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It’s not just Wild Horses and Burros the Feds are Illegally Kicking off our Public Lands

“A longtime reader and friend sent me the email I am posting below, with permission.  I am not condoning the actions of a few out in Oregon but the corruption of the BLM knows no bonds and the information below is rather startling, to say the very least.  Take a few moments and watch the enlightening video, it is truly eyeopening and probably seriously frighting.  How did we stray so far from the path?!?!?” ` R.T.

photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

If we want to know why wild horses are being booted off the land designated to them by federal legislation in 1971, we first need to understand that, according to the U.S. Constitution, this land never should have belonged to, or been set aside by, the federal government in the first place.     

In a new nine-minute video, constitutional attorney and educator Krisanne Hall explains exactly which article, section, and clause in the Constitution confines the federal government’s legal property to (1) 100 square miles in Washington, D.C., and (2) the amount of land necessary for “forts and ports”—with “necessary” being determined by the states.  

In other words, the federal government, formed by the states to be the servant of the states, for the sole purpose of conducting foreign affairs—war, peace, negotiations, commerce—with other countries, has no constitutional right to own, take over, or trespass upon any other acreage in the entire United States of America. (Or elsewhere around the world, for that matter!)

With that fact in mind, please watch this video (below) and forward to whomever you think is ready to hear this non-partisan warning—whomever you think may be prepared to reclaim their constitutional rights.

When I think about it, it’s no wonder we feel helpless in the face of the wild horse and burro round-ups. For, having lost sight of how to defend our own rights, how can we possibly protect the rights of the creatures entrusted to our care?   

By the way, you’ll find all of Krisanne’s current and archived podcasts and videos about the U.S. Constitution—and the federal government’s constant encroachment on and subversion of it—at her website,

In the spirit of freedom for humans and horses alike,     


P.S. So long as we see this issue through partisan or ideological lens, we won’t be able to take back the property rights of states and individuals. We’re being required to rise above the Republican-vs.-Democrat, right-wing-vs.-left-wing divide (a “fight” that’s fomented by corrupt elements buried within the federal government and by their hidden “controllers”), so that we can unite against whomever and whatever would steal our God-given liberty.  

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  1. I saw that video very powerful and filled with facts

    The stand off is necessary to make the country see that the BLM should be shut down charges be brought forth and for God’s sake let nature take care of itself

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    • As bad as the BLM is – handing over public land – public parks to the states unfortunately is worse! Can you imagine the wildlife preserves given over to livestock companies to graze on? To mining corporations to tear up & destroy? Already, the ranchers are influencing the BLM to remove the horses & burros – now they are going to SPAY mares! Anything to get rid of the FREE-ROAMING wild horses & burros. Listen to what the western state’s politicians are saying – all that matters is how much money can be gotten from selling off PUBLIC land.


  2. The problem, as I see it, is the loss of BALANCE of Power.
    State powers can also be very corrupt, as we have seen with our WH&B
    The REAL Power lies in the hands of the PEOPLE who, every so often, have to step in and “clean house”

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    • Well said Louie C. Look at the ranchers that own the BLM management for the most part in many areas. Do we really think they would not exert equal force on the state? Public lands are a treasure that will disappear if we do not stand up for them. The states will sell out to the ranchers, miners and developers faster than the feds. If we want the right to roam OUR lands, we need to keep fighting for the right. The gal in the video says this is not about the Bundys or the Hammonds, but it is. Do we think Cliven Bundy will quit illegally grazing his cattle (since 1993) if the federal land is transferred to the state? Same story with the Hammonds. The feds have not infringed on their use of their land–they have been breaking the law. The additional sentence is imposed due to a law passed by a Republican congress in response to McVeigh’s bombing of the fed building in OK and in this case, may be overkill, but the answer is to change the law–not give public lands to the states so they can be more easily taken over by private interests.


      • The Public has been given a real good show and lot of talk, but the show hasn’t been worth the price of admission.
        I think this is pretty much how it goes…
        they all clock in and then they clock out, but the sheep (or Wild Horses & Burros) haven’t had any protection from the real predators


  3. RT, The attached papers were written by Bill Howell with permission to use. It is imperative to know that Kleppe v New Mexico opened the door for the passage of FLPMA which usurped the Constitution limitation of “forts, docks and arsenals.

    Wild horse and burro advocates may be interested to know that the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) is an additional level of protection pertinent to state management of historic resources. The State Historic Preservation offices (SHPO) are totally dependent on federal funding which may be extinguished for failure to comply. This may also be applicable to BLM Programmic agreements with SHPOs. I will include a sample of Dr. Kings publications on the subject.

    Hope you find the info usefull.

    Kathleen Hayden


    • Wild horses were legally defend by federal law in Mountain States Legal Foundation v. Hodel.

      “Mountain States Legal Foundation v Hodel is the controlling federal case.There, private rangeland owners in Wyoming complained that federally protected wild horses were consuming significant quantities of forage grown on private lands. The ranchers asserted that the protection of wild horses prevented them from protecting their property, and that the loss of valuable forage constituted a taking in violation of the Fifth Amendment.

      The federal court pointed out that while wild horses are progeny of domesticated animals, they are wildlife under federal law, and therefore, must be considered no less the wild animal than are the bears that roam the national parks. The court then opined that it is well settled that wild animals are under the control of no one.”

      Source: Conflicts Between Livestock and Wildlife: An Analysis of Legal Liabilities Arising from Reindeer and Caribou Competition on the Seward Peninsula of Western Alaska by Harry R. Bader, and Greg Finstad.

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      • If the federal court considered wild horses & burros wild animals and “under the control of no one” – why is the BLM allowed to abuse & kill them? (good question?) Honestly, if the good old justice system would actually do its job – which it doesnt – maybe a little of “what goes around comes around” could straighten up the BLM and make them fly right! I dont really think there is anything that could make this agency legitimate – other than to clean it out top to bottom.

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  4. Those of us who want to defend our publicly owned wild mustangs and burros need to be very careful that we are usurped by other movements like the one in the video. The answer is NOT transference of federal lands to the states. Look at WY. Does anyone think the state of WY would have left our horses on those federal lands if they were state lands? The answer is in holding the BLM accountable. The privatization movement (which is the end goal of the folks in the video) has been growing for decades. The tide is finally beginning to turn just a bit and we need to keep at it. The video is incorrect. Federal ownership of lands has long decided in the courts over and over and over again. If we align ourselves with the sovereign types, we lose all credibility at a time we desperately need to keep it and build on it.


    • Absolutely, correct Karen. This woman is a Bundyesque “Constituttion Party” Lawyer. It is a very attractive message that appeals to the independant, anti-big Government spirit of most Americans but it is a viper that bites in the end.
      They do not “recognize” the Federal Government. What would be the end result of the disolution of the Union, if it were possible?
      What would happen to wild horses managed by the State of Wy or NV or Utah? We should all know the answer to that!
      They would like to pretend that the Property Clause of the Constitution does not exist; but it does…
      “The Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States; and nothing in this Constitution shall be so construed as to Prejudice any Claims of the United States, or of any particular State.”

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    • I tend to agree with this assessment that we need to be careful with certain stuff that might look appealing on the surface but could actually have some nasty unintended implications, based on the experience of other countries on this matter, namely Spain which already did something similar (privatization of public / communal lands) in the 19th century, a process known as “desamortización”:

      Jump to section “Consequences”:


      «Uno de los objetivos de la desamortización fue permitir la consolidación del régimen liberal y que todos aquellos que compraran tierras formaran una nueva clase de pequeños y medianos propietarios adeptos al régimen. Sin embargo no se consiguió este objetivo, al adquirir la mayor parte de las tierras desamortizadas, particularmente en el sur de España, los grandes propietarios, como ya se ha comentado.24»


      «Desde el punto de vista del medio natural, la desamortización supuso el paso a manos privadas de millones de hectáreas de montes, que acabaron siendo talados y roturados, causando un inmenso daño al patrimonio natural español, lo cual aún hoy es perceptible. En efecto, el coste de las reforestaciones, en curso desde hace setenta años, supera en mucho a lo que entonces se obtuviera de las ventas.

      Las desamortizaciones del siglo XIX fueron seguramente la mayor catástrofe ecológica sufrida por la Península Ibérica durante los últimos siglos, particularmente la llamada “desamortización de Madoz”. En esa desamortización, enormes extensiones de bosques de titularidad pública fueron privatizadas. Los oligarcas que entonces compraron las tierras, en su mayor parte, pagaron las tierras haciendo carbón vegetal el bosque mediterráneo adquirido. Así esquilmaron todos los recursos de esos montes inmediatamente después de adquirirlos, y buena parte de la deforestación ibérica se originó en esa época. Causando la extinción de gran número de especies vegetales y animales en esas regiones36»

      Basically, what it says is that, the process was a political and ecological disaster because big, rich landowners belonging to the aristocracy / political elites bought most of the privatized lands, which were subsequently exploited for their own profit resulting in the destruction of millions of acres of forests and the extinction of several animal and plant species in the affected regions, and in further impoverishment of the rural underclasses. It is so important it is taught in history class at high school.

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  5. I donated my paint Mr Rocket to Dream Horses so he would have a job & a herd & kids to love hom while I had back surgery. I have his stable & barn & an acre in VA & so want to adopt a young one.(or older) to help us be whole again. I so love the horses & truly want to help with adoptions. Got a vet, got a farrier, got food got love. Want to help.


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