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“World’s Oldest Horse” Dies Aged 50 at UK Sanctuary

Source: BBC.com

“…we have to do what is right for the animals”

Staff celebrated Orchid’s 50th birthday in January ~ photo courtesy Remus Horse Sanctuary

A horse believed by its owners to be the oldest in the world has died at the animal sanctuary which took it in after years of neglect.

Remus Horse Sanctuary in Ingatestone, Essex, said Orchid had been “badly beaten and starved of food” before it was rescued by the shelter.

Founder Sue Burton said the mare gained weight and strength within weeks of its arrival in June 2014.

Orchid had to be put down after it was unable to recover from a bout of colic.

Ms Burton said it was a “devastating decision” but “we have to do what is right for the animals”.

Orchid had been used as a brood mare and “was discarded when her usefulness ended,” according to the shelter.

Dr Jo Ireland, equine veterinary researcher at the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket in Suffolk, said: “Estimates in the UK suggest that only 2% of our equine population are over the age of 30 years, so up to 50 years of age is considered very old and would definitely be equivalent to a ‘super centenarian’ in human terms.”

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  1. At least old Orchard was loved and cared for at the end. Letting go is sometimes the best thing we can do for them and as the article said, “devastating decision” but “we have to do what is right for the animals”.


  2. First, I’d like to give praise and thanks to Remus Horse Sanctuary for giving Orchard the best days of her life. Lastly, I’m heartbroken and sickened by the fact that anyone would beat an animal period and to see a poor old soul like this be beaten and for what! Because he couldn’t do what a younger horse could do perhaps?! Why? Can you imagine an old person being beat because they didn’t understand something, may couldn’t see or hear as well. Who knows what could have been going on with this poor horse. People that do things like that should never be allowed to own an animal period! Or have children for that matter! I can’t even say what should be done to them! Another time another place theses sub-humans wouldn’t get away with such evil. When are our laws going to stop protecting the criminals and stand up for the innocent! “We are their voice”!

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