By Grandma Gregg

Why do we have to constantly follow and watch and challenge the BLM Wild Horse and Burro “management” program?

Because they lie about the wild horses and apparently have done so all along – at least even since the 1971 WH&B Act went into effect. BLM has been telling lies for so long and using their false propaganda for so long that they wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them squarely between the eyes.  This time, I am specifically referring to the “Beaver County Times” news article of December 18, 1976, by Larry Wood.

The article states that “from February 1973 to December 1976 [four foaling seasons] herds roaming on BLM lands in Northeastern California and Northwestern Nevada have grown from approximately 1,500 animals to the approximately 4,500 animals that are there now.” [1976]

I found this increase quite unbelievable so I decided to do a little quick math of my own.  In order for 1,500 wild horses to multiply to 4,500 wild horses in four foaling seasons the annual population increase would have to be about 32% and not a single foal or yearling or adult or old horse could ever die and pretty much every single mare over the age of yearling would have to successfully give birth every single year with no mortality at all.  Of course, we know this is impossible and this is not how Mother Nature functions in the wild.

As we know from recent research, the average foaling rate for wild horses may be about 20% but what BLM refuses to admit is that only about half of the foals even survive to become yearlings – and therefore not of reproduction age.  Then when mortality is factored in, the actual annual wild horse herd increase is only about 5% annually.  Burro populations have been shown to be even less than wild horses, giving an annual wild burro herd increase of only about 3% annually.

So if we ever think for a minute that we can believe the lies and propaganda being spewed by BLM about our wild horses and wild burros – THINK AGAIN!

1976 News Article: