The Force of the Horse

Video: Restore Your Faith in Humanity in 4 Minutes Flat

“A special heart warming ‘Feel Good Sunday’ submission from our good friend, Grandma Gregg!  I will say no more other than you should have tissues handy as this production made this hardened old coot’s eyes leak.  Keep the faith my very fine friends!!!” ~ R.T.

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  1. I didn’t think it was possible to restore my faith in humanity! Some of those animal looked so happy – especially one of the dogs, a husky. I loved the little mountain goat or sheep the climber saved too – and the little ducks, all of them, really. Thank you! :’)


  2. Yes – we need to keep positive because most people will do the right thing when it comes to helping those in need whether they’re two legged, or feathered or furry four legged ones. Tks to Grandma Gregg for an uplifting video.


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