Shocking footage shows exhausted work horse collapsing in the street as its owner pulls on its reins and angry crowd shouts at him to leave the animal alone

SOURCE:  Daily Mail

  • Bystanders shout in anger as tired work horse falls to the ground in a heap
  • Owner pulls relentlessly on the reins as animal tries to get back to its feet
  • Regardless of attempts to stand, horse continually drops back to ground
  • People confront owner and eventually he releases the horse from his cart 

The moment an exhausted work horse collapsed on the streets of a major city provoked outrage.

Footage of the incident was captured in the Colombian city of Cartagena and shows people shouting in anger as the tired animal falls to the ground in heap.

It is unclear if the horse is exhausted because of the amount it is carrying or the distance it has travelled through the city, based in the northern Bolivar Department of the country.


Tired: The exhausted work horse was captured on camera walking in the Colombian city of  Cartagena

In the video, the owner of the horse can be seen pulling relentlessly on the reins as the fallen animal tries desperately to get back to its feet.

Regardless of how many times it attempts to stand up however, it ends up dropping back to the ground through sheer fatigue.

Enraged bystanders passing through the Old Town at the time were filmed shouting at the owner of the horse and demanding he let the animal go.

In the video a selection of people can be heard shouting: ‘Get off! Untie it! Leave it alone!’



Two women make themselves heard and shout at the owner as he finally goes to release the weak animal

Two women also make themselves heard and are seen screaming at the owner as he finally goes to release the weak animal.

One of them says: ‘Imagine you had to pull around three times your body weight every day, come rain or sunshine, and all you got at the end of it were a few oats and a bucket of water.’

She added: ‘Learn some respect for God’s creatures.’

The video concludes with the owner setting the horse free and pushing the cart away from the crowd of onlookers.


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