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BLM and Fish & Wildlife Service Experimenting on Wild Horses

by Debbie Coffey ~ Director of Wild Horse Affairs at Wild Horse Freedom Federation

PART 1 of a series on BLM and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Experimentation on Wild Horses and Burros

(Warning: the photos below may be disturbing to some)

At the upcoming BLM National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board meeting, the board will likely bring up the subject of the field spaying of wild mares.

It is important to keep in mind that the BLM and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (also a Department of the Interior agency) are partnering in EXPERIMENTING on our wild horses (and, in the case of the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge, “feral” horses).  This BLM advisory board was even discussing tubal ligation for mares (which seems to have been in trials in 2004).

Below is a presentation seemingly by LEON PIELSTICK, DVM, the veterinarian who has been conducting experiments on the field spaying of mares, and it shows (possibly Leon Pielstick himself) spaying a mare at a wild horse sanctuary.  There are also photos of a wild stallion during a vasectomy procedure, presumably at Sheldon.

Your tax dollars are paying for this experimentation.


(this is a portion of the presentation of an ovariectomy with chain ecraseur via colpotomy incision)

Pielstick 1

Pielstick 2

Pielstick 3

Pielstick 4Pielstick 5

Pielstick 6

Pielstick 7

Pielstick 8

(And the presentation states this:)

pielstick 15

However, other veterinary sources are concerned about a high incidence of peri-operative complications, including post-operative myopathy/neuropathy, wound infections, wound dehiscence, eventration, vaginal adhesions, peritonitis, post-operative pain and hemorrhage.  Also, looking at the 3rd bullet point above, others estimate the prep time for surgery to be 10 minutes for standing sedation, 10-15 minutes for epidural anesthesia, and 10 minutes for the aseptic preparation.  And the part about this being a “One time treatment, no need for further round ups” – wouldn’t “no need for further round ups” mean doing this to more than a few mares and could this create a NON-REPRODUCING HERD?

(Here is a portion of the presentation showing a vasectomy)

Pielstick 9

Pielstick 10

Pielstick 11

Pielstick 12

Do you think this is what Congress had in mind when they passed the Wild Free-Roaming Horses & Burros Act of 1971?  Or, do you think these government agencies are running amuck?

Please attend the BLM National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board Meeting at the Key Bridge Marriott in Arlington, Virginia on Sept. 9-11, 2013, and be a voice for our wild horses.  Remember, the BLM has only allotted a limited time on only one day for public comment, which is Sept. 10th from 3-5 p.m.


Information about the BLM National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board meeting:

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  1. This just made me absolutely pissed off and angry that these people, yes our government feels that they can get away with kind of cruelty. Make damn sure you get your comments in and tell them you do NOT want this to continue! This just absolute animal abuse and this government needs to be called out on the carpet for it.


    • This is horrible! What gives them the right to play God? This is animal cruelty. Who do they think they are and why is this allowed to happen? What is going on in this world?


    • I dont not accept my Tax dollars being spent on Experiments on the wild horses. Leave the Wild To The Wild…. Make the Farmers be responsible at having enough land and water to care for the Cattle they wish to obtain and own. My Public Land Is NOT For the farmer. I’m told where I can walk my dog and when to place her on a leash, But the farmers are Free to the public land they need for their cattle?? even while the Wild Horse Is being Destroyed and Tortured????? STOP PLAYING MOTHER NATURE. This is a VERY Dangerous for the horses and the horses are forced into torture. Please Stop. Cherish The Wild Horse It IS Part Of All Of Our History.


  2. Spaying mares is a very dangerous surgery and not recommendd . When mares were spayed at Sheldon what was the survival rate ? I can’t remember but think the percentage of deaths was high. Wild horses cannot be treated like domestic ones especially when they are not in a clean environment.
    The way the poor stallion was transported in the loader was awful too. The BLM only gives them a drug to immobilize them and they are not given anything for pain . I wonder how many of them die also ?
    These experiments remind me of what the Nazis did to the Jews to exterminate them. This is just more”managing for extinction”. Just sickening.
    NAS recommended an accuratye census. 70% of the herds are not genetically viable and sustainable so permanent sterility is not necessary and PZP is needed is very few herds. The gene pool is already low and AML’s need to be increased.


    • Barbara, you’re right – most herds aren’t viable, and PZP shouldn’t be used on non-viable herds. I’ll be posting more information on Dr. Pielstick and hopefully it will answer a lot of questions for everyone.


    • Barbara my recollection is 10% death rate. 3 mares died that we know of out of 30. But remember THERE WAS NO FOLLOWUP. The mares were turned back out the following day.

      Somehow whenever I say there seems to be a correlation to what our government is doing and Nazi Germany–my posts always go off into cyberspace.

      Not here–I’m talking other places on the web. I saw the correlation right after I joined this fight.


      • Thanks, Margaret. The genocide of Native Americans and slavery on which the USA was founded remind me of the Nazi. Now our wild horses, a symbol of freedom, is being wiped out. Is this why perhaps?


      • I see the correlation. Experimental sterilization to eventually destroy a singular population of mammals. How much closer to that Concentration Camp model can we possibly get?


      • I am native american of an unrecognized branch of wintu in shasta, ca I think tribes should not be allowed to sell horses from reservation land as it goes against the outlines of treaties signed in the 1850’s and can only be sold with the express consent of bia or other indian reps or congressional order ?


  3. The wild horses and burros are to have access to our public land so why are they being rounded up for slaughter and other lethal population control? Ranchers are in control of almost all of the public land west of the Rockies and there are millions and millions of cattle eating and drinking all the resources for the unheard of low low price of $1.35/head per month while a comparatively small population of native wild horses are being wiped out to keep the ranchers and frackers happy! What has happened to ethics? Wild horses and other native wildlife belong to all of us! These cattle belong to ranchers. If anyone should get off public land and quit exploiting public resources it is the ranchers and their cattle not wild horses! Wild horses and public land are held in public trust and look what the BLM and our goverment is doing to them–killing them! I want my wild horses alive. Ranchers can buy their own land and do business like other real business people instead of dirty-faced welfare queens! Boycott Beef!


  4. Are there any other atrocities left that man can commit against wild horses? Or have they reached rock bottom with this one? Is there anything in the 1971 Act that allows for this? The last time I read that law it stated wild horses were to be managed “minimally”. Personally I’d like to see both of these procedures used on the BLM and the FS in the exact same manner with the exact same equipment.


  5. How they suffer…& die! Common sense says this is a “NO!” Just imagine, ovaries pulled out, back on the range. Pain! Infection! Colic! Hemorrhage. Complications…Complications… Barbaric. The DOI/BLM insane. More than inhumane. Wild horses are NOT “things.” Who can imagine spaying/vasectomy of wild horses on a large scale? By the thousands? This is NOT “fertility control.” This is extermination via massive suffering & death, on the range. Yes, Barbara. Nazi “Dr. Mengele.” Extreme animal cruelty by our government!


  6. Correct me if I am wrong , does this remind anyone of Hilter and his regime?????? only instead of people its horses ????????? This by far thew worst HORROR to Date !!!!!!!!! I cant speak for everyone but Im am Horrified at this !!!!!!! What in the HELL and Who in the Hell do they think they are???????/My God people this is Horrendous, it makes me sick to stomach , these are living breathing magnificent beings , whom are not experimental Rats !!!!! THEY HAVE NOW REALLY GONE mad !!!!!!!


    • Absolutely!!!!!, Arlene.

      It is not a big step for “humans” of this persuasion to have little to no regard for other humans….especially the other humans that don’t agree with the fascist-like abusers. Just look at how they continually hide the wild equines, lie about their effect on ranges, withhold humane conditions for captured, little to no medical and improper feeding, deny access to anything wild equine and shut off legitimate public comments and outrages.

      They are disgusting and in reality, DOI and USDA handle more monies and resources of value than DOD…..those 2 just lie about them and undervalue them.


    • I couldn’t agree more, Arlene! What the hell are they thinking and WHY do they have to resort to THIS?! These poor innocent animals are going through hell and you know damn well, many are not surviving it. Are they doing this just because they know they can and could care less about what people think?! It makes me sick too and so damn sad when you know it’s really not necessary.


      • Dear Jean, The BLM have now turned into Mad Scientists, these people must go !!!!!!! We must do something Its becoming closer and closer ,we as civilized people cannot let this go on !!!!!!! i Love the Horses and so does everyone else, I cannot bare to have the horses hurt , we must Stop these demented MORONS………………………….We as Horse advocates must unite in their Honor !!!!!! The Horses are mirror images of us , i feel their pain !!!!!!


  7. . This is Beyond OUTRAGEOUS!!! These people (BLM) have absolutely no consideration (THEY DON’T CARE) about the pain and health risks they are inflicting on these animals. In fact, BLM has gone out of their way to use methods which will intentionally inflict as much pain, trauma, terror and suffering on the wild horses and burros in all their previous encounters with them through these many years, and they seems to take particular delight in the suffering they deliberately inflict!!
    . I would not trust BLM to give my cat or dog a dish of food, because they are so sinister and sadistic in everything they do with animals, they would most likely cause permanent harm or death in the process of even such a simple task.
    . So, NO!! Do NOT let BLM alone, or in any partnership, get near any living being. It is WRONG! It is EVIL! And it MUST be STOPPED!!
    . This article has actually made me go into shock for sorrow of all that those tens of thousands of poor equine have suffered in the past at the hands of BLM and their evil contractors, and in fear of the worse suffering BLM plans to inflict on them with all this “experimental” methods of UN-NEED population control!! It’s just one more way for them to do sadistic torture to innocent living beings!!!


  8. We went to war over the Nazi invasion. We went to war over what the Taliban was doing to the women but yet we let these atrocities go in our own country. What does this say fit this country? We allowed this and the previous government to take away or constitutional rights. We’re just like the horses. We sit back and turn the other cheek when these nazis do their atrocities to our wild horses. These Nazi ranchers have always gotten their way by hook or by crook. The BLM has run over people for decades and it’s past time that they be stopped..


  9. This real pisses me off.Is that a real vet or someone that want to experiment on mares.For the stallion and theses mares I’m so sad of our government. How can they keep doing this its plain as day animal abuse.#reallywanttokickthesesguysass


  10. It is plain to see – this management is organized and implemented by discompassionate profiteers. I would venture to say there is strong indication they are also uneducated on the animal. How do they sleep at night? They will say – just fine.
    They look into the eyes of the horse and do not seen the pain.
    A national preservation society is forming.


  11. If controlling the numbers of horses is what will save them from being round up all the time and sold/killed off, i dont see why more humane methods aren’t looked into. Over here in the UK the New Forest Ponies have special groups of people who look after the herds and round them up yearly to do health checks etc, but the Stallions are selected by the authoritative groups to go out onto the heath for breeding months. This controls the numbers and ensured a healthy DNA variation. Even if this isn’t a viable option for these horses, what is shown above is certainly not going to be the answer!


  12. Apache (the talkative horse pictured on the right side of this blog) should amend his plea to: “Save our wild horses and stop these bloody roundups and spayings and vasectomies.”


  13. Arlene and Terri~~you have hit the nail on the head-this Nazi government needs to be stopped-folks we will be next. only a matter of time


  14. Just because these horses have no voice to say they are in pain does not mean they do not feel, every cut every tug every push shove pull the government will be doing this to us…it is a shame that we can not coexist with the wild animals and our governments greed and needs are superseding the rights of everyone and everything we are a free country? tell that to the horses that you are slaughtering by the millions every year, free includes wild animals too!!!


  15. Yup, unbelievably sick….. I honestly don’t know WHAT we can do??? I do know though that this country NOW is NOT a FREE COUNTRY, it is NOT the COUNTRY I grew up in, The American People’s voice is no more, so how do we help our horses when they don’t hear us, well I should say they refuse to hear us??? This country is in a very, very dark place, really scary….I remember my Dad say, nothing will change this country until there is a revolution, to up end it all…. AND he was a Master Sergeant in the Air Guard so he did not say this lightly….. I think he is right, it is only getting worse, we can see that…. OUR animals are disposable to our dirty corrupt government…. WE ALL are suppose to be stewards over gods creatures instead they are destroying them all, anything WILD that is in there way is disposed of some how one way or the other….. Our Public Lands in the WEST will be gone as we know them, all Wild Life will be gone, ALL vegetation, and most certainly our Wild Horses, that land will be BARREN with just fracking, mining, oil it will be destroyed for future generations, can’t you see it….. OMG our holier than though Government is destroying this country we honestly don’t have to worry about outside entity’s they all our doing it from the inside….. IF we as human beings can’t treat our own HORSES or any animal with love and compassion we certainly can’t have any compassion for each other???….. WHAT IN HELL CAN WE DO????


    • Debbie, I don’t have any answers but I wish we all could get to the Advisory Board meeting but all most of us can do is write or Email. It has never done any good though. Grjalva is going to PVC at Reno, NV. He has not even been listened to in the past but we will pray for a miracle. That is what all our wild horses and other wildlife and Mother Nature needs.


      • Yes Barbara, I wish I could go to the Advisory Board meeting, even though we are NOT listened to. To be a “body” there is also important. Watching many Advisory Board meetings via web cam, I too have seen how the Board lies to the advocates. Gives “lip service.” Worst is the blatant sarcasm by the Board & snide remarks they think we do not see. But never-the-less, we can never stop. The BLM gets MORE corrupt, even though during the Bush Adm., it was reported in the media how massive the BLM corruption was. And of course, Salazar said he was going to remedy it all. You know, “the new sheriff in town,” he blasted! My gut says the BLM is now on a fast-forward in eliminating the wild horses in terrible, terrible ways.


    • You can send this and other articles with a note to media outlets. Ask them why they aren’t covering
      these issues more. You can tell people you meet about what is happening. Think of even one thing you can do,
      then do it. Whatever you do, don’t stay silent.



    Even if you can’t attend the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board Meeting, you can submit a written statement to: National Wild Horse and Burro Program, WO-260, Attention: Ramona DeLorme, 1340 Financial Boulevard, Reno, Nevada, 89502-7147. Comments may also be e-mailed to the BLM (at; please include “Advisory Board
    Comment” in the subject line of the e-mail.
    The meeting, in Arlington, VA which will focus on the June 2013 report by the National Academy of Sciences (titled “Using Science to Improve the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program: A Way Forward”), will take place on Monday-Wednesay, Sept. 9-11. For more information:

    Thank you , Debbie.


  17. Actually ANYTHING that prevents too many horses and not enough range… and we KNOW there are not enough HOMES… IS A GOOD THING. I like the idea better tho, of what some of the sanctuaries are doing.. proven birth control meds for mares inserted under the skin, which works for years but is not permanent.


    • Maybe we should write to the IG or DOI. She is still only “acting”.

      I also think it would be a good idea to contact The Honorable Doc Hasting and the Honorable john Fleming.


    • Nancie, torturing our wild horses by experimenting on them is not the right thing to do. PZP is available but not needed in most cases as 70% of the herds are not genetically viable and sustainable. Do you know what that means ? I am not being sarcastic –just think you must be misinformed. The millions of cattle have over-grazed the range –not the few wild horses as proven by the 1990-91 Government Accounting Office study. There are not that many wild horses left still free on public lands ( less than 18,000) and 22.2 million acres have been taken from them and turned over to special interests . Please visit, and other sites to learn the truth. Wild horses have been zeroed out from many of their legal herd management areas. They had plenty of range and still do but much has been ruined by livestock and fences have kept the wild horses from roaming freely as the 1971 Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act mandated . This law is being broken.


  18. I have very mixed feeling about the spaying and neutering of our wild horses. Very much like any female/male human/animal procedure to stop procreation the females incur a much more evasive experience that requires more down time. Males have a much faster recovery rate. I feel that the males should be gelded and given the most time possible to recover and then be released, the mares need more down time and care before being released and to reconnect with their family. I want the wild horses to continue to be wild, the geldings/stallions and the mares are so important to the herd’s family unit. BLM please be be kind to the horses. Karma can be your best friend or your worst enemy!


  19. Spaying and neutering of our wild horses must not be done. This is only more”managing for extinction”. The gene pool is already too low.. There is NOT an over-populatuion of our wild horses, Marion.


  20. As ALL others here have outraged, when I first viewed this article & photos, my immediate reaction was, Oh My God! This is the ultimate, the worst by the BLM, when you think you have seen the worse! I could not believe what I saw!! BUTCHERY!!!!!!!!


      • Arlene~here is a quick video of Gona Con-I still do not believe it is something to be used on our horses from what advocaes have reported there is not an over population of horses and they are not pests-which is what gona con was made for-and I know you agree.


    • Implementing any measures without well documented reasons is the norm and this is not a part of the LAW. The law says to make decisions with a scientific base to avoid conflict of interest.

      This is all conflict of interest and illegal.

      This is for an outcome that does not exist in the 1971 Act; Total control and decimation of the populations of wild horses and burros on their own lands for the preferential treatment and privilege of non wild horse activities.

      We have to grow some balls and kick them off; through court or legislation or through public outrage or all three, most likely.

      I do wish advocates would stop choosing methods of management for the wild horses in the same way BLM is; without science. I will never stop telling you that science is a common denominator and it is how to go forward and to create management that is suitable and effective and long range.

      It will be the will of the people and science that will free our wild horses. Get behind the science for freedom and the future of wild horses and burros!


  21. There is NO reason for these procedures … because there are NO excess wild horses and burros on their legally designated land. In 1971, when Congress passed the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act, these animals were found roaming across 53,800,000 million acres. That amount of acreage could support approximately 224,267 wild horses and burros but even after 22,200,000 acres were stolen from the American people by government agencies the remaining 31,600,000 acres could support approximately 131,667 wild horses and burros today.
    Per the 1971 Congressional Act, the land is to be devoted PRINCIPALLY but not
    exclusively to the wild horses and wild burros welfare in keeping with the multiple-use management concept of public lands.

    Definition of “principally”: First, highest, foremost in importance, rank, worth or degree, chief, mainly, largely, chiefly, especially, particularly, mostly, primarily, above all, predominantly, in the main, for the most part, first and foremost.

    The 1971 Congressional Act is the LAW of the United States of America and any policy or regulation or memorandum of understanding or decisions that BLM / USFS / USFW writes or proposes or takes action on that does not come under the umbrella of the law is illegal.

    When will we Americans take our country back for ourselves and our future generations … and our wild horses and wild burros? When?


  22. Thank you for providing this valuable information. I am sure many people would never have learned of this being done. How the hell can we treat animals like this, especially animals in which the government has sworn to protect?


  23. And if you want to know what the BLM really thinks about our wildlife … read this and weep because it will be our wild horses and burros next … but I hope I am WRONG!

    I don’t know how BLM got these tortoises but I do know that often when pipelines and other multiple uses are going through the planning process and there is an animal “in the way” … they write a mitigation agreement which is pretty much a buy-out to get whatever is in the way “gone” so that they can continue their exploitation so I would not be surprised if that same thing is how BLM got control of these tortoises … but lo and behold they can’t find the money (whose pocket did the mitigation money end up in???) to care for these innocent and valuable and I think endangered desert tortoises? “Off with their heads” said the black queen!


    • The black queen (actually the queen of hearts – but with no heart) is a character from the book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. The Queen had only one way of settling all difficulties, great or small. ‘Off with their heads!’ she said, without even looking ’round.


    • They are going to be endangered as we continue to eat up their habitat with massive solar farms, and Lord only knows what else for energy. What is that placeholder Sally Jewell doing besides planning the menus at the National Parks? It’s official after the decision to bomb Syria I think, the worst Administration ever in the history of the country.

      Between this ghastly treatment of our wildlife and plans to start another war, we certainly are a disgusting species and country. All the pics here are bad, but the last one where they appear to be dumping an animal with a backhoe after recovering from surgery is the worst. I’m not sure because I can’t really stomach the pictures.


    • I saw this last week and posted here several posts back….no response.

      I’m glad you saw this outrage.

      They scream NO MONEY and GOTTA WHACK ‘EM ALL!!! Yet this was a funded project to allow developers to rip up public lands, BLM has mismanaged the funds (seriously, how much work and costs do desert tortoises really take????) and they are going to murder 1000s in the NV desert?????? Sound familiar?

      Who are these IDIOTS!?!

      Frankly, I think they (BLM) are sending out feelers for money from private sources so they can take more monies and resources to kill wild equines, wolves, etc and work in the checkerboard the lands permit offices to give away our resources to energy and mining companies, many of whom are not US.

      Thanks for posting because this is directly related to our wild equines and government incompetence that continually creates it’s own problems. But you see…..they really want the land to dispose of to private entities anyway they want.


      • The USFW has already gone past “putting out feelers” to rid themselves of all wild horses and burros that they capture at Sheldon (approx. 900 this year and next – then ALL gone). They have actually put out a contract to have people come and get them. See Solicitation # F13PS00462. In their CCP they say it loud and clear … either come and get them or they are going to auction.

        Click to access SheldonNWRFinalCCP&ROD.pdf

        “Based upon recent supply and demand for horse adoption, it is likely auction of some animals will be necessary to meet the population management objective… it would then be necessary to sell these animals at auction. The Service would ensure animals are sent to reputable auctions … as with adoption, horses bought at auction would become private property, no longer under the control or jurisdiction of the Service, and it is possible animals could be bought at auction for slaughter.”


      • More than criminal….it’s sick and dysfunctional.

        I just don’t understand how a bill/Act that protects these animals although somewhat altered and still on the books to enforce is allowed to degenerate to this level without judicial, congressional relief.


  24. I know the Indian tribes in Canada are going after the government because of the damage the Tar Sands is doing to the land. I saw photos of some of them with signs along a street leading up to a government building. I have also read articles about some of the oil companies wanting to start Oil Sands destruction in some of the US states. They are looking for the type of land that might contain oil soaked sand under it. Anytime they find a field that may be promising that whole area is gone for good.


  25. Just keep following that money trail.

    “Sheldon Refuge received almost $1 million from a special U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service fund for large invasive species projects as well as matching funds and in–kind contributions from conservation partners”
    By Karen Leggett

    “The refuge has experienced the damage that feral horses can wreak. The refuge is full of sagebrush–dependent species native to its high–desert habitat—nearly 300 invertebrates, 235 birds and 76 mammals.”

    “Sheldon Refuge received almost $1 million from a special U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service fund for large invasive species projects as well as matching funds and in–kind contributions from conservation partners. The refuge plans to gather 400 horses this summer and 400 next summer. But the price per horse to place them with an adoption contractor continues to increase. Kasbohm blames the drought–driven high price of hay and a market saturated with horses.”

    In the end, Steblein says, “we recognize the stature of the horses. It’s an icon of the West. There’s a place for horses. Just not on a national wildlife refuge.”

    Karen Leggett is a writer–editor in the Refuge System Branch of Communications


    • I think they do belong on a national wildlife refuge. The logic is laughable – they think nothing of growing experimental GMO crops on wildlife refuges and had to be stopped by court of law – but wild horses can’t be there? Wild horses also roam.


  26. I know a lot of humans that need this done not just wild horses only thing is humans get pain killers and are taken care of the wild horse get nothing start spaying and casturating humans as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  27. While driving around today I had the radio on-and obama who is in Sweden today made this statement–

    If you are outraged by the slaughter in syria-what would you do?
    Well folks if we are outraged by the slaughter of our animals, lands, and freedoms what would you do?
    Our presdent is willing to go to war~~~~~~~~~~Are We?


  28. Thank You Geri for the Video !!!!!!!! on Gona con,,,,,,,,,,, What my comment would be on this would most assuredly be deleted, but i am sure you know what it would be…….. But will say this i think it should be tested first on the BLM !!!!!!!!


  29. With all due respect to Our Pres……I think he should address the Major issue here in America first and that is Horse Slaughter and Our Mustangs ………………He already has had Plenty of time and phone calls to the comment line !!!! All Mr. Pres needs to do is sign an Executive Order to end Horse slaughter and end Needless Round ups of our magnificent Mustangs ……………..


    Meet Stan Palmer . He’s the owner of J&S Associates.

    This is the man who the Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS), which is part of the Department of Interior, contracted with to “adopt out” wild horses rounded up from the Sheldon Refuge on the Oregon/Nevada border between 2010 and 2012.

    The agreement all adoption contractors must sign, including Palmer, prohibits them from “send(ing) any animals to auction or slaughter.” It also requires contractors to provide “safe and humane care” to horses prior to adoption, “to secure safe, humane good adoptive placements,” and to annually supply the FWS with a list of all adopters each year.

    Despite this, Palmer and J&S cannot account for the whereabouts of as many as 202 of the 262 horses received under this contract. All horses are microchipped by Sheldon before transport to adoption contractors to facilitate accountability, registration and tracking of horses. After a citizen complaint, the FWS investigated J&S Associates and was able to verify legitimate adoptions for a maximum of 29 of the 262 horses.

    We suspect many of the missing horses ended up at slaughterhouses. In fact, one Alabama man who Palmer “adopted” horses to admitted to selling “a bunch” at a livestock auction. And in an email to an FWS official, Palmer wrote that he couldn’t secure information about what happened to some of the other horses because the new owner was afraid of “getting himself or someone else in trouble.”



    BLM starts to remove wild horses from Little Bookcliffs
    Author: Gina Esposito, Reporter,
    DE BEQUE, Colo. –

    On Tuesday, the Bureau of Land Management started gathering wild horses up on the Little Bookcliffs.

    It’s a process that is meant to protect the animals and their habitat.
    The last wild horse gather was in 2007, but the BLM has been hosting these gathers since 1971.

    The BLM has already gathered 6 wild horses and 3 of them were removed from the range on Wednesday.

    The horses that were selected for removal were taken to the Mesa County Sheriff’s Posse Grounds and are up for adoption.
    The BLM said wild horse gathers could take several weeks, even a month to complete.


  32. Personally, I am unable to stand much more of this. Are we capable of organizing and holding a nationwide protest of the size that will be noticed? I marched in several anti-war marches over Iraq and we not only got crappy media coverage, the numbers attending were constantly cut in half. Are we living in a police state? Will I be hauled off and “disappeared for saying that?

    Since Fracking is part of the plan on public lands and secret reasons for removing the WH&Bs, can we come together with all of us who are disturbed about GMOs, consolidated banks with no regulation, carbon emissions, etc?


  33. This is so very wrong! Our BLM and USFS etc officials have utterly betrayed the wild horses and burros and perversely subverted the true intent of the WFHBA! Let’s have a change of blood in this program and take it away from the wild horse and burro enemies!


  34. I am neither a horse owner or do I know how to ride a horse..but this..IS CRAZY! Tell me who to write, where to write and what I can do. Government…be nice if they did what is right once and a while but won’t happen until we get logical, intelligent and history orientated leaders in office. People who care more about the people and what they want them to do and less about who will contribute and get them re-elected. Harry Reid is a good example.


  35. (Your first sentence was a point well taken – maybe include it in your correspondence)

    Write/call YOUR legislators – and your local media – and here are some of the BLM “decision makers” you can notify.

    Joan Guilfoyle, Division Chief
    BLM Division of Wild Horses and Burros
    20 M Street, S.E.
    Washington, DC 20003
    Main Contact Number: 202-912-7260

    Bolstad, Dean
    BLM Senior Advisor 202-912-7297

    DeLorme, Ramona
    BLM Staff Assistant (775) 861-6583

    Hooks, Holle
    BLM WH&B Specialist (405) 790-1066

    Kipping, Sharon
    BLM Wild Horse & Burro Specialist (202) 912-7263

    Reichold, Zachary
    BLM Natural Resource Specialist (202) 912-7261

    Ruf, Ross
    BLM Wild Horse & Burro Specialist (775) 475-2222

    Spencer, Sally J
    BLM Supervisory Marketing Specialist (202) 912-7265

    Wade, Beatrice
    BLM Wild Horse & Burro Specialist (775) 861-6625

    Roberson, Ed
    BLM Assistant Director, Resources and Planning
    Phone: 202-208-4896

    Collins, Debbie
    Wild Horse and Burro PR (405) 790-1056


  36. Non sterile surgical procedures? Returning the horses to BLM, are they marked so they can tell which had surgery? Why not set up a syrgical area with the horses that were captured???
    I think these men think they are sooo smart.. so smart that they are not reaching out for additional advice!!!


  37. Back when this was done to the Sheldon horses, there were at least 30 wild mares found dead for having complications with this surgery. Now they want to pass these operations off as routine. Will this happen to others now? Horrific to our wild ones and disgusting as being done by sadistic humans.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Chris, I filed a Freedom of Information Act request for all of the documentation on all of the field spaying of mares. You are incorrect that 30 mares died. I don’t have the FOIA documentation at my fingertips at the moment to give you the exact number, but it wasn’t 30. Do you have sourced information for the number of 30 deaths? If so, I’d like to read it. Thanks.


  38. I’m disgusted that these organizations are allowed to continue this barbaric act! We the People are fed up with the government not only taking away OUR freedoms, but those of our wild animals! LEAVE THE WILD alone!! They deserve to be on the land way more than some cattle rancher. Make the cattle graze in specified areas and make the rancher pay for those areas to be re-stocked with seed. Leave the wild horse to nature and nature will provide/take care of them as it has for hundreds of years.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. It takes a psychopathic mentality to do this to sentient animals. A black soulless existence to find this acceptable. I condemn you and all you stand for, and one day you’ll find I am right.

    Liked by 1 person

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