Dutch meat trader at center of horse scandal faces five years in jail

Source:  dutchnews.nl

willy-selten-horse-meat-trader-560x390  Willy Selten gives an interview to local broadcaster Omroep

The Dutch trader accused of contaminating beef with horse meat should be jailed for five years, the public prosecution department said on the opening day of his trial in Den Bosch. Willy Selten is accused of mixing over 300,000 kilos of horse into products which were labelled as pure beef.  His company was at the centre of the horse meat scandal which hit the European food sector two years ago.

Selten is charged with selling horse to meat processing firms which had ordered beef and false accounting. In one case he supplied horse to a snack food maker in Oss even though beef had been ordered. Selten admits making mistakes but denies that he deliberately committed fraud, using horse meat in order to earn more money. The public prosecution department claims Selten was a ‘master of deception’. ‘He misled everyone – his personnel, the regulator and the consumer,’ public prosecutor Ingeborg Koopmans told the court. ‘He abused the trust of consumers and damaged the reputation of the Dutch meat industry.’ The contamination of beef products with horse led to Europe-wide recalls of meat products.



  1. It sure seems like there are a lot of “masters of deception” in our world today. Hope they make an example of this guy and toss away the key after he is in jail.


  2. No mercy. He knowingly contaminated the food chain. That should be punished to the max degree with no plea deals. And then he should be barred from ever having any kind of business deals involving animals. Far better to put him on public assistance for the rest of his life than chance his contaminating the food chain again…


  3. The entire horse meat issue is trully disgusting, appauling, deceptive and criminal. The BLM rounds up thousands of horses these days, and many fall into the slaughter pipeline or live a life of misery in crowded pens with no shelters. Most horse are vaccinated, given meds, and are not for human consumption. The whole thing stinks. Why do governments allow this, too many loopholes. We need low cost horse clinics for those injured, very old, or sick horses who need to be put down.


  4. I agree lock this guy up and throw away the key. Does this Dude really think people fall for this? Keep the Europeans out of our country and let the European Union start enforcing their own rules. It these crude people weren’t making back door deals US horses wouldn’t be leaving our country. These companies should be taxed up the ass for importing our horses. Also, please call your Legislators and tell them to support SB 850 and HR 1282- this legislation if passed eliminates the double decker slaughter trucks. It doesn’t cover the ban on slaughter yet, but if passed will make it illegal to transport in those cattle trucks. Please look up the legislation online. Then we all need to push for the whole slaughter issue so no horses leave the USA. Meet with your Legislators and pass on all the info this blog has provided us. I am meeting next Wednesday with my Representatives Chief of Staff. My pocket folder is overflowing with info on the Wild Horse and Burro issues and the same with the slaughter and transportation issue. This guy knew exactly what he was doing and is one of the low life people stealing US equines. Again, lock the Dude up and throw away the key!


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