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BLM Releases 2014 Roundup Schedule Devastating to Red Desert Wild Horses

By Carol Walker ~ Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation
as published on Wild Hoofbeats

“Week by week, month by month and year by year the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) chisels away at what few herds of wild horses and burros remain on public lands while giving more and more concessions to welfare grazing interests.  While screaming that they have no money nor room for former free equines the BLM announced last week that they are going to rip yet another 2,500 equines from their rightful homes and virtually “zero out” or totally destroy several long standing Wyoming herds.

Equine photographer, and Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation, Carol Walker has taken the time to put the the math to the BLM schedule and sheds light on a very serious situation in her latest blog post.  Please check back often as we will attempt to keep you abreast of this rapidly developing story as the future well being of thousands of wild equines hangs in the balance as the BLM dances with the law and climbs into bed with private, profiteering grazing interests.” ~ R.T.

Mares rounded up in Salt Wells Creek in December 2013 ~ photo by Carol Walker

The BLM has finally released its roundup schedule for 2014:

On this schedule are three roundups in Wyoming:

Adobe Town 8/20 – 8/24, plan to remove 177 wild horses

Salt Wells Creek 8/24 – 8-28, plan to remove 228 wild horses

Great Divide Basin 8/28 – 9/10,  plan to remove 541 wild horses

This is despite having just rounded up and removed 586 wild horses from Salt Wells Creek and Adobe Town in December 2013.

Looking at the numbers provided by the BLM, Great Divide Basin will be virtually zeroed out after this roundup and removal. The AML for the area is 415-600 wild horses. At their May 2013 count they said there were 439 horses and they estimated that there would be 579 in the summer of 2014.  Removing 541 would be almost all,  if not all, of them.

In Salt Wells Creek, the AML is 251-365. In their projected estimate before the 2013 roundup the BLM said there were 823 wild horses, they removed 586,  and they plan to remove 228. Even estimating a 20% population increase this year, this would bring the population below low AML.

In Adobe Town, the AML is 610-800 wild horses. The BLM projected the population to be 624 in 2013, they removed 14 in 2013 and they plan to remove 177, Even estimating a 20% increase in population this year, this would bring the population below low AML.

Currently, the Resource Management Plans for both the Rock Springs and Rawlins Areas are being revised. It is during the Resource Management Revision process that AML can be changed for herd management areas and herd management areas can be changed to herd areas, allowing them to be zeroed out. This process has NOT happened yet…(CONTINUED)

Click (HERE) to read the rest of the story

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    • Your right I don’t think it will ever stop. We have always fallowed the law, but, they continue removing and killing. They were suppose to out of funds, as Garnet would say, “They’ll find the money somewhere”. Sure enough. When you live in Nevada, you have to deal with people like Reid, who don’t give a rat’s ____! Along with the sidekicks, like Heller. We can only keep getting the word out there, sending out the information that RT, Ginger, & Laura send us. They along with others, like Holland,Preservation Campaign. Everyone, TAKE CARE & STAY SAFE. DON’T TRUST OR BELIEVE THE BLM.


  1. I have quit eating beef because every time you eat a steak or a hamburger, it’s helping to destroy the wild horses. If all the horse lovers in this country would stop eating beef, maybe the BLM would open their eyes. But they are a bunch of murders. They are killing our wild life and our heritage.They must be stopped. If I was well, I would be out there breaking down those fences.


      • I had a couple of beef biscuits a few weeks ago. Oh my did I pay for it the next day! I had gone well over a year since I had had beef. Happily I’m back to no beef. I think I feel better physically. Emotionally? NO question.

        The WY thing is TOTAL collusion. BLM told the grazing association to sue them so as to remove the horses. So just from that we know BLM was not going speak up for the horses best interest.

        And the wife of the former governor was the one who ajudicated this case. You really think that a former governor/cattle rancher’s wife is going to find for the horses?

        The only thing I can do is NOT travel to Rock Springs. I wish it were legal to file state income tax returns and get back all the monies I paid in taxes. But they tell me I can’t. I’d just love to stick ’em the best I can after how they’ve treated the horses.

        All of this is because of that stoopid checkerboard pattern which someone knew way back when that it would set the horses up for failure. Ranchers suck.


    • the real in the export of american beef ,americans only consume appox. 10%of the beef raised in this country . main country that gets the beef and if i;m not mistaken the baltic nations, i’m not sure, i’ll look it up again . guess what i’m saying is knowing that they dam sure should not be getting the the preference that they do! think maybe it’s time to take the horses off the range our selves . why can’t we get someone to like host the online adoption and bring it to the attention of some of the newcasters about the online adoptions ,too. i really hate this REGIME we live under where everything wrong is right and everything right is wrong ……go figure ????



    Click to access 2014-16226_PI.pdf

    Filed 07/10/2014
    Deposits owned by the United States of America in Sweetwater County, Wyoming . … written notice to both the BLM and Bridger Coal Company, … the Federal Register. … City, UT 84116 and the BLM Wyoming State Office


  3. I’ve found that contacting your representatives in Washington gets you nothing but a form letter reply and numerous requests for campaign contributions. Too bad there is not some box to check on your taxes to either specify what you would like to contribute to or not to contribute to. As long as there is money to be made exploiting wild horses and public lands, this insanity will not stop. Wonder how they’ll line their pockets when they have raped the land of everything of value? I also stopped eating beef and pork, and never ate lamb. But since the welfare ranchers are shipping their beef out of the country, I doubt every horse advocate stopping eating beef would have any effect on their financial situation, especially since our government would then pay them for their losses. Welcome to America, where the government will subsidize you if you are poor or wealthy. You are screwed if you are just a hard working person somewhere in the middle.


  4. The buffalo were killed and eliminated because of competition for rangeland with the cattle. BUT the Horses and Burros have the LAW on their side. 1971. BLM was originally Animal Control until they changed their name. Because it was negative connotation I am guessing.


  5. they keep going he BLM will have all the wild horses off the land that belongs to them, those of you who thought the President would be on our side, have you changed your mind yet? Call the white house and tell them what you think. The messages go to the president.. 1 202 456 1111, we need all the help we can get to save the wild horses. Or they will be gone off the land for ever.


  6. Why can’t we get out there: ” 60 minutes “, “20 minutes America “, “Gary Cooper”, “Activists from ALL Organizations”, “People, People, People”, the outcry of the Public, teachers , PEOPLE !!! Let it been known, Loud, what the BLM, the NAZI of this country is DOING !!! ” Killing. Our. Horses “. ” KILLING. OUR. HORSES “. Where are the. PEOPLE, to say. NO, NO, NO, We Won’t. Allow. This, Where are the TV stations, Radio stations, Talk shows, The Wild Horses Belong to them, to All of us. We Have to STOP this, before it is to Late, All those wonderful, Healthy Beautyfull Wild Horses will be killed, FOR. WHAT ??? So. the. BLM, the Nazi’s will put the. CATLE there, the land what. BELONGS To the Wild Horses Where are the people, to. Say. NO. NO. NO, ( If I didn’t have a Sroke, right sides mostly parralized , I would be there).


  7. you know what I cant stand the BLM I thought years ago when I was young girl they were friends of the horses& keep them safe. well that’s abunch of bull they just want ti rid of them so the fat rangers will leavethem alone . well one day they will see what they did & cant undothe thing they did to the wild horrse’s


  8. PLEASE stop eating BEEF….if you must eat meat ,exist on poultry, pork or fish…or do yourself a healthy favor and go vegetarian for a year. Ranchers will drastically cut their herds down if there is no market for them,,,beef prices are at an all time high, so everyone wants to be a rancher to cash in….


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