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Feel Good Sunday: One Singular Moment of Pure Equine Joy

“With all that is going on in the world, today, we decided to give you just one moment of pure, unadulterated joy and call it good.  Simple, to the point and directly from the horse’s heart.  Keep the faith my friends.” ~ R.T.

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  1. If you’ll beg my indulgence for a moment…I had a SUPER nice surprise on Friday. I had put a bid in on this painting by Mickey the Belgian a couple weeks ago. I lost the bid the last morning. Bidding closed at 12:00 est, and I didn’t catch it until 12:30 est…boohoo.

    The super nice lady that outbid me MAILED THE PICTURE TO ME! I couldn’t believe it! It was totally out of the blue.

    And to make it even better she’s from MN! And yes, she is a MAJOR horse/animal lover!

    I wanted to share because I was so angry last week about Cecil as I’m sure many of us were. And this helped me settle down a little.

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    • I had the same thing happen with a little statue of a horse I co-sponsor. I could only bid low but the next thing you know I open this box and here’s a little Magoo. People can be wonderful.


  2. Thanks R.T.
    The more I learn about the evil corruption that has and continues to effect our wild ones – and domestic – the harder it is to smile. But we must all remind ourselves WHY we fight for our four-legged friends and this video was a breath of fresh air that reminded me of the pure beauty and innocence of animals … as nature intended.
    Thank you and I continue to try to “keep the faith” the best I can. Howard Lyman (MadCowboy) says it like this: “Do what you can do, as well as you can do it, every day of your life” and I couldn’t agree more!!!


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