Jury finds Jorge Garcia of Rancho Garcia illegal animal slaughter farm, guilty of four counts of animal cruelty

“The property and the animal slaughter business, “Rancho Garcia”, owned by Jorge Garcia, has the reputation of being an avid animal killer including the illegal slaughter (and sales) of horse meat for human consumption, and has done so for several decades.” Animal Rescue Mission

Thanks to Richard Couto, the Founder, Chief Executive Director and Lead Investigator of the Animal Recovery Mission for his work.

Source:  Animal Rescue Mission 


March 30, 2016, was the second and last day of trial for Jorge Garcia, owner and main operator of the illegal animal slaughter farm, “Rancho Garcia”. Trial for Garcia commenced yesterday, March 29, 2016 with the honorable judge Samantha Schosberg Feuer residing. Both Garcia’s defense attorney, Andrew Stein and the State Attorney, Judith Arco, presented their cases to the jury along with witness testimonies.

Evidence collected and shown to the jury was Animal Recovery Mission’s undercover investigation which clearly displayed the blatant lack of respect Garcia and his employees have for animals lives by inflicting every form of extreme torture upon them. The manner in which Garcia and his employees slaughtered the animals were extremely cruel, ruthless and most importantly illegal and Inhumane. ARM’s undercover video evidence of the illegal slaughter was presented by Arco, along with the testimonies of ARM’s undercover investigator and expert veterinarian, both claiming that the animals deaths were drawn out, Inhumane, and do not support the legal means of slaughter. Andrew Stein made several false accusations towards ARM’s reason behind it’s investigations and included that the way in which the animals were killed were humane and followed the laws guidelines of slaughter for consumption or religion. According to state law however, Garcia and his employees did not render the animals insensible to pain prior to the slaughtering which makes for illegal means of animal slaughter for human consumption and any religious purposes. Following these allegations, Stine did not display proper evidence to support his claims and chose not to provide any witness testimonies.

Garcia, being the owner of Rancho Garcia and the advisor of his employees means that the principle theory is at play in this case. Garcia does not have to be present at the time of the crime and can still be found guilty of the crime that is carried out by his employee in which he he oversees on the property that he owns and manages.

 Garcia was being tried on two counts of animal cruelty with intent to kill and two counts of animal cruelty by not rendering the animals insensible to pain prior to slaughter.

After 2 days of trial, the jury has come to a final guilty verdict for the brutal animal slaughterer, Jorge Garcia. The jury finds the defendant, Jorge Garcia, guilty to all four counts of animal cruelty charged against him. Judge Schosberg Feuer has decided to grant 30 days before the sentence hearing, during which Garcia will be in jail awaiting the hearing.

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