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Feel Good Sunday: Da Vinci, The Chestnut Foal, Always Has A Horse On His Back

Chestnut foal has unique marking which runs up his left shoulder and neck

It looks like an optical illusion but this chestnut foal was born with his own perfect white shadow.

The unique marking is the profile of another horse which runs up his left shoulder and neck.

It then merges seamlessly from white to black into his mane.

Da Vinci

The pattern is such a work of art that the foal’s owners have called him Da Vinci, or Vinny for short.

He was born at the start of May at Fyling Hall riding school at Robin Hood’s Bay, North Yorkshire.

Wendy Bulmer, who runs the riding school, said: ‘I bought his mother at a sale and didn’t know she was in foal [pregnant] so that was a bit of a surprise.

‘I wasn’t very happy at first but he is so friendly and the kids love him.

‘The chestnut horses have irregular patches but they don’t normally make something as recognisable.

‘He’s even got a little white heart shape on his bottom as well.’

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  1. I am glad you changed your mind and were happier this little guy came into your life even though unexpectedly!


  2. Pretty. I really appreciate “Feel Good Sunday’ columns, and they are needed greatly, as a respite from the regressive ‘regularly scheduled programming’ that passes for wildlife and environmental awareness by our ‘leadership’ these days. Thank you!


  3. I for one, need these feel good stories … to help me stay in tune with what is REALLY important … our four-legged friends. Thank you.


  4. Thank you, RT for another feel good story. He is a beauty! I hope we continue to see him in the news as he grows into a young stallion. I agree, GG, that we need these types of stories to stay grounded. I have over the years received so much joy from all the four-legged friends in my life. Their love is unconditional.


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