American Horse Rescue Network starts Youth Program


by Daryl Smoliak
American Horse Rescue Network (AHRN) has begun it’s Youth Program.  It is designed to educate the next generation of horse advocates.
Next week we will conduct our first seminar at Mel-O-Dee Stables in Minnesota.  Brooke Garber, one of our Youth leaders, will attend and assist in the seminar.
The program includes information about the difficult issues American equines face, such as the slaughter industry, the BLM roundups, Tennessee Walker soring and other human perpetrated crimes against horses.
It is our hope the young people in attendance at these seminars, which will be conducted nationwide, will be so motivated that they carry the messages learned into their communities.  Young Declan Gregg, one our Youth Leaders from New Hampshire, is well known for his pro-active stance against horse slaughter.  He is a role model for other young people in our country and the activities he has performed will be a guideline for those who wish to become horse advocates.
We are looking for volunteers who would like to put together a seminar for the Youth Program.  I, or one of our board members, would conduct the program.  All we need from you is to recruit young people who you feel would embrace the idea of becoming a horse advocate and help spread the word by eventually going into the community and giving speeches.  AHRN will provide all the tools necessary for the initial seminar and any additional seminars put on by the young people who become horse advocates.
If you would like to volunteer in helping put together a Youth Program in your community, please contact me at: and click on the “Contact” button.
Education is the ultimate key.  

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