Public comment sought on Pryor wild horse population control programs


photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

BILLINGS – The Bureau of Land Management Billings Field Office is beginning a public comment period on an environmental assessment which analyzes the continued use of fertility control on the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range, the agency said in a press release Tuesday.

The agency is accepting public comment and is requesting any information, data or analysis pertinent to the environmental analysis for 30 days beginning Jan. 20, 2015. The environmental assessment is available for review by visiting the field office website at

Fertility control has been used to control the wild horse population since 2001. The current fertility control program began in 2011 and expires this year. A new proposal, based on the results from existing and previous treatments, is being developed.

“The Billings Field Office is excited to be on the cusp of nearly eliminating the need for wild horse removals due to the use of fertility control administered in the field,” said Billings Field Manager Jim Sparks.

The environmental assessment looks at two alternatives. The proposed action was developed based on results from the 2011-2015 fertility control using a vaccine. It is composed of a specific treatment prescription along with allowing for other management steps depending on changes in the wild horse herd.

The no action alternative is the continuation of existing fertility control treatment.

Comments can be emailed to by Feb. 18, 2015. Written comments may be mailed or hand delivered to James M. Sparks, Billings Field Office, 5001 Southgate Drive, Billings, MT 59101.

The BLM will issue a final decision at a later date.

The agency warned that including your address, phone number, email address or other personal identifying information in your comment to be aware that your entire comment, including your personal identifying information, may be made publicly available at any time. While you can ask the agency in your comment to withhold your personal identifying information from public review, it cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so.

If you have questions or would like to request a hard copy of the EA, please contact Jared Bybee at the Billings Field Office at (406) 896.5223.

17 comments on “Public comment sought on Pryor wild horse population control programs

  1. I got one of these letters from the BLM and am looking for info. I’m not a fan of PZP but according to the above it is working and it could stop round ups. I’ve heard it said that PZP will cause sterilization of the horses but can’t find the documentation. Can anyone tell me where to find it? Thanks!


  2. I heard that also , I’m a little confused tho . why exactly are they asking for public comments if the program is working ? Are they planning a round-up of the pryors horses to give more treatment that could be done on the range without a round-up. Have any of the mares given birth to live foals since the start of use of this drug and will the officials be letting the mares treated give birth after the two year period of taking the drug. There are still a lot unknowns about this drug ,don’t get me wrong -if it keeps the horses on the range I’m for but is the b.l.m. going to act responsible and give the mares time tn between treatment in order for them not to go sterile ? Please give us more information on this , I can read the about the drug on their website but I don’t understand it.


    • Cindy, in regards to you asking if any mares have given birth since they have been using this drug. Yes there have been foals born up on the Pryor Mtns. However, it is not always from the mares that have been treated. Then again some of the treated mares have given birth and a few of the newborns were born late in the season and it is iffy that they may survive in the winter season. I know that some have made it, but it is again scary. The PZP can disrupt thier being able to conceive when the normal breeding season is taking place for the Wild horses. I have some people tell me, and I am aware of it too, that horses are able to breed any time. But in the wild state they mate so as to have foals in the spring so they have a chance to mature enough to make it through the winter season.


  3. After PZP has been given in approximately 5 consecutive years mares will be sterile. I think this info came from either Pat Fazio or Karen Sussman. It can affect mares differently too. So how many of the Pryor mares have been given PZP several times already? PZP or PZP 22 will not stop the roundups on any HMA’s Read the EA carefully. Also do not trust the BLM. It can do whatever , whenever it wants .


  4. I feel he should get a year for each horse that was seized, and a $ 5,000.00 fine per hoer. I don’t approve of animal abuse or neglect. Same as with a child, because if this is they way you will treat a helpless animal ,you will do the same to a child.


  5. so in other words to be blunt it don’t make a damn ,comments or not they are just going to do what ever the hell they want to anyways. i keep remembering “we will take all comment under advisement” right before they rounded up what was 670 horses. i forget what state that one was in. but thank-you for the information on those drugs .seems to me they are doing their job . i’m just totally disgusted w/b.l.m. and congress ,and my senators a worthless lump of duck poop !!


  6. Just speculating but…
    What better way to exterminate a Herd without bringing too much Public attention or protest?
    Do it slowly and maybe people won’t notice?
    The Pryor Mountain Wild Horses have brought global attention to America’s Wild Horses, so it would not be good PR to just wipe them out, as has been done with the Wyoming Wild Horses.


  7. need more facts and scientific evidence that this treatment will not eliminate the herds in the long run. Drugs are dangerous. Roundups are extermination. Will there be limits of how many mares will be at risk of sterilization?? How will this be determined?


  8. Truth is, the BLM doesn’t care about our comments, but we make them anyway. By stating they will not make our personal information private they are using intimidation to try to silence the TRUTH. What a bunch of chicken crap! We all know that when man intervenes with Mother Nature, as the BLM has been doing for decades, the horses lose. They have all ready ripped the most handsome, strongest (purdiest) horses from many wild horse herds for their “adoption” programs. With kill pens full of entire registered herds of pregnant domestic horses and/or their 6 month old babies, do we, the general public, feel the need to “adopt a living legend”? Hell no. Especially when we pay a hefty price to the blood sucking leeches on the federal dole to “manage our wild horses into extinction”. Our wild horses need to be left to procreate and self regulate on their own, the way Nature intended. The welfare ranchers that whine about wild horses being on their private lands need to fence their damn cattle/sheep in and if they do get a grazing permit, pay the 2015 going rate (not the current 1950’s $3.50 per 5 sheep or one cow/calf pair per month). PZP is a pesticide with huge negative ramifications for the mares and every living thing that ingests it in the natural circle of life and death. Behavioural changes from frustrated stallions and mares are also a very detrimental side effect. A gelded stallion is a fat stallion and soon a very dead one that the mares will have no use for. It’s up to us, to use every political platform possible to continue to expose the BLM’s blatant corrupt and ignorant wild horse and burro policies. Warehousing 50,000 wild horses is cruel, injust and completely STUPID! Letting the 3 strikes and Sale Authority policy continue is pure and simple wild horse murder. Oh, lest we forgot about the many Tom Davis’ that still get away with wild horse slaughter, FOI’s are the way to the TRUTH. Paper trails are the way to the real truth about what is happening to our imprisoned wild horses and burros. Ah, I am renewed by every post your site makes. You are our watch dogs.


      • Well, that’s exactly the point here. Not so many private ranchers would be able to make a profit if they had to pay the going rate that their competitors must also pay. This is creating an unlevel playing field and should rightly so, be pissing off the private ranchers that don’t have public grazing permit rights or access to be raising holy heck. It costs the BLM over 1.5 billion dollars to run the grazing rights program that should be self supporting. Yeah, I like that, $23 instead of $1.35 per month makes a lot more economic sense. Now, people should understand why we call them “welfare” ranchers as we, the taxpayer, subsidizes (pays the difference) between the public grazing rights fees and what it really should cost. Thanks for the info on Montana private ranch rates!


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