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New Mexico AG Requests Further Injunction on Horse Slaughter

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Sleazy Horse Slaughterers Attempt to Dodge the Law

No to Horse MeatSANTA FE, N.M.  – The New Mexico attorney general is asking a state district judge to take further measures to prevent horse slaughtering in Roswell.

The AG is asking the judge to expand an injunction against a horse slaughter operation in the city to prevent another firm, which he considers a “shell company,” from starting one, reported The Albuquerque Journal ( ).

“This is just harassment,” said A. Blair Dunn, the lawyer for Valley Meat Co. He said the request is “much ado about nothing” because there are no plans for horse slaughter at the site and it is prohibited by federal action anyway.

The AG sued Valley Meat in 2013 and a preliminary injunction prevents the plant from operating. The next hearing in the lawsuit is scheduled for Sept. 22.

But the office of Attorney General Hector Balderas asked the judge to go further because two people who have a business relationship with Valley Meat have formed D’Allende Meats, which Balderas thinks is aimed at sidestepping the injunction.

The new firm has applied for federal permission to slaughter horses at the same Roswell plant.

In a letter filed in state District Court, the AG’s office argues that D’Allende Meats is a “front company” meant to “carry on the very same commercial horse slaughter” that the court has prohibited Valley meats from doing.

Balderas is asking the court to modify the injunction to make it clear that it also applies to D’Allende Meats.

In court documents, Dunn says the case should be dismissed and calls for the attorney general to stop his “harassment.”

He also said that “D’Allende has no plans to open anything in that facility at this juncture.”

The AG has been trying for more than a year to get information about Valley Meat, its investors, the proposed slaughterhouse and any contracts to buy horses or sell horse meat.

But the company has refused to comply, saying the lawsuit is moot because it has dropped plans for horse slaughter in Roswell.

In a separate lawsuit filed with the state District Court in Roswell in July, Dunn is suing horse protection groups. He argues that the groups — including the Humane Society of the United States and the Foundation to Protect New Mexico Wildlife started by former Gov. Bill Richardson and actor Robert Redford — illegally interfered with Valley Meat’s business activity.

The Foundation has asked the court to dismiss the complaint, which it says is vague and not supported by facts.

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    • If these bands were being “tamed” and fed by the public – why isn’t the military part of the BLM DOING something about that? They seem to be very security conscious about anyone, especially advocates, being allowed to watch their roundups! Allowing wildlife to be fed so the public can get up close & personal – isn’t that supposed to be against the law? Look what happens in the Carolinas when tourists are under the impression they can handle & feed those wild horses. I think they have a limit as to how close people can come – and they should. The public apparently needs to be educated that wild animals are that – WILD! How wrong is it that the local wild horse advocates have been prevented from doing anything to help these horses? Does it really take over two years for the BLM to “study” whether there should be contraceptive darting? See what happens in two years???????????

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  1. Its sad, but these scum bag companies and their lawyers are always looking for ways to undermine the system. I support the Ag to take an extra step. After the last slaughter plant closed in Illinois in 2007, a Legislator tried to reopen the plant. I’m sure he got paid very well for his efforts even though it failed. It’s more disturbing than ever now that contaminated meat was found in the US. That was no accident, but deliberate to see if it would be found. It’s all about the MONEY!!

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  2. no horse slaughter
    “REALLY ” you came to that conclusion from that article- I post what I happen to find on wild horses, the good, the bad, the ugly – you are entitled to take that anyway you want.
    If the folks who monitor this blog thought I was pro slaughter they would have blocked me a long time ago.


    • geri – anyone here KNOWS how you feel – the same as the rest of us! I did see a couple pictures of skinny mares but their foals looked well fed – probably taking nourishment away from their moms. I bet there weren’t pictures taken of the really thin horses – strange.


  3. Thousands of our military veterans need medical help from the Federal Government and this sleaze ball wastes taxpayers money . This is a FAKE Veiled Curtain Corporation pushing for ILLEGAL HORSE SLAUGHTER. Where is the NM Bar Association when it comes to attorneys who bring suits for punishment to tie up the Court and wasting the Court’s time?


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