Tennessee man charged with 55 counts of animal cruelty after horses, goats seized from farm

Source:  AL.com

by Crystal Bonvillian

A Tennessee man has been charged with 55 felony counts of animal cruelty after authorities rescued 54 horses and seven goats living in deplorable conditions on his property.

Jeffrey Alan Mitchell.jpgJeffrey Alan Mitchell (Giles County Sheriff’s Office)

Jeffrey Alan Mitchell, 50, was booked into the Giles County jail and later released on $55,000 bond, according to AL.com’s news partner, WHNT News 19.

Authorities on Tuesday executed a search warrant on Mitchell’s Ragsdale Lane farm, located just outside the city limits of Pulaski, where they found the horses in lots filled with mud, water and their own excrement, the news station reported. They had little hay available to eat.

Two of the horses found were locked in a horse trailer. They were standing in feces and urine-soaked hay and had no water to drink.

The horses were in poor health, as were seven goats found locked in a dog pen in similar conditions, WHNT said. A veterinarian had to euthanize one horse that was severely malnourished.

Mitchell surrendered the animals to Volunteer Equine, who will treat the animals that can be treated and put them up for adoption, the news station said.

This is the third time that Mitchell is charged with crimes related to mistreatment of animals. His prior history makes the new charges felonies.

12 comments on “Tennessee man charged with 55 counts of animal cruelty after horses, goats seized from farm

  1. How is it this is this monsters THIRD count of cruelty?? Why was he even allowed to have animals after the first charge? It’s an old story…the penalties for animal cruelty need to be drastically changed. How awful..and I’m betting this won’t be his last either, unfortunately.


    • As you said, “the penalties for animal cruelty need to be drastically changed” and may I add ENFORCED.
      Cruelty to animals, also called animal abuse or animal neglect, is the human infliction of suffering or harm upon non-human animals, for purposes other than self-defense or survival.


      • DITTO! Animal cruelty laws must be made stronger and are only effective if enforced. This is where Animals’ Angels, USA has been effective in providing documentation to the authorities to prosecute. Sometimes they do and sometimes, as in the case of the laws against exporting horses in California for the purpose of slaughter and the CHAVEZ Auction, the authorities just look the other way…


  2. So, since this is his THIRD count of cruelty – will he actually be charged with a FELONY? I agree, GG, enforcement is the only way to stop these brutes (not really what I want to call him) from continuing to abuse animals. Charge him, fine him & jail him!


    • Hopefully justice will be served on this guy, its the third offence. I dont get it, is that the law 3rd time your out. what about the 1st time, if they had addressed it, perhaps these animals would not of had to suffer.


  3. There should be a national animal abuse list like a sex offender list. Anyone even charged with a misdemeanor should be added to the list and to never have direct access to caring for or having in their possession any animal. I agree, GG, enforcement is the only way to stop the abuse and neglect.


  4. Horses living in horse trailers is Unfortunately not uncommon. Especially injured or ill. There was a feed store man in our area who left his in the trailer until the floor rotted and a leg fell through! He just used good old boy card and laughed his way out of it. The horse was euthanized. He previously Worked at Animal Control!!!!!


  5. Really, 3 times? It takes 3 times, with many animals suffering from neglect and starvation before the offender gets a felony charge? Why did he get to have the right to own animals after the 1st offense. This is where animal advocates must work to change the laws in each state regarding animal cruelty/neglect. This is pathetic lack of legislation…


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