Sen. John McCain got it wrong about wild burros

Unfortunately, Sen. McCain was misinformed if he thought there was an “exploding” burro population in Mohave County.  Wild burros are almost extinct in the United States due to mismanagement by the Bureau of Land Management.  You can contact Senator McCain HERE.



Senator McCain Urges Interior Department to Address Exploding Burro Population in Mohave County

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) sent a letter to U.S. Department of Interior Director Sally Jewell this week urging the agency to address problems with managing the exploding burro herd population in Mohave County, which are damaging lands from over-grazing, harming other wildlife, and causing numerous car accidents in the area.

“The Interior Department’s mismanagement of the [Black Mountain Burro Herd Management Plan] has resulted in significant unintended consequences for Mohave County,” writes Senator McCain. “For example, burros have devastated the areas’ natural resources by over-grazing the land, which has subsequently harmed native wildlife like quail, rabbits, and doves. Furthermore, burros have migrated into residential neighborhoods in search of food, posing a significant public safety hazard to the community. In just over two years’ time, the burros have been responsible for 24 car accidents in Bullhead City, Arizona… I strongly believe that any update to the Black Mountain HMA must address public safety and natural resources concerns.”

The signed letter is here and the text of the letter is below.

The Honorable Sally Jewell


U.S. Department of the Interior

1849 C Street NW

Washington, DC 20240


Dear Secretary Jewell:

I wish to bring to your attention the concerns of Mohave County, Arizona, regarding efforts by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to update the Black Mountain Burro Herd Management Plan.

As you know, Mohave County is home to the largest Herd Management Area (HMA) in Arizona, totaling approximately 1.1 million acres. The HMA was established in 1996 under BLM’s Black Mountain Ecosystem Plan at a time when HMA totaled just 478 head. However, reproduction rates have outpaced BLM’s ability to manage the herd. Today, the herd population in Mohave County has exploded to over 1,500 head while only 120 wild horses and burros are adopted each year on average.

The Interior Department’s mismanagement of the program has resulted in significant unintended consequences for Mohave County. For example, burros have devastated the areas’ natural resources by over-grazing the land, which has subsequently harmed native wildlife like quail, rabbits, and doves. Furthermore, burros have migrated into residential neighborhoods in search of food, posing a significant public safety hazard to the community. In just over two years’ time, the burros have been responsible for 24 car accidents in Bullhead City, Arizona (see attached).

Against this backdrop, I ask you to (1) indicate if you are aware of the public safety and natural resources concerns raised by Mohave County in connection with the Department’s mismanagement of burro herd populations in Mohave County; (2) outline a plan of action and associated milestones by which the Department intends to return burro population numbers to levels that can be more reasonably managed; and (3) identify what additional legislative authorities, if any, you need to address this problem.

I strongly believe that any update to the Black Mountain HMA must address public safety and natural resources concerns. The response you provide will be most appreciated, and I look forward to your timely reply.


John McCain

United States Senator




  1. Oak Flat: The Latest Land Grab From Native Americans
    By Dave Johnson

    Another example of this happened in last year’s National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015. On page 1,103 of the 1,648-page bill is a provision giving more than 2400 acres of land in Arizona’s Tonto National Forest to Resolution Copper, which is part of London-based Rio Tinto and Melbourn-based BHP Billiton, giant mining companies. This was done by Arizona Republican
    Senators JOHN McCAIN and
    JEFF FLAKE and
    Rep. PAUL GOSAR.


  2. Hmm, sounds like the fantastic exploding wild horse population theory the BLM came up with to rationalize their annihilation of wild horses.


  3. These beautiful animals need to be protected, they do need to consider other options, building a bridge over the road as mentioned is a good idea for them, they need to servive.


  4. McCaine is such a flip flop 2 faced Senator.
    He is responsible for so much of the terrible destruction of the Pima, Zuni and Apache Native American lands for the greed of miners and developers.
    . He is the head of the mining coalition in Arizona and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He slipped that foreign based Tinto mining of the Sacred Oak Flats by on a Rider on a Defense Spending Bill. That land was supposed to be protected from developers under the Eisenhower Treaty .
    He iS an EVIL man and wouldn’t doubt that the area the burros are on is being sought after by mining companies…maybe even foreign based.
    It should be illegal for a politician to be Senator aND head of the Mining Coalition in the. Same state .
    Well ..we know who paid for his election.!!

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  5. I wonder just exactly WHO got McCain to do this?
    Obviously some sort of big money interest … wind or solar or pipeline or mining or real estate or some other powerful interest. Somebody with a lot of clout is behind this supervisor meeting and this letter by McCain.

    How about this as part of the answer? The recently signed TTP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) also known as “Obamatrade” would surrender control of 544 million acres of public land – a quarter of the entire U.S. land area – to international authorities.

    The BLACK MOUNTAIN legal Herd Area acreage is 1,093,128 acres but thanks to previous political maneuvering, this acreage has been reduced to 773,136 acres. With the very low AML, the BLM and “associates” are saying that it takes about 2,000 acres to support EACH burro?

    We are having the wool pulled over our eyes and it is the land that belongs to all American citizens that is being abused and stolen from us … and it is the wild burros and horses that suffer.

    This is absolutely shameful.

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    • And why is MCCAINE still working ? Shouldn’t there be an age limit for Senators? A limit on terms.
      He’s got to be way past retirement age. What is he 80 something?
      He’s done enough damage for a couple lifetimes.

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    August 17, 2015

    Though McCain’s visit to the capital city of Window Rock ostensibly had nothing to do with environmental politics, he was met repeatedly by young activists concerned about their future supply of water and other hot topics like copper mining in Oak Flat.
    According to Deidra Peaches, a Navajo woman who filmed some of the more tense interactions, “The activists were from all over [the West] and came to show inter-tribal solidarity.” And though they didn’t necessarily interrupt any of the senator’s plans, she says, “McCain and his entourage were definitely thrown off.”

    “The primary reason why there was such a strong resistance to McCain’s presence was because of the issues we’re facing around water rights,” explains Kim Smith, one of the protesters. “As young people, we’re realizing that if we do not stand up for our water, we will be left with none.”


  7. I cannot believe this is happening folks. He is basically parroting and amplifying the bogus numbers and anti-burro propaganda put up by Mohave supervisor Moss!!!! He really needs some good fact-checking by his constituents… especially now that he IS for reelection. We need to make this a PR nightmare for him and hit him where it hurts.

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    • Daniel , you are so right about fact checking.
      The numbers can be so easily manipulated on the herds,as they have in the past. The BLM is notorious for that.
      Also Gramma Greg is Dead On in her statement.

      Please ..we need to stop this.
      Need to flood Mccaine with opposing letters.

      Call or fax Eric Ryberg of the Tuscon legal council of WWS. About the proposed enialiation of this herd to see how to get an injunction on this .
      His ph. number is : 520 622 6788
      Fax number: 520 622 0198

      Write or tweet congressman Raul Grijalva about this as well.


  8. I hope everyone will click on the “You can contact Senator McCain HERE.” (in above article) and politely and strongly tell Senator McCain he has been misinformed about the wild burro population and it has not “exploded” and if he wants to know what is going on he should become informed about the welfare ranchers and the mining and water and real estate and gas/oil pipelines and the trophy hunting that are the TRUE damaging factors of these Congressionally designated wild burro public lands. Thanks.


    • The irony of McCaines theory that the wild burros have over grazed and devasted the wildlife and habitat of the BLACK Mountains in Mojave county is laughable.
      DId he care about the Black Mesa Native American land that was devestated by mining?
      How about the destruction of wildlife and their habitat at the 2400 acre sacred Oak Flats Area? Not to mention San Carlos Nations rights violated and treaty to protect their land broken.
      Surely the dynamiting of these areas and the poisoning of the San Carlos Nation water supply by the chemicals used to strip the mountains of copper,silver, gold should be a HUGE concern to McCaine if he is concerned about a,small herd of burros.
      Also the traffic conditions, road blocks and accidents caused by the dynamitng of the Oak Flats area to make roads for Rio Tinto to transport their huge truckloads of riches from the Oak Flats region. And theyre just getting started.
      McCaine talks out of both sides of his mouth and a third orafice.

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      • Doesnt it tick you off – that with all the bombastic crap pouring forth about the wild horses & burros “destroying” the land & water etc and WE are the ones who have to be polite? (Just saying)


  9. Stop the killing people before it is too late we are all gods creatures save the burros and horses. Let’s do the right thing people.


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