Video: A Donkey That Paints for Charity

Source: HooplaHa Blog

Patty, a donkey from Romania, was found very malnourished and wandering the streets…

Animals have many special talents. Patty, however, might have one of the most creative sides we’ve seen in a furry friend. Patty, a donkey from Romania, was found very malnourished and wandering the streets. Horse World, the leading UK charity caring primarily for horses, ponies and donkeys, took this special animal under their care. Vicky, a trainer, has been working with Patty for over four years. Through a method called ‘Clicker Training’ Patty was brought back to good health and high spirits. She learned various tricks like kicking a football and removing Vicki’s coat, but her most famous is painting.

Patty has been painting for about 4 years now. She started painting as part of a show at the Visitor Center, which has since closed to the public. Vicky developed the show to demonstrate clicker training and how it is particularly useful for animals who have previously suffered abuse or are nervous, as the training technique involves only positive reinforcement, there is never any punishment involved. Patty has since come out of her shell, becoming very friendly, charismatic and a talented painter. Her work is not only beautiful but also charitable!

Patty sells her paintings through the charity. All the money raised by her amazing artwork is used to support the rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming of other animals in need.


  1. I have a print of a painting Zenyatta did. And then somebody outbid me for a Mickey he Belgian original. Mickey’s human sold like 13 paints over the summer to help raise funds for a nary rescue to help with fencing. Imagine my utter joy when the super nice lady lady who outbid me then sent Mickey’s painting onto me!

    Paintings are a wonderful gift. You don’t have to try to figure out what the artist was saying (all the abstract art doesn’t make sense to me). It’s simply fun to have a horses painting in your home.


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