Feel Good Sunday: Service Horse Gives Her Young Human a Shoulder to Lean On

“No explanation needed on this video…it TOTALLY speaks for itself. (Tissue Alert)” ~ R.T.


  1. This is the reply I received from Oregon State University (I sent emails to 4 people)
    I also posted this on Carol Walker’s site. According to this, the vets there are only providing & protecting the safety of the mares!
    “Hello, Ms. Frazier,
    I agree with you that the safety and humane treatment of all animals in this research study is important. I assure you that the care and humane treatment of these animals will be fully monitored by a team of university veterinary doctors, whose sole job is to provide for and protect the safety of these animals. These safety experts are not engaged in the actual research funded by the BLM, but only ensure humane treatment, safety and proper care.
    I appreciate that you have concerns about how the BLM manages wild horses and burros living on open ranges. As a public university, it is not our role to enter that debate by providing our opinion, but to provide research-based information for use by the BLM and the public.”


    Cynthia Sagers, PhD
    Vice President for Research
    A312 Kerr Administration Building
    Oregon State University
    Corvallis, Oregon 97330-2140

    541.737.0664 fax: 541.737.9041


  2. Donkeys find new role as therapy animals thanks to doctor’s donkey shelter

    Donkeys need people
    “If you think of a dog’s personality then that’s the personality of the donkey,” Dr Dodd said.
    She said the donkey was capable of advanced thinking requiring reasoning and understanding and likened them to dogs, referring to them as “dogs of the equine world”.
    “If you think of a dog’s personality then that’s the personality of the donkey,”
    It seems to be an inherent quality within the donkey that there is something about people they like.
    “They’re affectionate and inquisitive, they like to be with people, they enjoy your company and they’re loving – they like hugs and kisses and scratches.”


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