Feel Good Sunday Update: Horse pelted with paintballs finds new friend at secret pasture

By Fran Maye, as published on The Southern Chester County News

“…Lily’s life will be much more comfortable with a companion….”

EAST MARLBOROUGH >> Lily, the 20-year-old horse pelted 130 times by paintballs has found a mate.

paintballThe 20-year-old horse has been moved from a rehabilitation stable at the 700-acre New Bolton Center to a recovery barn in Chester County. There, it has found a horse named Anita who also has vision problems.

Louisa Shepherd, New Bolton Center spokesperson, said the two horses have been getting along great, eating grass together.

Lily gained statewide attention after the attack on March 14 at New Holland Stables. A criminal investigation is ongoing into the horse’s mistreatment, and a $10,000 reward has been offered for information bringing those responsible to justice.

Phillip S. Price, 65, of Rhode Island, has been charged with animal cruelty, handling animals without a license and importing animals without an interstate health certificate in connection with the case.

Dr. Nikki Scherrer, New Bolton Center ophthalmologist, said Lily has improved vastly since the paintball attack.

“The area where we removed (Lily’s) right eye is basically healed,” she said. “The left eye gets a little more comfortable each day. The eye opens up a little bit more each day and she has less tearing.”

Lily is still underweight, Scherrer said, adding she expects to be treating the horse for another month or so.

Anita, the horse Lily has come to grow fond to, has a cancerous tumor in her right eye. Her right eye was removed to save her life, Scherrer said. New Bolton surgeons did post-operative chemotherapy injections to treat any possible cancer, and so far has no re-growth of cancer.

Scherer said Lily’s life will be much more comfortable with a companion.

“(Lily) doesn’t need a buddy, but it is much nicer to have a companion to follow around to make (her) feel comfortable. Anita is a fantastic pasture buddy. I knew Anita would make a solid companion.”

Shepherd said Lily’s location is close to the New Bolton Center, but it will not be revealed.

“We are afraid people will try to visit her,” she said. “She has got a lot of attention.”