Equine Rescue

Action alert reminder, vote EVERY DAY, on EVERY DEVICE until Dec. 14th for Equine Advocates

Please share a link to this far and wide so Equine Advocates can get as many votes as possible.   Please go to THE BIG TIMES UNION $100,000 GIVEAWAY and vote for EQUINE ADVOCATES!  You can do so once per day, per device, through December 14th.  This will award $10,000 in free newspaper advertising in the Times Union in 2016 to the top ten winning non-profit organizations.  With so many issues at stake, this would be an excellent way for Equine Advocates to reach many more people about these very important issues.


Pensacola Pete says thanks!  photo by Paula Walker

Our friends at Equine Advocates fight against some of the worst atrocities against horses – equine slaughter and the PMU Industry – and they are featured in the article below by reporter Chris Bragg in the award-winning Times Union newspaper entitled, “Equine Advocates Focuses on Care and Education.”   This is a special section dedicated to giving and philanthropy.   Please take the time to read the article and then vote to help Equine Advocates continue to get its message out to the public with regard to some of the most vital issues facing wild and domestic equines.

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  1. Meet the Residents of the Equine Advocates Sanctuary


    Henry was a Work Mule and is one of the most abused equines ever rescued by Equine Advocates. He was being auctioned off in New Holland, PA, one of the worst and notorious slaughter auctions in the northeast. Henry’s halter was on so tight that it had become embedded in his skull and had to be cut off. He was beaten in the sales ring and had whip slashes all over his face. We believe that sometimes Henry still remembers the abuse, but we also think that he now feels pretty safe here at the sanctuary. Henry spends his days hanging out with his buddies in our “Comedy Central” pasture.

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  2. This is infuriating! YOu ask us to vote every day until December 14 and there’s no place on the site to vote. No wonder we can’t beat the BLM:


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