15 comments on “Feel Good Sunday with a little donkey foal

  1. OMG!!! What a cute little man!!!! Now thisnis what they all should feel like. You made my Easter!! The hope continues for all our equine friends. I love burros! Again, you can see the cross across his shoulders. The story that has been told is that the cross did not appear until that wonderous night that a lonely burro carried Mary to the stable. Then from that day forth the burros carried the cross. I can only vision how much fun it would be to have this pair. Thank you RT!!!! Happy Easter to all my Horse Warriors out there!


  2. Many thanks to you, Debbie, and all the advocates. Happy easter !
    If I show that video to my grandchildren thy’ll want one. LOL


  3. Happy Easter everyone. Marjorie Farabee also has some wonderful clips of Benny another miracle donkey she not only rescued but pulled from the claws of death. His story will also inspire you.


  4. Too precious for words♥..donkeys & burros hold such a special place in my heart ♥..I will always advocate for these (maligned/mistreated) treasures ♥


  5. That little guy has an “attitude”.
    Yesterday we went to the Arvada horse park, they had their first of the summer Easter Parade and Easter egg hunt – all the horses (drafts to minis) were decorated, buggies all decorated and mom and dad in their finest, did the parade (my favorite didn’t win) and then did the hunt in horse and buggy (500 eggs were hidden).
    It was fun we had a great time.
    HAPPY EASTER to everyone


  6. Oh My Goodness she’s the dearest little donkey! Thank you for sharing it!

    The Donkey’s Cross

    “bring me the colt of a donkey” was
    the Master’s request.

    A young donkey was brought to Jesus
    to carry Him into Jerusalem.

    A week later Jesus was ordered

    The little donkey so loved the Lord that
    he wanted to help Him carry the cross.

    But alas, he was pushed away.

    The sad little donkey waited to say
    goodbye until all had left.

    As he turned to leave, the shadow of
    the cross fell upon his back and

    And there it has remained, a tribute to
    the loyalty and love of the humblest
    of God’s creatures.


  7. You did it again, RT…what a joy to watch! (-: My goodness, he’s so cute and his actions, adorable! God love these special creatures…they make our world a better place. Thank you, as always for sharing the love we all have for animals.


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