Wild Horses: One Year Later the Adobe Town Appaloosas are Thriving at Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary

SOURCE:  wildhoofbeats.com


Aurora’s filly and Carol Walker, photo by Susan Watt

by Carol Walker, Director of Field Documentation, Wild Horse Freedom Federation


Bronze Warrior and Sundance with their families

Almost one year after the wild horses that had been removed from their homes in Adobe Town and separated from their families had been reunited at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, I am headed to visit them. It was a dry, windy day when I arrived, and as I looked out the window into the big pasture I was able to pick out Snowfall up on the hill with two mares, and then as I got closer to the gate near the Sanctuary office I spotted Bronze Warrior and his mares, and Sundance with his mares. It was very good to see them.


Bronze Warrior and his girls


Beautiful Flurry

The next morning I went into the pasture before dawn, my favorite time of the day to shoot, before the feed truck would come to feed the horses. I saw Bronze Warrior and his mares and Sabrina’s filly, who had grown quite a bit. They all seemed relaxed and more willing to let me get a little closer to them. The filly was a little shy but did come up and sniff my hand.


Sabrina’s filly


Flurry and Sabrina’s filly doing mutual grooming

I was delighted to see Diamond Girl and her filly had rejoined the rest of the group – since Diamond Girl finally had put on some weight and apparently extremely eager to get out of the corral. Her filly is taller than she is now, and is extremely friendly. The biggest problem I had photographing her was getting back far enough away – she was very interested in what I was doing, and liked nibbling on my jacket.


The friendly filly


She’s coming toward me, with mother Diamond Girl in the background


Taller than her mother already!

Aurora’s filly was very friendly as well and followed me around as I was photographing the other horses, and did not hesitate to come between me and other subjects as I was photographing them, which made me laugh. She enjoyed being the center of attention.


Aurora’s filly

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