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BLM Sued Over Wild Horse Removal


“Wild horses are a natural heritage species and to continue seeing them removed after a law was created to protect them is a travesty,”

A West Douglas Family Band ~ photo by Toni Moore

A West Douglas Family Band ~ photo by Toni Moore

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. A Bureau of Land Management’s plan to move 167 horses, that has been almost three years in the making, could be put on hold.

The BLM planned to move 167 horses from the West Douglas Range.  The movement was to start on September 14. The BLM alleges that this movement will help support the range’s health in hopes of preserving resources for all wildlife.

This week The Cloud Foundation, Wild Horse Freedom Federation, and The Colorado Wild Horse and Burro Coalition filed a lawsuit in hopes of stopping this movement by the BLM. They want the horses to remain on the range as they have for hundreds of years.

“Wild horses are a natural heritage species and to continue seeing them removed after a law was created to protect them is a travesty,” said Toni Moore of the Cloud Foundation.

Advocacy groups argue that wild horses are a staple of the west and that the BLM is driving some wild horse herds to extinction. Advocacy groups do not want to see the West Douglas horses become extinct so the organizations have filed an injunction in hopes of creating a restraining order that will delay the movement of the horses until further action can be taken.

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  1. Protect the Harvest Executive director Klippenstein (?) Was to speak to the BLM to compound the Wild Horse starvation tag line to completely blow you all out of the water. Im Not standing where the BLM are or I would be completely ripping his theories apart. You folks need to get into BLM meetings and be prepared to rebut these starvation arguments. Protect the Harvest is led by a man who knows little of horses. I have been in the Industry my Entire life and I have been Everywhere showing training riding and in many disciplines and several breeds. I have taken notice to everywhere their are newcomers and edgerunners (people who hire people in the industry to feel like part of the industry without putting all the time in) and they lack the ability to understand the horse industry and why slaughter is bad for it. The Harvest is an example of edgerunners with Dave at the helm of Wild Horse Disasters they send in people who can articulate without becoming Tyrannical. Please be aware the Devils Advocates are luring the BLM slaughterphiles out to work side by side presenting wild horses as starving. You need exact numbers of underweight horses and then to Sue the BLm for Not caring for these horses properly and allowing them to get in this condition thereby resolving the only argument proslaughter has. The sheer numbers of wild horses isnt a leg to stand on to erradicate but font ignore the plot. Address the argument with the BLM before the Safe act vote. This is the Only reason pro slaughter and whips and chains at Protect the Harvest and the Devils Advocate have raised their ugly slaughter horses banner. Get in this dog fight aggressively and remove the opportunity they are designing to say wild horses are being starved everywhere. Get the facts out in the news and rebut their comments. People are starting to call because proslaughter rumors are getting around. Do something now. This whole thing is being back by Lucas while filming another anti horse film blaming advocates for emminent disaster. Theres another lawsuit you need to bring. The defamation and slander and making people believe Advocates are the blame for people and including the BLM are responsible for the issues that dont exist and all underweight horses. You need to bring suit against their side for all these attacks against advocates…animal rights….yes i said it…and people who are using their voices being ignored. Do it soon folks.

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    • All anyone has to do is listen to the pro-horse slaughter industry’s saint, Tom Davis. He himself said, “What is wrong with taking all those BLM horses they got all fat and shiny and setting up a kill plant?” FAT AND SHINY!!! What happened to all those so called “starving horses”? The horse slaughter proponents contradict their own arguements. I have one word for them: PWNED!

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  2. Wild Horses (excerpts from Editorial)

    We are at cross-roads today, with Public Lands and our Wild Horses. Both apparently attract criminality, large government misrepresentation and criminal conduct, large non-profits that see money to be made by misrepresenting the issues, corporations that see money to be made by paying off politicians, and States that see money to be made by attempting to coerce government managers’ into transferring ownership.

    The term “Free” bothers’ our government often, doesn’t it – reference their actions. Yet, when pandering to endeavor in War, you better believe the term “Free” is used often, but nothing more than a ploy to establish hatred – yes, a misuse of the term entirely.

    We have a definitive spiritual impoverishment within us all. We are and continue to feel deadened, and many convinced we are and always will be – so we need to have a funeral for this deadness within us – to bury it once and for all, the dead that is in us and our culture! Bury this so-called deadness, and then we can all come back to life, come back to the authenticity of what our Creator wanted of us, the interconnection of all on this planet – Human, Animal, and Earth . . . Alive Again!

    If we cannot critique our environments, our wildlife, and our planet within a fact given truth, which is a reality toward resolution, we cannot create transformation or change. The truth is we need to come back to life, to what life is all about, to look at ourselves and feel we are alive once again . . .

    The Wild Horses give us that Freedom to do so, and become the antagonists’ to provide us a better future. Let’s Save them, and not allow a few to destroy such a profoundly beautiful animal such as the Horse and our Earth – which indeed are both one and the same. 9/6/2015 John Cox


    • Great but if hed just put it in laymen’s for busy people instead of complex description horse people would grab it and run with it. People right now are Not looking for Documentaries they want Fight and Which Direction to head in! They are spread across the USA ready to come together like in a battle scene (figuratively) in Braveheart. They know they dont want slaughter they just want to know which direction to run in to stop it.


  3. WHO’s harvest are they protecting?

    Bull-riding sponsor Forrest Lucas forms anti-animal advocacy “Super PAC”

    Michael Eugene Matt, of Blanco, Texas, a four-time Professional Bull Riders world champion rodeo clown, was in 2009 sentenced to serve five years in prison for cattle rustling. (Showing Animals Respect & Kindness photo.)

    DAVENPORT, Iowa––Why did oil magnate Forrest Lucas form PROTECT THE HARVEST, among the most aggressive and best-funded of anti-animal advocacy fronts?
    Perhaps it was just to protect the enormous Lucas Oil Products investment in Professional Bull Riders, Inc., whose Touring Pro Division bears the Lucas name. Some individual PBR stars have also been sponsored by Lucas, better known for his investments in televised motor sports and the Indianapolis Colts professional football team, whose home is Lucas Oil Stadium.

    Lucas backed Steve King

    The Lucas Oil Products money, Beckeleman reported, was spent “to fund advertisements critical of Iowa Democrat Christie Vilsack, who unsuccessfully challenged incumbent Republican Representative Steve King.”
    King in early 2012 introduced an amendment to the House version of the 2012 Farm Bill that would have prohibited states from enforcing their own hen caging standards against eggs imported from out of state. The language was aimed specifically at California Proposition Two, passed by voters in 2008.


  4. BLM is not really interested in range conditions. No one believes the wild horses and burros are being removed because of range conditions or lack of water. “Gather and removal operations shall be conducted until excess animals have been removed in order to restore a thriving natural ecological balance and protect the range from deterioration associated with an overpopulation of wild horses.” The BLM has been trying to “zero out” (eliminate all wild horses from) the West Douglas HA for years and the agency makes it clear that energy development/oil drilling in the area and the desire to continue to allocate forage for livestock grazing are the reasons behind the agency’s desire to eliminate these horses.

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  5. Does anyone see where public comments can be made on this newscast? The newscaster said that the removal was to allow BLM to “help support the range’s health” and that is pure BS … grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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  6. What is this Madness in the USA to MURDER all the horses,its BLOODY SICK.
    Can these MURDERERS at BLM,not get a decent jobs???????


  7. Let’s all get behind this lawsuit, win it and then use it as a precedent to stop all removals and return the captives! We need a Cecil moment for our mustangs! Spread the word!


  8. Sue their asses for big dollars. For taking away the things that make money for photographers, artists, tour guides, etc. Loss of capitals.. Hit their pockets hard. Maybe that will make a dent in their hardheads.


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