Carol Walker on BLM’s plans to STERILIZE wild horses, on Wild Horse & Burro Radio (Wed., 8/5/15)


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Our guest tonight is Carol Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation.

Carol will be talking about Bureau of Land Management (BLM) plans to STERILIZE wild  horses, including the FIELD SPAYING OF WILD MARES.  (Due to the mismanagement of the BLM, most wild horse herds are not even viable.)


Leon Pielstick, DVM, inserting a chain ecraseur via colpotomy incision


Preparing a stallion for vasectomy

Tonight’s show is hosted by Debbie Coffey, V.P. and Dir. of Wild Horse Affairs for Wild Horse Freedom Federation.

To contact us:, or call 320-281-0585



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  1. I just need to ask why or what is the purpose of the loader.. Putting a live stallion in that bucket… In preparation of castration… Or as its stated, a vasectomy…the teeth of that flipped loader could rip that horses flanks… What’s wrong with the way real,h Old time vets did and laid them on the ground!!!!! On the ground the testies are exposed.. Lay them on their backs they aren’t does not take a rocket scientist… Or are you really trying to kill them????????


  2. Below are some questions for the radio show. I know you may not have the answers to all of these, but I think the questions need to be asked out loud.

    1) What parameters will the BLM use to decide what HMAs and what horses and burros will be sterilized or is the plan to just do as many as possible?
    2) Will the public be notified prior to the sterilizations? After? Ever?
    3) How will the sterilized (and released) horses be marked so that they don’t have to go through the trapping procedure again after being sterilized? Big freezemark on their rump or ?
    4) Will this all be done without the public to observe or be nearby or even notified or will this be a stealth operation?
    5) Who actually will do the operations? Vet or students or BLM or contractor?
    6) How will the public ever know the success verses death of these sterilized wild horses and burros?
    7) Will these sterilized WH&B be part of a study or is it purely just another piece of the management toward extinction?
    8) What anesthesia and pain meds and antibiotics will be used?
    9) Will all ages of WH&B be sterilized? In other words will any and all horses or burros trapped of any age be sterilized?
    10) Will the horses and burros be chased by helicopters before the sterilization operations? Or trapped and either way, will they be allowed to settle a few hours before gong through the operation so that their heart rate and adrenalin have stabilized a little?
    11) How long will the WH&B be “watched” before release after the operation?
    12) Are any particular HMAs in the priority line for these sterilization operations?
    13) Are both mares and stallions in line for these sterilizations operations?
    14) Any idea how many sterilization operations will be done each year?
    15) Will sterilization be done during all seasons – i.e. summer fly season and winter when it is already hard for the WH&B to survive and they are stressed?
    16) Will mares be checked to see if they are already pregnant before being operating on – assume the operation would abort the foal?

    I know there are MANY other questions that the public has a right to know … but even this brief list proves to me that it is one of the worst ideas BLM ever had … unless it is just another BLM method of destruction for our wild ones. Sorry for the sarcasm but this is devastating to even think about.

    Thank you, Carol and Deb and Marti.


  3. Dear Grandma Gregg,
    I have the answer to exactly ONE of your excellent questions – many of them I have asked Den Bolstad and gotten no response. The one question I can answer is that both mares and stallions will be targeted in these sterilization studies.
    I call them the SSS – Secret Sterilization Studies. Thank you for drawing attention to how much we are being kept in the dark as to how our wild horses are going to be experimented on (or already being experimented on as we don’t even know the start date to the studies).


    • Thanks very much, Carol. You are on the “front-lines” and your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated.
      It makes my skin crawl that Bolstad will not even respond to your questions – he has forgotten that he works for you and me and is responsible to PROTECT our wild horses and burros. Sickening.
      I didn’t expect that you would have all the answers but I just think that these (and many other) questions need to be brought before the American public who OWN the wild horses and burros. I can think of other analogies but one would be while I was away from home the government came onto my property and/or into my house and did medical experiments on my cat or dog or parrot or goldfish or horse or whatever. I consider this treasonous against the American people as well as inhumane for the wild horses and burros. Frightening.


  4. I suggest if any horses are sterilized, their eggs and sperm must be harvested first, then kept in multiple locations to ensure their survival and possible later use. Of course the first response here is “that would cost too much” but the cost can be measured against complete extinction and genetic inviability otherwise.

    Funds can be generated by allocating a portion of proceeds from oil and gas leases on public lands, a percentage of any sales of public lands to private hands, by taxing grazing permits on public lands PER HEAD to support keeping WHB genetics stored safely, and by adding an excise tax on all for-profit livestock raised on public lands at public expense, and without public permission.

    I am not joking here, these are viable ways to fund survival in light of what seems to be an evident intent to destroy these wild animals, if not in numbers then in viability as a species. While I am opposed to the intended barbaric sterilization in the works, it seems inevitable this will happen, at least in some herds. The next step is to ensure their genes survive, and those responsible for insisting on their demise should be the ones required to pay for what they want.

    It is patently unfair as well as unethical to use public dollars to pay public servants to destroy a publicly-owned species at the behest of subsidized for-profit enterprises ON PUBLIC LANDS.

    If these onerous manipulations of naturally wild animals will be done, then those wishing for it must pay for it, not the public, and also pay to keep genetic materials safely stored multiple locations so in the event of trouble there are backups preserved. We as citizens should demand nothing less.


    • Icy Spots,
      I know you mean well but the fact of the matter is that the Congress of the United States of America said that these wild horses and burros will be PROTECTED on their legal lands where they were found when the Act was passed – and THAT is what must be done and what we must fight for. If the United States Congressional laws mean nothing … then what does matter in our great country? Bottom line: there are no “excess” wild horses and burros on their legally designated lands. Any negotiations, plans or actions that go against this law are treasonous to my parents and their parents and their parents and to our future generations.


      • I agree 100% but nothing we are doing is stopping the eradication of our WHBs, day in and day out the death march continues. How the law is being circumvented is an endless frustration but it is undeniable this continues to happen. My point was if they are going ahead with these appalling plans there are steps we can and should demand to ensure the species survival, and that those making these unjustifiable decisions pay the freight.

        I missed the radio show so will check the archived version now.


  5. From
    BLM’s Final Solution for the Wild Horses and Burros
    December 22, 2009

    Information provided courtesy of Valerie James-Patton and Equine Welfare Alliance
    Internal documents from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) shed light on the agency’s motives and plans for the wild horses and burros.

    Two reports issued by the BLM for internal use only, The Herd Management Option Plans ( from October 2008
    and the Team Conference Calls Report July-September 2008 contain astonishing proposals to manipulate the WFRHBA and NEPA, eliminate the wild horses and burros altogether from the wild, and until they can be euthanized or sold most likely for slaughter, sterilize them and place them in feedlots paid for by rescue organizations duped into thinking the animals are in private “preserves”.

    BLM team members discussed that to keep the animals in LTH on public lands, they would create non-reproducing herds: “One could argue that a non-reproductive herd is not self-sustaining. Also refer to [43 CFR 4700.0-6 (c]) which states: “Management activities affecting wild horses and burros shall be undertaken with the goal of maintaining free-roaming behavior.” By managing for sterile animals we may be taking away their “free-roaming” behavior by altering the social interactions.” If the animals are no longer “free-roaming”, they are not wild and arguably could be considered livestock and kept in LTH on public lands.

    BLM team members discussed that the LTH facilities could be nothing more than feedlots. “BLM (or others? ie horse advocacy groups? would buy livestock permits with the objective of managing the allotments for a non-reproducing herd. Due to trouble finding additional pastures for excess horses, we may need to have feed lots. If the humane organization did take over payment of feeding excess horses they would need to pay for whatever type of facility is available.”

    Note that BLM’s current plan as described by Interior Secy. Salazar, calls, in part, for humane groups to take over the cost and care of wild horses and burros placed in “preserves” in the midwest and eastern states. “Preserves” is presumably a euphemism for “feed lot”.

    In this way, BLM would also manage the animals to extinction. The BLM team member discussed, though, “This alternative may require a change in regulations based on 43 CFR 4700.0-6 (a), which states: “Wild horses and burros shall be managed as self-sustaining populations of healthy animals in balance with other uses and the productive capacity of their habitat.”

    Actually, for this plan to be legal, Congress would be required to repeal the WFRHBA requirements that BLM manage wild horses and burros as free-roaming “components” of the public lands at the “minimal feasible level” and avoid “capture”, “harassment” and “death”. 16 U.S.C. § §1331, 1332, 1333.


    • These BLM plans are becoming a reality more and more each day. Thank you for posting this – I hope everyone will read it very carefully.


  6. Sally Jewell
    Or call Sally: 202.208.3100
    Snail Mail: Department of the Interior
    1849 C Street, N.W.
    Washington DC 20240

    Bolstad, Dean
    Senior Advisor 202-912-7297

    DeLorme, Ramona
    Staff Assistant (775) 861-6583

    Hooks, Holle
    WH&B Specialist (405) 790-1066

    Kipping, Sharon
    Wild Horse & Burro Specialist (202) 912-7263

    Reichold, Zachary
    Natural Resource Specialist (202) 912-7261

    Ruf, Ross
    Wild Horse & Burro Specialist (775) 475-2222

    Spencer, Sally J
    Supervisory Marketing Specialist (202) 912-7265

    Wade, Beatrice
    Wild Horse & Burro Specialist (775) 861-6625

    Roberson, Ed
    Assistant Director, Resources and Planning
    1849 C Street NW, Rm. 5644
    Phone: 202-208-4896
    Fax: 202-208-5010

    Collins, Debbie
    Wild Horse and Burro PR (405) 790-1056


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