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Wild horses shot to death in Straight Creek area (known as Dingo) in Kentucky

Wild horses at Dingo shot to death
by Joe P. Asher

Over two dozen wild horses that roam an area of Straight Creek known as Dingo are reportedly dead.

Dingo HorsesMarcella Chadwick, CEO of the Harlan County Humane Society, said a total of 28 horses had been discovered dead as of Friday afternoon.“People that live over there keep us informed as to what’s going on with the horses because we’re kind of over them (the horses) now,” said Chadwick. “They called me this morning and they’ve found mares and foals that have been shot and just left.  They’re dead.  It’s been probably two days ago when they were shot.”

Chadwick said the Humane Society is offering a reward for information leading to the conviction of the person or persons responsible for killing the horses.  “We’re doing a $3,000 reward,” said Chadwick.  Chadwick said the reward will be paid upon conviction.  “They can’t just come and tell me, they’ve got to be willing to go to court,” said Chadwick.Chadwick said the horses appear to have been shot with a firearm powerful enough to go all the way through the animals.

“We fought tooth and nail to keep those horses from going to slaughter,” said Chadwick.A previous report states the horses were the center of a disagreement between the Harlan County Humane Society and Sequoia Energy over whether the horses would have to be moved from the Dingo area they have occupied for decades.“The only way we can stop this is if the public helps us,” said Chadwick. “It’s a cruel, sick thing for somebody to do.  Some of the horses were gut shot so it’s taken days for them to die, which is cruel and inhumane.  These horses aren’t bothering anybody, they’re up on top of a mountain. We need the public’s help.”Kentucky State Police Det. Craig Miller is investigating the report of the missing horses.  Miller said around 38 horses have been reported missing.

If anybody has any information about the incident, contact the Harlan County Humane Society at 606-573-0016 or any law enforcement agency.

Joe P. Asher may be reached at 606-573-4510, ext. 1161 or on Twitter #joe_hde

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  1. This is really sick! I hope those responsible will be found and held responsible for the loss of these beautiful animals….they were bothering no one! Such a senseless and cruel act.


  2. People like this do not a drop of respect for anyone or anything.
    Not only were some shot but 38 others are missing … and where do you suppose they went.
    I hope they find these #&$! horse-killing-thieving people and put them away forever.
    So disgusting and so sad.


  3. This is horrible. The first place to look might be USDA’s Wild Life Services. Under the 97 IPPC wild horses as well as domestic horses are considered alien, invasive potential pests of plants, and they are to be prevented, controlled and eradicated. Of course, domestic and privately owned cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs are also considered feral animals under, the new unwritten IPPC—Cliven Bundy’s cattle that were killed and bull-dozed over by BLM.


  4. These horses have been on the mountains in eastern KY for decades. Although not wild horses like those out West they had gone wild. A few years ago a coal mining company tried to get them removed but a lawyer was hired and the owner of the land, who’d only leased it to the coal co. , allowed the horses to stay.. I never did get to go see them because of the distance but this breaks my heart. It has made the TV news so I pray whoever did this is caught. I’d like to see them hung.


  5. Only God or the devil knows who could do such an evil, cruel thing. I hope they get what they deserve one day. I hope that someone will be good enough, if they know anything, to nail this bastard or bastards.

    It could be anybody – energy companies, coal companies, our own government, DNA-challenged teenagers (there was a terrible story about some kids who snuck onto someone’s property and tried to strangle a horse, it had to be euthanized. Just think of how bad someone would have to be to do this sort of thing.


  6. As I commented on the article – what kind of human is so threatened by a wild animal that’s not under their control – their only answer is to kill them & make them suffer! Oh wait – the same kind that’s destroying the wild horses & burros out West.


  7. Seventy five horses died recently under the care of the BLM and now several have been brutally murdered in Dingo.

    Here’s my letter to the BLM Advisory Board and to Sally Jewell. And YOURS? If you would like to express your feelings, here are the addresses: wild and

    And this was the subject line;

    “The Death of at least 75 Horses at the BLM

    To the Board members of the BLM Wild Horse and Advisory Board:

    You as members of this board are, in my opinion, responsible for the death of these Wild Horses, and the deaths of many other BLM-supervised horses, information about which has been unsuccessfully kept from the public; this is the last straw.

    Return the Wild Horses and Burros to OUR public lands and do what the BLM was actually authorized to do – to care for and to maintain them – not kill them secretly or while rounding them up for penning, or quietly arranging for them to be slaughtered either through hidden legislative amendments, or open contracts with Kill Buyers, and now allowing them to die a horrific death of starvation and thirst from what I believe to be criminal negligence while in those pens.

    The intent of the 1971 Roam Free legislation must be honored. An outbreak of anger and hatred is taking place. The theft of these WH&B’s rights and their legal designation to our public lands has been undermined secretly, and openly, in behalf of private interests, by horse haters and the BLM for decades. This must stop now. I particularly relate to those of you on the Board who are known to be Wild Horse haters. Do not make the mistake of continuing to front for those corrupted ranchers who want these horses dead or for the energy companies who want them removed.

    Recent polls indicate that as much or more than 80% of Americans know how the WH&Bs are being treated and strongly dislike it. The public knows this because a huge movement has developed among the thousands of us out here who deeply care about OUR American Wild Horses and we are “Mad as Hell”.

    There is an equally large movement against American horse slaughter, and it is well known that many WH&Bs have been secreted off to slaughter in Canada and Mexico where these fearful, prey animals are tortured, injured, severely frightened, and callously betrayed with days of ghastly transport deprived of food or water through inclement weather to the eventual horror of vivisection all in plain view of their fellow horses being prodded or stabbed forward to a similar vicious and cruel death process.

    The zeroing out of our WH&Bs by the BLM is a deliberate and illegal act. It must stop. The miscalculations of the BLM as to ratios of horses to land has led to as many as 50 permitted cattle to every legally designated horse, yet you are removing the horses and increasing the cattle. This is worse than illegal. It is a betrayal to all Americans. These are OUR horses and we demand that they be restored to their lands where they maintain the brush preventing fires, nomadically spread well fertilized grass seeds, and are well documented as the saviors of our plains whereas the cattle and sheep destroy the water holes with their cloven hooves and kill the grass and flora. Slowly our ranges are dying as a direct cause by the removal of the WH&Bs and are being destroyed by the ever increasing numbers of cattle and sheep being wrongly permitted to graze there by the BLM.

    Our public lands are not to be used for private profit. Every horse that is removed or dies in removal or is penned and dies, dies because of the use of public money and public government to further private profit; IT IS ILLEGAL! And it is immoral.

    Time has run out. Take responsibility for the lives of these American icons. Archeology and paleontology has effectively and honestly proven that the horse is most likely the oldest living mammal in North America and has been here for 38 to 55 million years. Recent fossil finds indicate that the horse never went extinct in North America and actually as a Native of North America crossed the Bering Straits and populated Asia and Europe. Native Americans rode horses for hundreds of years prior to the arrival of the Spaniards. Anything saying otherwise are falsehoods made up to support the WH&Bs removal from public land for the benefit of private individuals – the Cliven Bundys and others equally as unscrupulous.

    The world’s horses originated from our American horse and they should be honored and respected by all Americans. No more lies. Our American Wild Horses and Burros are not “feral pests”. They did not come across in mated pairs in tiny sailing ships full of hay from Spain. Even if they had, they would be considered Returned Natives.

    You will have read this and realize that I am very angry not just about the 75 horses you have allowed to die of negligence, but for the thousands of Wild Horses and Burros who have been shot, run to death with helicopters, penned, and sent to slaughter – who have been famously betrayed by the very government agency authorized to protect them.

    Undo what you have allowed to happen; return our Native American icons safely back to their ranges and keep our public lands public. Stop giving out leases for grazing and drilling and fracking.

    Elaine Brown
    Sunland, CA


  8. Reblogged this on ephemeral spirit and commented:
    There is so little one can say when you have to read something like this. It makes me so angry, so sad, so crazy… there are real devils on this Earth, and they must be found and stopped! Whatever it takes!


  9. I just read about this in the Courier Journal. The coal company was complaining because the horses were eating the grass they planted. Why couldn’t they fence the grass in? This is just horrible that someone would do this to these beautiful horses. I didn’t realize we had wild horses in Kentucky. Laws need to be made to protect all animals in this country. People are becoming barbaric in the treatment of animals.


  10. Completely Evil, demented and deranged Morons, this S–t has got to be stopped …………………………………………………..


  11. So very low; cruel!!!!! These horses bother noone.. It takes an evil, cold-hearted so-called person to commit such a barbaric act. May whoever did this, suffer greatly. Indeed, the devil is having a field day.


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