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Western Wild Horses Under Siege, details by Carol Walker on Wild Horse & Burro Radio (Wed., 4/15)


Wild_Horse_Burro_Radio_LogoJoin us on Wild Horse Wednesday (*SM) , April 15, 2015

6:00 pm PST … 7:00 pm MST … 8:00 pm CST … 9:00 pm EST

Listen to the archived show Here!

This is a 1 hour show.  Call in with questions during the 2nd half hour.  

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Our guest is Carol Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation who will talk about BLM’s plans to sterilize wild horses, the many deaths of the recently captured Wyoming “checkerboard” wild horses, the BLM’s plans that could, in essence, destroy the Pryor Mountains wild horse herds, and an update on the wild horses at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. (photo above: wild horses in winter in Adobe Town, by Carol Walker)

4boyscarol-1958-editcc5x7 Carol Walker

Carol is a plaintiff in the lawsuit that has been attempting to stop the BLM from removing over 800 wild horses from Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek, and Great Divide Basin in Wyoming.

Carol’s website is and you can see her photography of wild horses at

Tonight’s radio show will be hosted by Debbie Coffey, V.P. & Dir. of Wild Horse Affairs, Wild Horse Freedom Federation


To contact us:, or call 320-281-0585


1/28/15 – John Holland, President of Equine Welfare Alliance, with an update on horse slaughter issues.  Click HERE.

2/11/15 – Ginger Kathrens, Founder and Executive Director of The Cloud Foundation, and Debbie Coffey, V.P. & Dir. of Wild Horse Affairs for Wild Horse Freedom Federation:  The PZP debate.  Click HERE.

2/18/15 – Gail Fagan, spokesperson for Help Alberta’s Wildies (HAW), a group of concerned Canadians who have been fighting to save the remaining wild horses, called “wildies,” from being culled in Alberta, Canada.  Click HERE.

2/25/15 –  Janine Blaeloch, Founder & Director of Western Lands Project (fighting to keep public lands public) on industrial solar plants, and BLM & Forest Service land swaps.   Click HERE.

3/4/15 – Carol Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation with an update of the Wyoming checkerboard case and the captured wild horses.  Click HERE.

3/25/15 – Marjorie Farabee, Dir. of Wild Burro Affairs for Wild Horse Freedom Federation & Sean Paton, founder of BICEPS Bonaire and radio host of Forum Antilles, talk about the endangered donkeys of Bonaire.  Click HERE.

4/8/15 – Erik Molvar, the Sagebrush Sea Campaign Director for WildEarth Guardians, talks about retiring livestock grazing permits, oil and gas issues, a uranium mine in Wyoming and public lands issues.  Click HERE.


*SM – Service Mark

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  1. Carol will surely have a lot to say about this (by my calculations this is just under a 6% fatality rate for the checkerboard removals – including Sabrina’s foal in the Rock Springs holding facility, which still has not produced a published cause of death to my knowledge).

    For comparison’s sake, this would be the equivalent of professional management leading to the death of around 18,000 Elk in Colorado, within a few months.

    Death Toll Mounts from BLM Wild Horse Roundup
    Posted on April 14, 2015 at 9:14 AM

    Newly Obtained Records Reveal At Least 75 Mustangs Died in Holding Pens after Capture from Wyoming Checkerboard

    Rock Springs, Wyoming … (April 14, 2015) . . . Over 75 wild horses captured in Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM’s) Fall 2014 “Wyoming Checkerboard roundup” died in the days and months immediately following their capture, adding significantly to the official death toll from this capture operation conducted in the Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek and Divide Basin Herd Management Areas (HMAs) in southwestern Wyoming.

    The records obtained under FOIA clearly show:

    22 horses died in the holding pens as a result of traumatic injury, including broken necks, spinal and pelvis injuries, fatal leg damage sustained during the helicopter stampede; and another 7 horses died due to lameness.
    12 stallions died from complications due to gelding, including hemorrhaging to death.
    11 horses died from strangles, a highly contagious respiratory infected which can become rampant in holding facilities.


  2. Another great show … a whirl-wind of information … thank you all for taking the time today and everyday to teach us all who DO have hearts.


    • All of the past shows are archived … hope you will have a chance to listen to them also … they ALL have incredibly relevant and important information for us all. I think you will be glad you did. Thank you.


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