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North Dakota Badlands Horse and Theodore Roosevelt National Park sign Partnership Agreement

Update from North Dakota Badlands Horse

BlazeNorth Dakota Badlands Horse“, has entered into a first ever Partnership Agreement with Theodore Roosevelt National Park concerning the wild horses that call it home.

Because helicopter round-ups are expensive and dangerous to horses, wildlife and people; low-stress techniques will be used to humanely remove any excess horses.

Removal of horses can now be planned to offset population growth, if needed, and will minimize the number of horses leaving the population at any one time.

The removed horses will be directly transferred to the NDBH instead of going to a sale barn and being vulnerable to kill buyers…thus slaughter.

These horses are not managed by the BLM, but by the NPS as a demonstration herd relevant to the time when Theodore Roosevelt, our 26th President, was living in the Badlands of North Dakota.

The success of this endeavor depends on many aspects; one being that individuals step up and purchase these deserving horses as they become available.

There are numerous success stories about these horses and what they are capable of in good, respectful homes.

We encourage anyone that is interested in owning one of these horses to private message us at North Dakota Badlands Horse” and we will add your name to the list.

There will be more information that we look forward to sharing with you.

As you know America’s wild horses are worthy, remarkable and deserving!

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  1. I’m glad to know that they will be safe from the horror of helicopter roundups and slaughter. Let’s hope their new management plan will be as humane as they claim. 🙂


    • Hi Starry, Please know that the North Dakota Badlands Horse non-profit has worked very hard to make this happen! We know these horses very well and will continue to do our very best!


  2. Sure is good to hear that these horses are safe from roundups etc etc. Its a shame more groups like this aren’t able to come to some agreement with the BLM – seems the only agreement the BLM will make now is to use PZP! I sure don’t think that’s to the horses & burros advantage. Its one thing to use contraceptives when a herd is being monitored & watched over – entirely different allowing the BLM to use this method.


    • Terri, this herd of horses lives on a park with a boundary fence. Large ungulates, bison, horses, elk, are all managed to keep numbers from expanding to the point that they decimate their forage. The herd of horses doubled in 3 years despite the use of a contraceptive on half the mares. (ongoing research study) We hope future roundups will be small with only a few young horses removed at a time. Now they can go to good homes where they will be loved and cared for because we at North Dakota Badlands Horse will only sell to pre-qualified buyers. It’s good for the horses and good for the park.


  3. What Would Teddy Do?

    Interesting to ponder since TR established our first public lands to keep them viable for future posterity.


  4. So the park is completely fenced, therefore the horses, bison and all other wild life that call this park home has to share the land for grazing. I would much rather see gentled round ups of these beautiful animals then starvation and death as food source would most certainly diminish! Great Job TRNP and NDBH!!!!


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