Another Horse Collapses On The Streets Of Popular Tourist City

Source:  The Dodo

By Solon Kelleher

Yet another horse has fallen under the unreasonable pressures of hauling a carriage alongside city traffic. This time, a photographer was there to capture the horrific scene.


Tere Nolasco Rios posted the photo on Monday shortly after the incident took place in his hometown of Cozumel, a popular tourist destination in Mexico.

He wrote an impassioned note calling upon government leaders to take a stand against the carriage drivers.

His caption reads:

It is a shame that to this day, and after all the incidents and accidents that have occurred, and through the years, no level of government has had the pants and brains to force, suggest or propose a change …

There are no updates on the condition of John, the horse in the photo, but Rios noted in the caption that the horse “ended his career.”

Rios’ photo hit the internet the same week that major horse carriage news came out of New York City, where the mayor’s office and industry representatives reached an agreement regarding the carriage horses. If approved by the city council, the pact will lower the number of licensed horses from 220 to 95, and will relegate the horses within Central Park, both by 2018.

While the pact will limit the scope of the NYC carriage horse industry, if passed, it still allows horses to share roads with cars and bicyclists within the park.

Unfortunately, the abuse of horse carriages isn’t limited to NYC. As the photo above shows, the carriage industry is still forcing horses into dangerous scenarios across the globe.

To seee video and read entire article, click HERE.


  1. Pro horse slaughter supporters literally are at the helm of these Countries not progressing in Welfare laws. They contaminated social media Worldwide attempting to stop changes. We need to send Support and suggestions on how AMERICA is changing its Welfare for the better and show them how to achieve it in their countries. We have to help the oppressed break free. Change will only come when they have Enough support from Other Countries to show how much difference it can make for everyone.


  2. You know something, these South American countries treat dogs and cats the same way. I have seen photos of dogs that are pets that look like they are starving to death I doubt anything will ever change in these countries. I saw another photo of a small horse pulling a wagon with three heavy men riding on it the horse was trying to pull walking on three legs anytime any animal is used as a truck to haul over sized loads
    like burros or under sized small horses the animals always lose. Burros last six months at the most, they are starved not given water during the day no matter how hot it gets or how hard they are worked or fed enough until they just drop dead from over work and no care. There are organizations that go to some of the countries and try to help educate the people about how to care for their working horses, burros and mules I don’t know if it helps or not. Its to bad we can’t remove every horse, donkey and mule from these dirt bag countries and force them to do the work themselves.
    The Middle East is exactly the same.

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  3. And no one mentioned ASIA where animals are tortured and brutally killed for their meat, skins, and fur. Men believe that their prowess increases in proportion to the amount of torture before death. Sucks!


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