!


    • The BLM probably pays someone to light them for him with our tax money….. I doubt that he or his ugly wife ever get a nail dirty….

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  3. Steve you are so right the ignorance the absolute ignorance of some people in regards to animals.
    and Arlene there is a big dose of karma coming their way – hope we are around to see it.

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  4. We should send them RT s book, just think of the wonderful things they could do for our Mustangs , think they are worth trying to show to them the wonders that are missing from their life s…………….. There is no better teacher then the Horse !!!!!

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    • Afraid they are just a bunch of lazy over grown white trash, they don’t care not one bit for the cows or horses they are dealing with they just want more more more (money)

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  5. These people are just sick. They scare their own family and expect the horses to take it in stride? How many horses get sick just from the stress this causes? Watch the damn fireworks on tv, for crying out loud. Fireworks should be legal only when done by professionals.

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    • Folks, keep an eye out for comments that might be posted by Pioneer Woman’s
      PR people or fans. For us, it’s all about the horses.

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  6. I despise these people getting rich off the taxpayers money by warehousing these poor mustangs. They’re multi-millionaires and they don’t care about anybody or anything but themselves. I’ve watched that idiot Ree Drummond’s “cooking” show. She can’t cook, talks like a teenager and is so awkward in front of the camera it’s unbelievable. I’m sure she’s paying Food Network to run her horrible show because she has absolutely no talent. She rips off her “recipes” from church cookbooks and the backs of boxes. It’s horrible what they get away with and how America’s mustangs are treated!

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    • I’m sure you are so right, just watching her on her “cooking show” it is plain to see she’s just thrown together a dish of whatever ,awkwardly, probably has someone helping her with the production part of putting the food on plates + etc.


  7. Well, got to hand it to her, she has got the fine art of using the thesaurus down. She went and used a big word, “retina.”. Not to quibble, but there are very large pens in this sanctuary, into which thehorses are brought rregularly for counting. Ah, and further, if you need a welding mask, you are talking some lumens that not many of you have seen or should because as she so plainly stated – you will burn your retinas!!!!. Much more intense than mere lightning – which if congruent in one area (such as this lengthy fireworks display) will scare the manure out of any horse and cause them to move away. Repeated affronts on their senses and they may very well stampede. Not to mention the concussive sound waves, which we are all familiar with having been in witness of many grand finales!

    I’d say, this fireworks display if it can be judged by the boxes of empties – and unless they make a practice of traveling wiith empties is a good indication of of this contractor overplaying his casual relationship so many take when abusing animals.

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    • Completly full of it,how could anyone trust these people ,look at the kind of work their in they’d have done anything to turn a dollar and at anyone elses expense as well.

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  8. You and I have paid the Drummond family $20,801,663 in the last ten years for holding our wild horses when those same wild horses already had a home on their legally authorized land.

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    • yes we did, really digusting, we keep paying for ANIMAL ABUSE???????? there must be away to cut them off ourself………………….


    • That is A LOT of money for renting land. Corruption. Call it for what it is. And I hear he also still runs cattle. I bet his accountant is paid very well to keep all the subsidies, grant and per diem money, revenues from the books and shows in their proper income brackets.

      Does anyone know if he pays taxes on that free and clear 2+ million a year we pay them? Wouldn’t be a bit surprised but that they don’t put the cost of running the ranch against that income for the land rental. No care other than euthanization is what we pay them for. One sex herds.

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      • Probably not but who knows for sure, he is well connected to the big cheeses in DC, and used his connections to get away with much to much, looks like to all of us. Wish he+she could be stopped.

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    • Grandma Gregg always great to hear your informed posts, as well as RT.’s and all others, so sad we can’t seem to get a handle on this white trash, and all the other crooks profitting on the Wild American Horses+Burros, who don’t deserve this treatment, it should be focused on ree and laddy the dick head.

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    • We all pay for the few + the greedy, who are making millions with animal abuse+death, the drummonds happen to be one of the filthy families who are using our land+our tax dollars, all of our public resources to kill+maim for their convenience and to pump up their bank balance, they need 2B held accountable certainly.


  9. Really you guys, these horses are used to mega Oklahoma thunderstorms, tornadoes, etc. etc. They could all be warehoused at places like the Palomino Valley pens in 100+ deg heat with no shelter, dying of dehydration, strangles, salmonella or broken spirit. At least they’re not being “triaged” and made into compost !

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      • Yes, it should be dealt with, but by moving legislation like REVA HR 3432 out of sub-committee, writing Congressman, Adam Smith (D- WA)and co-sponsors and members on the sub-committees before it dies in committee. Tell you what – I’ll write to the Drummonds and ask if they would support keeping wild horses on the range And further, would they support private third party buyouts of Public Range grazing for the benefit of the wild horses and other wildlife on HMAs.


      • Say at 20+ million over 10 years, the numbers break down to over 173,000 a month, which breaks down to 1155 horses per month average if the charge is 5 a day per horse. That is a lot of horses.

        Now WHY are we paying 5 a day per horse when we charge cattle and sheep 1.35 per month?

        Things just don’t always make sense.


      • Dear janwindsong , This can be remedied so easily,at minamal cost, all that needs to be done is PUT OUR MUSTANGS back where they have always belonged, and help them when they need it !!!!!!!! this is much easier then catching and terrorizing these wonderful, awesome Royal America Ambassadors of Freedom………..Without one negative reason not to…………………they have proven without a shadow of a doubt they are a possitvely needed and wanted by all and also wildlife , the land , they are the only possitive Animal on this Planet !!!!!!!!


      • The Negativety that surrounds them is a totally Evil Greedfilled nonsense , trumped up by those who have exployted them for Years………………….Why Congress doesnt see this it, is beyond all clear thinking ???????????? Please get a darn glue already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Very sad to think how they are suffering, at the conveniece of the primadonnas in powhuska OK, may they eventually kiss all of our derriers please, including our Equine friends as well.

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  10. Oh My Gosh. I sit here, saving every dollar, little by little, trying to pay for rescues myself, as it costs so much to get tax exempt status. I pray these people truly take care of the Wild horses that belong to America!!!! Belong???? to who????

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    On Sunday June 29, 2014 I drove by BLM’s Palomino Valley Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Center. It was closed to the public, but that’s not why it looked deserted.
    This morning I called Jeb Beck, temporary director of the Palomino Valley Wild Horse and Burro Adoption center was that I saw so few horses.

    I was told that although a few new horses had come in — “nuisance” horses baited trapped in Ely — and some horses were out of sight in corrals where there hooves were being trimmed — I wasn’t seeing things. There really were fewer mustangs.
    Instead of the usual 1300 captives, the corrals held 950.

    Beck told me that young horses were being moved around for adoptions and older mares (5-6 years old) were trucked to the corrals at the Carson City prison, “…in case we ended up with an emergency and we’re full.”

    I hope there’s no emergency, hope the horses head uphill, find water and safe haven where they can raise their foals in peace.

    But if there is a summer emergency, I sure hope it’s not heat-related.
    I took this photo a few weeks ago when the horses were scrunched down in a low spot still damp from rain earlier that week.

    Yesterday, I still didn’t see shade for this week’s 100+ temperature.
    There’s nowhere to get out of the sun.
    Eyes open, all. The horses need our help.

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  12. America’s Federally Protected Wild Horses and Burros should NEVER have been removed from their Legal Herd Areas in the first place.

    What’s Left? (excerpts)
    As the united call to stop BLMs unchecked assault on the American mustang & burro continues to gain momentum, with over 180 organizations and celebrities now supporting a moratorium to halt any further removals until key issues can be resolved, here’s one more reason to demand a “cease and desist” until a full scale investigation can be conducted on the Wild Horse & Burro Program to determine what’s really left out on the range.

    Since 2001, BLM has reported removing over 80,000 wild horses and burros at an average of 10,000 animals per year. Despite these aggressive efforts, they continue to report little to no impact has been made on reining in their “excess” populations, a nebulous term BLM continues to define and an even more elusive goal they never seem able to achieve.

    In the spring of 2009, BLM reported over 37,000 wild horses and burros still roamed free on public lands throughout the West but if you look at the numbers, serious questions arise as to the validity of these claims.

    In July 2008, an independent analysis examined BLMs statistics and found a very different scenario than what BLM continued to report regarding the number of animals still remaining on the range published in, “America’s Mustangs and Burros: What’s Left, The High Cost of Miscalculating and Will They Survive?”

    Still, the round ups continued….

    Until Congress demands an independent count of the populations BLM has been reporting, both on and off the range, the evidence continues to mount that “What’s Left?” has reached critical levels of concern.


  13. How about freedom from unnecessary physical and mental stress from fireworks explosions?

    Excerpts from the LTH contract:
    Reference/Contract # L13PS00528

    Criterion 5 – Safety and Well-Being
    The proposal shall include a detailed discussion including freedom from conditions, hazards, or objects that could adversely affect the safety of the horses, such as fire, oil wells, abandoned equipment, abandoned fencing, weather extremes, wild fire
    and road traffic, etc.

    PS: Veterinary Care- The BLM will provide and pay for a veterinarian to treat sick or injured horses.


  14. And they claim to be the experts? Hell, my neighbors did some small fireworks and showed concern for my horses ability to handle it …of course I walked into the barn and saw four butts with their eyes looking to the sky, watching the show. However what you have just described is far beyond what my babies saw or heard….. Again, the BLM in action… Thank God there’s Only one forth of July..


  15. There was no answer from them because they believe because they are wealthy they are above the law and above having to be accountable. People keep voting into office politicians who care only about pleasing the very rich -making it easy for Ladd Drummond and other idiots to be completely UN-accountable. These politicians care zero about animals to the point of exterminating them if it serves their purpose.


  16. I have come to find out the Drummond (Ladd) family has made millions of govt subsidy dollars from keeping the eild hotses on his ranch…The BLM obviously dosn’t care about the DRUMMOND’s lack of empathy for the horses, the “care” supposedly given which is meant to be provided by knowledgeable, experienced adults and NOT children, ( DRUMMONDS OWN WHO, of course are provided care for the horses by pushing hay off a truck) and thus qualify for some of aforementioned subsidy $$$ for the family! Quite a nicec scam, especially since the Drummond family are steadfast proponents AGAINST HORSE ANTI -CRUELTY LAWS!: meaning, they are all for horse slaughter!! WELL, ISN’T THAT CONVENIENT!!! They get millions to home these wild horses, have contracts to take care of them, receive govt subsidies for the horse care and let your inexperienced children be the main caretakers, be indifferent to the horses actualy needs, frighten the hell out of the horses every chance you get including every INDEPENDENCE DAY, SETTING OFF TREMENDOUS FIREWORKS DISPLAYS NEAR THE HORSE HERDS, totally use the hirses as a ways and means to make money and to appear as if you sre kind, generous, compassionate, empathetic, people, when, in fact, you are in reality, using the horses to simply make fortunes at the horses expense, their very lives! SHAME BE ON THESE PEOPLE! They are corrupt and slimey, crerpy to the very core! And to think I bought her cookbooks ! I am disgusted beyond reproach! All it took was a bit of research!


  17. The Dtummonf families are one of the wealthiest and largest landowners on Oklahoma; close friends include state and federal judge whom, I am sure they have in their pockets. That being said and after much research I found that the Ree & Ladd Drummond family (including all children) are being paid, with BLM contractsvto feed ( fatten up) the THOUSANDS of wild horses until, in his words “are processed,” which means they are sent to slaughter by the dozens. The health, safety, peace, contentment of the horses are of little concern to them as they are nothing hut commodities for them to exploit! Not only are the horses treated with indifference to their safety and best interests but Ree Drummondis capitalizing on the horses by using rheir photograps in marketing her cheap, Chinese- made products which are hawked at WalMart! Thesebpeople are nothing but scumbags taking advantage of the idiotic, brutal, horrific BLM policies to get rid of as many wild horses as possible! I gave even contacted Food Network twice with ZERO feedback on how Drummond’s popularity on their network is truly flaunting their ingenious method of getting richer from the slaughter of our noble wild horses!

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  18. The reason the Drummond ranchers are given carte blanche to torture beautiful wild horses and other animals is simply a matter of money. Thanks to the snatching of land from the Oklahoma native. Ree and Ladd do as they please for self enjoyment they are entitled privileged people who have gotten away with more than the average person would. It’s thoroughly disgusting and a mockery is made of animal welfare. Shame on these people. Not to mention the “pi-neer” woman as she so pathetically pronounced it is a self glorified individual with zero talent for real cooking and quite frankly a racist. Who blogs about having a “black Pants Paaa” because her grandfather was tan with callused hands. This woman is deeply disturbed from her deep fixation on Hi- her BFF as though she must prove she has a friend to the difference in the way she says words varying from sentence to sentence is…puhtatuh potatoes, fixing fixin, cookin to cooking, damatuhs to tomatoes this group is out of touch.

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