Feel Good Sunday: Baby Donkey Meets a Hammock and the Results are Hilarious (Video)

story by as published on OneGreenPlanet.org

Bet you didn’t think anyone besides humans could enjoy a relaxing lounge in a hammock! This donkey from Brazil enjoys a daily hammock break thanks to his human family, who supposedly introduced him to the wonders of swinging in such a delightful contraption. While the video is in Portuguese, the humans surrounding him are no doubt talking about how funny it is that their donkey is loving this hammock so much.

As funny as he is, he’s not the only animal to enjoy a hammock. This black bear, on a walk through the woods, stopped in on a human neighbor’s backyard and decided to try out their hammock. This hilarious cat has a bit of trouble trying out his new hammock but soon gets the hang out it.

It’s amazing how animals enjoy many of the same things that we enjoy. It makes us realize that even though we may be different species, we all love to relax and lounge the day away sometimes!


  1. Also some great pictures

    By TMR Rescue Inc.

    I was so impressed with the children and the reaction of my donkeys to them. Clara started the session with a…

    Posted by TMR Rescue Inc. on Thursday, October 15, 2015

    The kids ended up doing reverse muggings on the donkeys which was a joy to see. Some of our wild burro jennies had four children hugging them at the same time! The girls have come a long way. But, then children always do have more leeway with donkeys. Donkeys seem to understand their innocence and lack of malice. They enjoy being with them, even the wild burros!


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