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Feel Good Sunday: How to Retire…and Make a Difference

“Many moons ago, more than we care to remember, my good friend Jerry Finch retired from a career in law enforcement and intended to sit back and enjoy his golden years sipping Wrangler Iced Teas under a pecan tree down in Galveston Texas…but fate, love and faith would not allow that to occur.  Instead, he became incensed over the local, and later national, abuse and neglect of American equines.  And to this day he still fights the good fight with the organization that he founded, Habitat for Horses.

Today’s ‘Feel Good Sunday’ installment center’s around a couple that had intended to retire, also, but were bitten by the same ‘compassion bug’ and are working with HfH to further the outreach to help abused and neglected equines.  Please take a few moments and recharge your batteries by viewing the video below and with any luck you will automatically download the energy and commitment demonstrated by these like minded horse warriors.  As always, keep the faith and never lose the focus.  Be Safe!” ~ R.T.

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  1. It’s very sad to see this. However, thank God for humanenivestigators. I did this for several years and never went on any calls without a law enforcement officer. A man once tried to smash the windsheild of my blazer and another tried to pull a weapon out. I love the story about Habitat for Horses. Horses have a special spirituality that
    they have been given. In this time, we need to push for the Safe Food, Safe Horse Act. The only thing going for that one farm call was that they got there before the owner called the Kill Buyer. They are ruthless, uncaring and inhumane and all those animals would have ende d up in a Kill Pen. But let’s not forget the wonderful job these Angels at Habitat fornHorses are doing with the time left they have on Earth. I truly believe the uniting of all the Horse Warriors is no coincidence. I believe it is Gods plan to help him save His beloved horses and other equines!


  2. Bravo to this couple who have found a way to retire in TRUE style … by giving of themselves to those in need. Larry and Peggy Neaves appear to be honorable people and part of the so rare and so needed good side of humanity. Thank you.

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  3. thank you sending this beautiful County Reporter story.  It made me cry a little  but it is good to know that there are people out there doing a great job in saving horses   Thanks again you made my day.  Susan Bolin


  4. Enjoyed knowing that such goodness still resides in these human hearts,they deserve recognition for the selfless tireless dedication on helping equines that otherwise may not survive,kudos for all they do and continued prayers for their outstanding mission of love and care!


  5. It’s a shame that people have to wait so long to do what they truly love, although I guess there is another way of looking at it. There is a wealth of valuable experience that has been gained from the years of working for a living. I see a great deal of activism coming from retired government workers who know how the system works.


  6. Saw this video a couple days ago – what a great caring couple they are. I remember thinking – huh – must have a relationship with Habitat for Horses at the time – saw his hat!!! Really beautiful set up. These horses are very fortunate.


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